With Every Valley, A Peak


Not just in the morning but in the MLB season.

Teams off to a ‘hot’ start will regress, and teams who can’t buy a win will do just that. It’s baseball. It’s 162 games. It’s a marathon, not a sprint. The instantaneous reaction generation can’t handle these moments.

On Monday, the Yankees could be the best team in MLB history.

And on Tuesday, they could be the biggest disappointment the world has ever seen.

Of course, a 14-1 loss, to a division rival, is never beneficial, but game 1 of 19 between the Red Sox and Yankees doesn’t determine the AL East.

Seriously though, letting the Red Sox drop a 9-spot in the 6th inning is not a recipe for success. Neither is starting Shane Robinson in centerfield, but that’s a different story….

Red Sox 

mookie betts

Subjectively, I hate their guts. Objectively, they’re a really solid team. Those who wrote the Red Sox off, and crowned the Yankees AL East champs in March, were sorely mistaken. The Red Sox have been a well run organization since forever. Despite most Yankee fans’ distorted memories, the Red Sox have won the AL East the past 2 years (and 3 out of the last 5). This division will be hard fought all season (especially if David Price’s early season resurrection is real).


stanton 4

Yes, I’m a Yankee fan. I want them to win every game. However, I don’t fit in with the typical Yankee fan. While I’ve been spoiled with their success throughout my life (I grew up in the 90s and early 2000s), I understand baseball. I understand reality.

They aren’t going to go 162-0. They may not play November baseball. And they aren’t the best lineup ever constructed. They will, however, level out. They’ll get healthy. They’ll win approximately 90 games. And they’ll make the playoffs.

Everyone calm down.


The folklore of ‘Sister Jean’ continues. After famously assisting Loyola-Chicago’s men’s basketball team to the Final Four, she’s moved on to baseball. Sister Jean was invited to throw out the 1st pitch at Tuesday’s, Chicago Cubs’ home-opener.

Not bad Sister Jean, not bad.

Unfortunately, the Cubs weren’t able to harness Sister Jean’s winning power, as they fell 8-5 to the Pittsburgh Pirates. The Pirates have gotten off to a red hot start (8-2), while the Cubs have struggled (5-5). The Pirates have scored 66 runs through their 1st 10 games, the most since 1923. The Cubs, however, played their 1st 9 games on the road, and are without all-star, 1st baseman, Anthony Rizzo. Rizzo landed on the 10-day DL Tuesday with back tightness.

Expect the Pirates to cool off and the Cubs to grab hold of the division in the near future.


What are your thoughts on the MLB season so far?? Post your genius in the comment section below.

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