A Thursday For The Ages!!

Sports is the gift that keeps on giving.

Just 24 hours ago, headlines remained quiet, still, virtually unchanged. Then Thursday happened.

Who Doesn’t Love A Reboot??

The XFL is making a comeback. Yes, you read that right. Vince McMahon, WWE Founder, says a drama free, gimmick free, criminal free XFL is making a comeback. In 2020, Vince McMahon will re-launch an 8-team league, designed to play a 10-week schedule. McMahon is looking into a combination of large and medium-sized markets.

McMahon is individually funding this project and will have complete control over the league and all 8 teams. Initial funding is estimated at $100 million dollars. Coincidentally, McMahon just sold $100 million in WWE stock….

While McMahon clearly stated there will be no criminals in his league, he’s taking a hard stance on many hot-button issues. No personal or political stances will be tolerated in the XFL. Ratings magnets will no longer get the nod over other players. The best players will be put on the field, and they will be paid more when they win. And McMahon plans to run faster games. A 2-hour limit is McMahon’s plan.

Essentially, he’s trying to capitalize on every shortcoming of the NFL.

I give it 2 years this time….

“I’ll Take KD!!”

Thursday, All-Star Captains, Lebron James and Stephen Curry, “secretly” selected their teams. It doesn’t take a rocket scientist to figure out the order players were picked, so for the love of God, put this thing on TV next year!!!!

lebron and curry

Here’s how it probably went down:

Team Lebron                                             Team Curry

1st pick: Kevin Durant                             2nd pick: James Harden

3rd pick: Anthony Davis                         4th pick: Giannis Antetokounmpo

5th pick: Demarcus Cousins                  6th pick: Joel Embiid

7th pick: Kyrie Irving                  8th pick: Karl Anthony-Towns

9th pick: Russell Westbrook                                10th pick: DeMar DeRozan

11th pick: John Wall                                  12th pick: Jimmy Butler

13th pick: Kristaps Porzingis                 14th pick: Klay Thompson

15th pick: LaMarcus Aldridge               16th pick: Al Horford

17th pick: Kevin Love                                18th pick: Damian Lillard

19th pick: Victor Oladipo                         20th pick: Draymond Green

21st pick: Bradley Beal                              22nd pick: Kyle Lowry

Lebron clearly won the draft. Once you get past the 5th pick, you have to wonder what was going through Stephen Curry’s mind. Picking either Towns, Embiid, Butler, or DeRozan over Cousins, Westbrook, or Irving makes my head spin in a way that feels fairly dangerous. Despite only having 5 Western All-Stars, expect Team Lebron to win 189-179.

Father Time Is Still Waiting

Roger Federer may or may not be human. His accomplishments, at 36, on a tennis court, are nothing short of astonishing. After defeating Hyeon Chung (6-1, 5-2, ret.), Federer has reached his 7th Australian Open Final. Once again, he has NOT dropped a single set en route to the finals. THAT IS INSANE!!

TENNIS-AUS-OPENWhile mere mortals retire due to injury, and potential heat stroke, Federer dabs single beads of sweat from his brow and moves to the next point. His mental game is unparalleled, and his physical talent is 2nd to none. Federer will try to take down #6 ranked, Marin Cilic, in the finals for his 6th Australian Open.

Words simply can not explain the unprecedented nature Federer continues to succeed at the advanced age of 36. It’s like ‘Dog Years’. 36 in ‘Tennis Years’ is 66 in ‘Basketball Years’.

Brewers Are Busy Little Beavers

The Milwaukee Brewers were very busy on Thursday. They made a trade. And they signed the biggest free agent contract of the offseason — so far. Both put the Brewers in the conversation for best outfield in MLB.

The Trade

Brewers Get: OF Christian Yelich

Marlins Get: OF Lewis Brinson, INF Isan Diaz, OF Monte Harrison, and P Jordan Yamamoto

The Signing

They signed OF Lorenzo Cain, to a 5-year, $80 million contract. Until JD Martinez signs on the dotted-line, Cain stands as the highest paid free agent of the offseason.

The Brewers now have a surplus of outfielders, so expect either Domingo Santana, Keon Broxton, or Brett Phillips to be on the move.

Wow Thursday. You didn’t exactly leave room for improvement for Friday….


What was the biggest story from Thursday?? Will you watch the XFL?? Spill it in the comment section below.

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