Raucous Rivalry Renewed!!

Greatest Rivalry In Sports

The hate is real. The New York Yankees and Boston Red Sox don’t like each other. And those feelings resurfaced Wednesday night. After Tyler Wade dropped down a bunt in the 3rd inning, Tyler Austin slid into 2nd base, trying to beat the throw. Austin came into 2nd base hard, intentionally sliding into Red Sox shortstop, Brock Holt’s leg. While Austin did clip the back of Holt’s leg, it wasn’t bench clearing brawl worthy.

As you can see, no punches were thrown, just choice words. But then, in the 7th inning, Joe Kelly retaliated, plunking Austin in the back. Austin wasn’t a happy camper:

Four ejections later, rivalry renewed.

My favorite part of this was Brock Holt’s thought process (referring to Judge and Stanton) during the brawl. “Yeah, I’m not trying to get involved with any of those guys,” Holt said. “I mean, not just those two. They have a pretty big team over there.”

Way to have your team’s back Brock!!

p.s. The Yankees put up 4 runs on David Price in the 1st inning, knocking him out of the game. The Yankees own him. After the dust settled, the Yankees would hang on, for a much needed, 10-7 victory.

Will The Mets Ever Lose Again?!

MLB: New York Mets at Miami Marlins

Miami Marlins’ pitcher, Jarlin Garcia, will have to wait to allow his 1st hit as a starter. He’ll also have to wait for his first win as a starter.

The New York Mets are riding an 8-game winning streak, following their 4-1 victory over the Marlins. The Mets, no offense fans, had no business winning this game. Marlins manager, Don Mattingly, lost this game (intentionally?). Donnie Baseball did something that should be illegal. He pulled his starting pitcher with a NO HITTER THROUGH SIX INNINGS (77 pitches)!!!!


That makes no sense. That’s not baseball. That’s sabotage.

If Garcia was a rookie, making his 1st appearance in a MLB game, I’d almost understand. But this, wasn’t that. Garcia appeared in 68 games in 2017 (as a reliever). His arm could have handled 30-40 more pitches in an attempt at MLB’s 297th no hitter.

Be ashamed Don Mattingly. Be very ashamed.


Could New York sports teams possibly provide us with more news??

Yes. Yes they could.

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