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Because nothing adds the cherry-on-top of an ice cream sundae quite like a pile of horse manure.

Ice cream sundae: Awesome weekend in sports. 

Pile of horse manure: Sunday Night Baseball.

Nice Sweater A-Rod

Please don’t watch this entire video. It’s terrible. It’s simply the only evidence I could find of A-Rod’s unbelievably ugly sweater….

Sunday Night Baseball has transformed into something unrecognizable. In the 28 years since its inception, Sunday Night Baseball has evolved into a walking, talking piece of ad-space that’s nearly unwatchable:

  • Games start at “8 o’ clock” to maximize nationwide viewership.
  • Commercials last two-and-a-half minutes because, ya know, everyone’s gotta get paid.
  • The commentator crew dress like they’re headed for a Summertime BBQ.
  • Games last approximately three hours because, again, everyone’s gotta get paid.
  • And the camera spends more time in the commentator booth than on game action.

I only tuned into the game because the Yankees were on the tube, and honestly, I wish I hadn’t. Yes the Mets were playing too, but the Yankee hat is what moves the needle. When a MLB game is a pitcher’s duel (2-0), with a grand total of eight hits, there’s no reason it should take TWO HOURS AND FORTY MINUTES!!!!

And apparently, ESPN thinks the way to engage the younger crowd is to spend more time showing the world A-Rod’s fake smile than actually broadcasting the game. Entire at-bats go by with ZERO mention of their outcome. Details of scoring plays are pushed aside. All so “fans” can watch A-Rod hold a glove. Because that’s cool….

Over the past few decades, ESPN has gone from “King of the Sports World”, to politically driven, Disney Princess, fantasy land.

It is simply unrecognizable.

And ESPN continues to move in the wrong direction. Don’t believe me?! Just look at the numbers of massive lay-offs that have taken place over the past few years. And in large part it’s because they proudly shove broadcasts like Sunday Night Baseball in our face.

You can keep your A-Rod, Jessica Mendoza, and Matt Vasgersian commentator booth, ESPN, for the world doesn’t want it.


Are you as disgusted with ESPN’s Sunday Night Baseball broadcast as I am?? Only post a comment below if you agree with me…. 

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