The Knicks Are A Never-Ending Cycle Of Mediocrity

“Step into my office.”


“Because you’re freakin’ fired, that’s why!!”

That’s how Jeff Hornacek’s Thursday morning went. And that’s how the New York Knicks, since the turn of the century, have operated. Every two or three years, the Knicks’ coaching carousel goes round and round. Which mediocre coach it’ll land on, nobody knows.

With the Knicks in a state of flux, they need structure. They need stability. Not since Jeff Van Gundy (1996-2001), has a Knicks’ head coach been afforded job security. Since Van Gundy departed, the Knicks have had 10 head coaches. Only Mike Woodson posted a winning record (109-79).

The question is: Who will be the next head coach of the New York Knicks??

Jeff Van Gundy

jeff van gundy

The aforementioned (and pictured above) Van Gundy’s name surfaces every time a head coaching vacancy pops up. So, every year?! Van Gundy, a brilliant basketball mind, has spent the past 11 years doing color commentary for the NBA on ESPN. Over the past few years, he’s allegedly interviewed for, and been offered, multiple NBA head coaching jobs. He’s turned them all down. Maybe he’s waiting for the Knicks to come knocking again….

Mark Jackson

Mark Jackson

And then, there’s former Knicks’ player, Mark Jackson. Jackson is currently a play-by-play announcer for the NBA on ESPN (alongside Jeff Van Gundy). Jackson hasn’t coached in the NBA since he was unceremoniously fired by the Golden State Warriors in 2014. Jackson was a successful coach and was instrumental in orchestrating the Warriors’ dynasty. After posting a record of 121-109, including 51-31 in 2014, Jackson was put out to pasture to make room for Steve Kerr. The rest, as they say, is history….

Van Gundy and Jackson should be the only coaching candidates considered. Either would bring NBA head coaching experience, an “old school” mentality (that the Knicks sorely need), and stability. The Knicks, however, rarely listen to DaveTalksSports (or anyone with a brain). They’ll probably hire David Blatt, who’ll lose control of the locker room within three months of stepping foot in the building, and continue the never-ending cycle of bad every other year.

But hey, maybe they’ll prove me wrong….


Who should the Knicks hire as their next head coach?? Post your prediction in the comment section below.

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