“NO Experience, NO Problem — The METS Will Hire YOU!!!! (DTS Podcast – #78)

Carlos Beltran is the newest manager of the New York Mets.

And you thought you needed experience to get a job!!

Silly YOU!!!!

As virtually every manager in Mets’ history has failed, so shall Carlos.

It’s a shame though, because I really like Carlos.

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“YOU’RE FIRED Mickey Callaway!!” (DTS Podcast – #60)

The Mets have finally fired the most inexperienced manager in the history of Major League Baseball.

Mickey Callaway will now spend his days searching the help wanted ads every morning….or afternoon….or evening — he seems lazy.

He will, however, get paid to not manage the Mets next season.

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“I Wonder If The Mets Are Going To Make The Playoffs….” (DaveTalksSports Podcast – Ep. #47

Remember when every Mets’ fan in the world was telling you they were going to the World Series?!?!

Yeah, that was only about 2 weeks ago.

I wonder what THEY think now…..

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“After Today….We Don’t Talk About Antonio Brown!!” (DaveTalksSports Podcast – Ep. #38)

I’m ashamed of myself for spending so much time talking about Antonio Brown. He should go somewhere, away from all of us, and kiss a mirror.

What could possibly be so bad Chandler Catanzaro?!?!

I’m sorry Mets’ fans, you can hate me if you want, but you’re still not making the playoffs.

And Sean Newcomb….control your temper sir!!

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“The Yankees Have Made Me ANGRY!!!!” (DaveTalksSports Podcast – Ep. #31)

By making ZERO moves at the trade deadline, the Yankees have made a FATAL MISTAKE!!

The New York Mets still thi….HAHAHAHA….think they can mak….HAHAHAHA….make the playof….HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA!!!!

MLB might as well get it over with and give the Houston Astros The World Series trophy now.

Did I mention I am ANGRY?!?!

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“My Rants Are Very Polite.” (DaveTalksSports Podcast – Ep. #21)

New York Yankees’ Manager, Aaron Boone, gave us the most polite, profanity-laced, rant in the history of sports.

The New York Mets still SUCK!!

It’s all about Sam Darnold. Don’t screw this up Adam Gase….I know where you live.

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The Mets Win — Again?!

THEY should enjoy IT while it lasts.

They; the New York Mets. It; winning.

The Mets have been the biggest surprise of the early season, boasting an MLB best, 8-1 record. They’re currently riding a 6-game winning streak, which includes a 4-game sweep of their bitter rival; the Washington Nationals (in Washington).

How are they doing it??

A simple, one-word answer will suffice: Pitching.


Heading into the season, the writing was on the wall. The Mets would go as far as their pitching staff goes. Just one season ago, 80% of the Mets’ starting rotation succumbed to injury. Hell, it seemed like 80% of the roster was injured last season. The Mets are hoping improved offseason workout regiments, coupled with a new training staff, will keep their arms out of the trainer’s room. So far, so good. Mets’ manager, Mickey Callaway, who’s been a successful pitching coach for years, is also looking to utilize his pitching staff in a more effective manner.  

85, 101, 89, 86, 92, 86, 93, 85, 90.

Those would be the pitch counts of the Mets’ starting pitchers in their first nine games. Outside of Jacob deGrom throwing 101 pitches in game #2, Callaway has made a concerted effort to limit his starting pitcher’s usage. THIS IS SMART (especially in April). Granted, this strategy can ultimately overwork their bullpen, but Callaway plans to stretch his starting pitchers out by May. This will relieve some pressure from his relievers (pun intended).


It also doesn’t hurt that 4 Mets’ relievers have yet to give up a run. IT ALSO DOESN’T HURT that Jason Vargas, the Mets’ 5th starter, has yet to pitch in the regular season. Vargas is expected to return the last week of April from a broken bone in his non-pitching hand. He’ll add depth and experience to an already talented rotation.

We’ll see if the Mets can continue their winning ways Tuesday @ 7:10 p.m., on SNY, against the Miami Marlins. Jacob deGrom will look to build on his impressive start to the season.


Is the Mets’ start real, or a mirage?? How many games will the Mets win this season?? Post your prediction in the comment section below. 

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New York Mets Lose More Than Just a Game

thor hurt

Perspective is a funny thing. Depending on your vantage point, Sunday afternoon either provided a ridiculously impressive performance or sheer embarrassment. I’m betting Mets’ fans experienced the latter. Sunday’s New York Mets vs. Washington Nationals game was the 3rd and final game of their weekend series. The Mets, desperately in need of victories, won the first two games of the series. Sunday’s game, however, took a hard left turn.

Noah Syndergaard, aka ‘Thor’, took the mound to start the afternoon. Syndergaard hadn’t started a game since April 20th, as he was scratched from his start on Thursday due to right-bicep discomfort (his throwing arm). Syndergaard’s afternoon didn’t last long. After his first pitch to Bryce Harper in the 2nd inning, Syndergaard immediately reached underneath his right arm. He was pulled from the game through just 1 and 1/3 innings. Syndergaard has an MRI scheduled to diagnose a possible lat strain. Although it isn’t official, he will likely join fellow Mets’ starter Steven Matz on the disabled list.

If only Syndergaard and the Mets had seen this coming and performed this MRI last week. Wait a second! They tried that already and Syndergaard refused to take the MRI?! Oh, okay, this all makes sense now. No, it doesn’t? Here’s the bottom line: Terry Collins is not a good manager. And clearly, the training staff ain’t cuttin’ it either. If I were running things in Flushing, I’d send them all packing. No, this isn’t an overreaction to a less than desirable start to the season (10-14), it is a long-running opinion of Terry Collins’ mismanagement style. He reminds me more of a senile grandfather who’s upset someone changed his TV program than a Major League Manager. From the sheer embarrassment to the impressive performance we go….

The Nationals know how to hit a baseball. I’m certain Bryce Harper is a Demi-God. Ryan Zimmerman is off to an incredible start to the season (he has 11 home runs already), and Daniel Murphy (yes, former Met Daniel Murphy), is seemingly hitting .875 on the young season. But, one Anthony Rendon stole the show on Sunday. Rendon dove head first into the record books becoming the first player since 1913 to go 6 for 6 with 3 home runs and 10 r.b.i.’s in a single game. Please reread that sentence to allow it to sink in. Thank you. This helped the Nationals post an astonishing 23 runs on 23 hits, demolishing the Mets 23-5. The Nationals now stand at 17-8 on the season, and hold a 5-game lead over the Philadelphia Phillies and Miami Marlins. I know it’s only May, but barring a disaster of epic proportions, Id’ say the Nationals have the NL East Division all but wrapped up.

The only question is can the Mets turn this ship around before Terry Collins injures the entire starting rotation??

Can the Mets still make the playoffs? Let me know in the comment section below.

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