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Because nothing adds the cherry-on-top of an ice cream sundae quite like a pile of horse manure.

Ice cream sundae: Awesome weekend in sports. 

Pile of horse manure: Sunday Night Baseball.

Nice Sweater A-Rod

Please don’t watch this entire video. It’s terrible. It’s simply the only evidence I could find of A-Rod’s unbelievably ugly sweater….

Sunday Night Baseball has transformed into something unrecognizable. In the 28 years since its inception, Sunday Night Baseball has evolved into a walking, talking piece of ad-space that’s nearly unwatchable:

  • Games start at “8 o’ clock” to maximize nationwide viewership.
  • Commercials last two-and-a-half minutes because, ya know, everyone’s gotta get paid.
  • The commentator crew dress like they’re headed for a Summertime BBQ.
  • Games last approximately three hours because, again, everyone’s gotta get paid.
  • And the camera spends more time in the commentator booth than on game action.

I only tuned into the game because the Yankees were on the tube, and honestly, I wish I hadn’t. Yes the Mets were playing too, but the Yankee hat is what moves the needle. When a MLB game is a pitcher’s duel (2-0), with a grand total of eight hits, there’s no reason it should take TWO HOURS AND FORTY MINUTES!!!!

And apparently, ESPN thinks the way to engage the younger crowd is to spend more time showing the world A-Rod’s fake smile than actually broadcasting the game. Entire at-bats go by with ZERO mention of their outcome. Details of scoring plays are pushed aside. All so “fans” can watch A-Rod hold a glove. Because that’s cool….

Over the past few decades, ESPN has gone from “King of the Sports World”, to politically driven, Disney Princess, fantasy land.

It is simply unrecognizable.

And ESPN continues to move in the wrong direction. Don’t believe me?! Just look at the numbers of massive lay-offs that have taken place over the past few years. And in large part it’s because they proudly shove broadcasts like Sunday Night Baseball in our face.

You can keep your A-Rod, Jessica Mendoza, and Matt Vasgersian commentator booth, ESPN, for the world doesn’t want it.


Are you as disgusted with ESPN’s Sunday Night Baseball broadcast as I am?? Only post a comment below if you agree with me…. 

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Yankees’ Bullpen Falters LATE

Boston Red Sox v New York Yankees

Screw you ESPN!! You and your bags full of money. You’re the reason I only got 4 hours of sleep last night. Watch out Monday!! I am one sleep-deprived, ornery Yankees’ fan.

Listen, I’m an ESPN child. I grew up on a balanced diet of Sportscenter and top 10’s, and if ESPN offered me a job I’d drop everything and run to Bristol, CT, but they’re killin’ me here!! Sunday Night Baseball is not a smart idea. Starting a baseball game at 8:00 P.M (which is really 8:15), on a Sunday, is not fair to anyone who works — anywhere. But nobody wants to hear my sob story, right??

What do you say we talk about the game?? Ya know, since I stayed up to watch the whole freakin’ thing….

Sunday night’s Yankees/Red Sox Game was a rubber match of a 3-game series. A series I thought the Yankees would win. Not because I’m a Yankees’ fan, but because the Yankees tend to step-up their game when the Red Sox come to town. Unfortunately, Dave was wrong.

The Yankees put forth a lackluster performance throughout this crucial, weekend-series with the Boston Red Sox. Forget the rivalry, these games were really important. And without a 5-run, 8th inning on Friday night, the city of Boston would be carrying brooms around this morning.

The Yankees had a chance to do something rare Sunday night — win a game Chris Sale started. Sale is the Red Sox ace who is currently in the Cy Young and MVP race.

We’re going to fast forward to the 9th inning because there are only so many Sale strikeouts a Yankees’ fan can watch (he had 12 of them). Aroldis Chapman took the hill with a 2-1 lead. 103 m.p.h. looks really nice on the radar gun (ESPN will make sure you find it), but when MLB hitters know it’s coming, it’s not that impressive. Give me 98 with movement over 103 right down the middle any day. Rafael Devers, the youngest of the Red Sox young guns, proved that theory. With 1 out in the 9th inning, Devers tied the game with a solo home run. Devers took a Chapman fastball the opposite way, just clearing the fence in left-center field. To see the heart-breaking home run click here.

Just like that, the game was blown. By the way, half of Chapman’s blown saves this season are against the Red Sox, the last coming on July 14th.

To the 10th inning we go….

This is when my (100 pound) eyelids started fighting with my brain. The Yankees can bolster their bullpen all they want, they will continue to shoot themselves in the foot. Before Andrew Benintendi drove in the go ahead run, Chapman and Tommy Kahnle thought it would be a good idea to walk the bases loaded. I couldn’t have planned it any better myself!!

And then came a visit to the mound from Craig Kimbrel (aka the best closer in baseball). An Aaron Hicks groundout, an Aaron Judge strikeout (man I’m tired of hearin’ that one), and a weak fly ball from Gary Sanchez was all it took. 1-2-3. Goodnight Yankees. Goodnight moon. Goodnight Dave.

But hey, at least the Mets are comin’ to town. Nothing cures a losing streak like playing the Mets….


Will the Yankees make the playoffs?? Do Sunday Night Baseball games anger you as much as they anger me?? Please tell me in the comment section below.

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