The Mets Win — Again?!

THEY should enjoy IT while it lasts.

They; the New York Mets. It; winning.

The Mets have been the biggest surprise of the early season, boasting an MLB best, 8-1 record. They’re currently riding a 6-game winning streak, which includes a 4-game sweep of their bitter rival; the Washington Nationals (in Washington).

How are they doing it??

A simple, one-word answer will suffice: Pitching.


Heading into the season, the writing was on the wall. The Mets would go as far as their pitching staff goes. Just one season ago, 80% of the Mets’ starting rotation succumbed to injury. Hell, it seemed like 80% of the roster was injured last season. The Mets are hoping improved offseason workout regiments, coupled with a new training staff, will keep their arms out of the trainer’s room. So far, so good. Mets’ manager, Mickey Callaway, who’s been a successful pitching coach for years, is also looking to utilize his pitching staff in a more effective manner.  

85, 101, 89, 86, 92, 86, 93, 85, 90.

Those would be the pitch counts of the Mets’ starting pitchers in their first nine games. Outside of Jacob deGrom throwing 101 pitches in game #2, Callaway has made a concerted effort to limit his starting pitcher’s usage. THIS IS SMART (especially in April). Granted, this strategy can ultimately overwork their bullpen, but Callaway plans to stretch his starting pitchers out by May. This will relieve some pressure from his relievers (pun intended).


It also doesn’t hurt that 4 Mets’ relievers have yet to give up a run. IT ALSO DOESN’T HURT that Jason Vargas, the Mets’ 5th starter, has yet to pitch in the regular season. Vargas is expected to return the last week of April from a broken bone in his non-pitching hand. He’ll add depth and experience to an already talented rotation.

We’ll see if the Mets can continue their winning ways Tuesday @ 7:10 p.m., on SNY, against the Miami Marlins. Jacob deGrom will look to build on his impressive start to the season.


Is the Mets’ start real, or a mirage?? How many games will the Mets win this season?? Post your prediction in the comment section below. 

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