GOOD MORNING SPORTS FANS!! My name is Dave Ettinger. I am orignally from East Williston, NY, but I now reside in Great Neck, NY. My goal is to start or continue a conversation. I want to spark worthwhile debates about the most intriguing sports topics in the world. I am 30 years old, and I am a lifelong Yankees, Knicks, Jets, and Islanders fan. Even though I’m a fan, I ALWAYS write objectively. And just like anyone else, I have opinions, and sometimes you will hear them (you may not always like them….). I am very passionate about sports, and I am here to express my open, honest, and objective views on the most current topics in the sports world. I am here to keep it real. Enjoy!

Along with this website, I am also a contributing author @ intheneutralzone.com. If you like my work, check out more of it over there. Thank you for reading, leaving comments, and passing it along to your friends. You can also follow me on Twitter @daveettinger2 or on my Facebook page: Facebook.com/davetalkssports. Thanks for reading, sharing, and commenting!!


One thought on “About

  1. Dave,
    Hey enjoyed the sports blog. We have a sports blog as well if you would be interested in writing for another site as well. Our sports site, intheneutralzone.com, gets around 100,000 hits per month so it would be a good opportunity to get some publicity for your site as well. Let me know if you are interested. Thanks


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