National League Mid-Season Report

We’ve saved the worst….for last.

Yesterday, we broke down the good half (American League). Today, we’ll get to the half that still (inexplicably) lets pitchers hit (National League)….

National League

Best Team – Arizona Diamondbacks


This was harder than it looks. Figuring out the best team in the National League is like ranking your favorite diseases. At 47-34, the Diamondbacks have the 2nd best record in the National League (Milwaukee Brewers: 47-33). While the Diamondbacks, and Paul Goldschmidt, had a May to forget (Goldschmidt hit .144 in May, and the team went 8-19), they’ve bounced back to the tune of 19-7 in June.

Robbie Ray is back. Zack Godley is pitching to his abilities (again). And the other Zack (Greinke) is 5-1 since May. While the Los Angeles Dodgers and San Francisco Giants are nipping at their heels, expect the Diamondbacks to win their 1st NL West Division Title since 2011.

Biggest Surprise – Milwaukee Brewers

Cardinals Brewers Baseball

I knew the Milwaukee Brewers were a good baseball team. I just didn’t know they’d be THIS good. To have the best record in the National League, with THIS pitching staff, is no small feat. If you can name the entire starting rotation for the Brewers, I’ll make your next car payment. I’m serious. GO ahead. I’ll wait….

Even ‘The Google’ doesn’t know.

The Brewers’ roster is filled with a long list of good players. No superstars. No CY Young Award candidates. Just good, do a little bit of everything, players. Only time will tell if they can hold off the Chicago Cubs and St. Louis Cardinals in the NL Central Division.

MVP – Freddie Freeman


Until May 14th (my birthday), A.J. Pollock was running away with the NL MVP Award. And then he got hurt. Now, your guess is as good as mine….

While the aforementioned Paul Goldschmidt has turned his life around, he’s not the MVP. Freddie is. Freddie Freeman is having the best season of his career. He’s on pace for 31 home runs, 111 rbi, and 12 sbs with a .318 batting average.

Oh, and the Atlanta Braves are in 1st place in the NL East (45-34).

CY Young – Max Scherzer


As deserving as Jacob deGrom is of a CY Young Award, Max Scherzer is THAT much better than deGrom. If this was the ‘I Feel Really Badly For You Award’, deGrom would be the unanimous victor. However, Max Scherzer is the best pitcher in MLB.


Max Scherzer has been the best pitcher in MLB for the past seven years.

Yes, I’m aware Clayton Kershaw has been in MLB for the past seven years as well. But I’m also aware that you can’t win baseball games from the trainer’s room. While Clayton Kershaw’s stuff is unparalleled, Max Scherzer’s durability makes him the best, most consistent pitcher in MLB.


Do you think I’m crazy?!?! Explain yourself in the comment section below….


Raise Your Hand If You’re Pretending To Be A Soccer Fan Today!!!!

Today is a BIG day!!

The World Cup begins. The U.S. Open begins. And the New York Mets look to score their first run of the season….

World Cup

Today, droves of people will pretend to be DIE HARD soccer fans. They’ll buy jerseys. They’ll take off work to watch “their” team play. Hell, they may even paint their faces.

world cup

And in approximately four weeks, they’ll forget soccer ever existed.

It’s actually amazing.

So, Mother Russia is your host, and they’ll kick off the World Cup with the 1st match @ 11:00 A.M. EST. They’ll take on Saudi Arabia, the presumed worst team in Group A. The rest of their group is made up of Uruguay and Egypt. In other words, the host country has received a cake walk into the next round. If only that was a coincidence….

Here are the rest of the groups:


Spain, Portugal, Morocco, and Iran


France, Denmark, Peru, and Australia


Argentina, Croatia, Nigeria, Iceland


Brazil, Switzerland, Serbia, and Costa Rica


Germany, Sweden, Mexico, and South Korea


Belgium, England, Tunisia, and Panama


Colombia, Poland, Japan, and Senegal

Team to feel bad for: Morocco

Landing in a group with Spain and Portugal just seems like slow, painful, torture to me.

Underdog with a chance: Colombia

If they beat Germany, and that’s the biggest IF ever, they have a chance.

World Cup Champion: Brazil


Brazil is the Vegas favorite (+400) to win the World Cup. Having not won a World Cup since 2002 (pobre Brazil), they’re due.

U.S. Open (Golf)

shinnecock hills

The 1st round of the U.S. Open will be played today. This year’s U.S. Open is being hosted by Shinnecock Hills, right in my back yard. 156 golfers will tee-it-up on Thursday in hopes to raise that trophy on Sunday evening. Shinnecock Hills was last home to the U.S. Open in 2004, a tournament won by Retief Goosen.

The Vegas favorite this week is Dustin Johnson (+900). After winning the FedEx St. Jude Classic this past weekend, DJ looks to be back to his winning ways.

Not that he has a chance to win, but Tiger Woods (+1600) is playing in his 1st U.S. Open since 2015 (where he missed the cut), and last won in 2008.

My money’s on Jordan Spieth (+1400). Not a long shot by any stretch of the imagination. Just my humble opinion.

Worst. Offense. EVER!!


The New York Mets’ offense is taking anemic to a whole new level. Since June 1st (10 games), they have scored 14 runs. That’s less, over the same time span, than some individual players. Evan Gattis has driven in 18 runs since June 1st.

The Mets are literally wasting Jacob deGrom’s prime. Over his last 10 starts, deGrom has lowered his e.r.a. from 3.24 to 1.55, giving up a total of 6 runs, and has only won two of those starts. THAT’S EMBARRASSING!!!! 

Oh, and the Mets as a team, have lost 10-of-their-last-11 games. The near future doesn’t look any brighter either, with their next eight games on the road (Arizona Diamondbacks and Colorado Rockies).


What will you be watching today?? Tell me in the comment section below.

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The Mets Win — Again?!

THEY should enjoy IT while it lasts.

They; the New York Mets. It; winning.

The Mets have been the biggest surprise of the early season, boasting an MLB best, 8-1 record. They’re currently riding a 6-game winning streak, which includes a 4-game sweep of their bitter rival; the Washington Nationals (in Washington).

How are they doing it??

A simple, one-word answer will suffice: Pitching.


Heading into the season, the writing was on the wall. The Mets would go as far as their pitching staff goes. Just one season ago, 80% of the Mets’ starting rotation succumbed to injury. Hell, it seemed like 80% of the roster was injured last season. The Mets are hoping improved offseason workout regiments, coupled with a new training staff, will keep their arms out of the trainer’s room. So far, so good. Mets’ manager, Mickey Callaway, who’s been a successful pitching coach for years, is also looking to utilize his pitching staff in a more effective manner.  

85, 101, 89, 86, 92, 86, 93, 85, 90.

Those would be the pitch counts of the Mets’ starting pitchers in their first nine games. Outside of Jacob deGrom throwing 101 pitches in game #2, Callaway has made a concerted effort to limit his starting pitcher’s usage. THIS IS SMART (especially in April). Granted, this strategy can ultimately overwork their bullpen, but Callaway plans to stretch his starting pitchers out by May. This will relieve some pressure from his relievers (pun intended).


It also doesn’t hurt that 4 Mets’ relievers have yet to give up a run. IT ALSO DOESN’T HURT that Jason Vargas, the Mets’ 5th starter, has yet to pitch in the regular season. Vargas is expected to return the last week of April from a broken bone in his non-pitching hand. He’ll add depth and experience to an already talented rotation.

We’ll see if the Mets can continue their winning ways Tuesday @ 7:10 p.m., on SNY, against the Miami Marlins. Jacob deGrom will look to build on his impressive start to the season.


Is the Mets’ start real, or a mirage?? How many games will the Mets win this season?? Post your prediction in the comment section below. 

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New York Mets Are Dealing With An Injury Epidemic

juan lagares

It’s hard to go anywhere when every time you take 1-step forward, you take 3-steps backward. Especially when you’ve been doing that for years. That is the state of the New York Mets. It’s like they’re stuck in quicksand. And when someone finally comes along and throws them a rope, the rope snaps and they fall into the quicksand too. That is the New York Mets.

Let’s do a quick rewind to Tuesday morning (June 13th). The Mets woke up with a smile for the first time in a long time. They were riding a 4-game winning streak, and their injury riddled roster was finally starting to return to some semblance of health. Steven Matz and Seth Lugo both returned from the disabled list after missing just over 2 months with elbow injuries. They also added slugger Yoenis Cespedes back to the lineup the week prior. Well the parade didn’t last very long. Over the past 2 days, the Mets’ injuries have piled up faster than Bartolo Colon’s plates at an all-you-can-eat buffet.

  • Matt Harvey was pulled from his start early (he was getting rocked anyway), only to find out he’ll miss “several weeks” with a stress injury to the scapula in his shoulder on his throwing arm..YAY!!
  • Neil Walker has a partially torn hamstring and will miss at least a month.
  • The Mets thought the timing was right to give a stellar (?) update on Noah Syndergaard’s progress. Apparently he isn’t cleared to do anything yet, and his timetable to return has been pushed back to late August.
  • And in last night’s game, Juan Lagares fractured his thumb diving for a ball in shallow center field (as pictured above).

They also got crushed last night (8-3), losing the 1st of a 4-game set with the Washington Nationals. The Nationals dropped a 5-spot on Robert Gsellman in the 5th inning, and that was all she wrote. I know Gsellman was great last year when the Mets’ pitching staff was dealing with injuries, but man has he been bad. The only thing he and Jacob deGrom have in common is the ugly hair, because only 1 of them resembles a pitcher in the major leagues.

The Mets’ current situation begs the question: What the hell are they waiting for?! If now isn’t the time to call-up Amed Rosario, their top prospect, I don’t know when is. The Mets need to pump some blood into the body of their team. Calling up the organizations’ top prospect sounds like a no brainer to me, but again, we are talking about the Mets.

Believe it or not, I’m going to end this Mets’ thrashing on a positive note. I must give the New York Mets’ Organization major props. They are taking it upon themselves to extend the protective netting at Citi Field, increasing fan safety. They will extend the netting beyond MLB’s recommendation of 70-feet from home plate, all the way past the camera wells. This will see that 30-foot high netting will run past the dugouts, and 8-foot high netting will run all the way down left and right-field. The netting is 97% invisible and shouldn’t obstruct the view of fans. The netting is scheduled to be installed on July 14th. They will make this change throughout their Minor League stadiums as well.

Good for you Mets!!

Now fans can go back to burying their heads in their cell phones rather than doing something silly, like ya know, watch the game.

What are your thoughts on the Mets’ season so far?? Is it time to call up Amed Rosario?? Spill your guts in the comment section below. Don’t be shy….

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