One Does Not Simply Tell Gregg Popovich What To Do

This has been a unique week….

How often do two top-five players, in different sports, get traded in the same week?!

Kawhi Leonard Gets Shipped North Of The Border

Ask, and you shall receive. The only thing is, you don’t always get exactly what you ask for. Despite being lauded as the NBA’s gold standard over the past two decades, the San Antonio Spurs and Kawhi Leonard grew out of love. In June, Leonard publicly requested a trade. Leonard’s destination wish-list was short: The Los Angeles Lakers.

As hard as it is to imagine Gregg Popovich laughing, he probably doubled over when he heard Leonard’s request.


Oh, you want to play in sunny California, for one of the most storied franchises in NBA history, in Popovich’s conference?!?! That’s cute. Instead, Leonard was banished to the Toronto Raptors for the final year of his contract. In return, the Spurs received DeMar DeRozan, Jakob Poeltl, and a 2022 1st-round top-20 protected pick.

The Spurs won this trade — by a lot.

Yes, Leonard is better than DeRozan, so (assuming Leonard is a good soldier this year) the Raptors have a chance in the Eastern Conference. However, knowing Leonard wasn’t going to resign with the Spurs, and CLEARLY isn’t going to resign with the Raptors, the haul the Spurs got for their disgruntled (rental) superstar is astonishing. DeRozan is an all-star who’s under contract for three more years. And don’t sleep on the 22-year old, seven-footer (Poeltl). He’s the type of player Popovich turns into a 10 point, 8 rebound machine, providing depth in the frontcourt.

I’m Moving To Los Angeles!!


It’s good to be Manny Machado.

It’s not every day you start your day on the worst team in MLB (Baltimore Orioles), and end your day on a World Series contender (Los Angeles Dodgers). Also, the weather is slightly better in L.A. than Baltimore — last time I checked.

Like I said….it’s GOOD to be Manny Machado.

Just like Kawhi Leonard, Manny Machado is a top-five player in his respective sport. Just like Leonard, Machado is an expiring contract, and wasn’t expected to resign with his former team. And just like Leonard, Machado helped bring his former team quite the haul.

The Orioles received five prospects for Machado: outfielder Yusniel Diaz, right-handed pitchers Dean Kremer and Zach Pop, and infielders Rylan Bannon and Breyvic Valera.

Diaz is the prize here, as he was ranked #73 in Baseball Prospectus’ rankings prior to this season.

This deal makes sense for both sides. The Orioles read the tea leaves and did what they had to do, while the Dodgers immediately launched themselves into World Series contention.

And Machado seems to have adjusted nicely to his new home. He’s hitting a smooth .385 through his first three games. Yeah, he’s pretty good.

With just eight days remaining until the MLB trade deadline, stay up to date with every move on




It’s also stupid, and imbalanced, and predictable, and irrational, and stupid.

I’ve asked this question before, but let’s give it another try: If you already knew the outcome of a game, would you still watch?? You’d have to be insane to say yes. No. The answer is no. Soooooooooooo, why would anybody watch the NBA?!?!

The Golden State Warriors have won three out of the last four NBA Finals. Even before they added DeMarcus Cousins to their roster, Monday, they were headed toward a three-peat. Although Cousins is working his way back from a ruptured Achilles, he is a top-10 player (when healthy). Since increasing his assist totals, and three-point percentage, he’s become the most versatile big man in the league.

I’m aware of Anthony Davis’ skillset, however, the ability to pass the ball AND shoot the three puts Cousins in a league of his own.

There’s some speculation on Cousins’ path to the Warriors, but as with any story, there are three sides (yours, mine, and the truth).

Cousins claims the Warriors were the only team to offer him a contract….


I’m not saying I don’t believe him….BUT I DON’T BELIEVE HIM.

A report leaked that the New Orleans Pelicans offered Cousins a two-year, $40 million contract. Also, the Los Angeles Lakers claim they turned Cousins down. Also not believable. But if that’s true, the Lakers should punch themselves in the face — immediately.

No matter how Cousins landed on the Warriors, the upcoming season is over. It was over without Cousins. As long as their starting five remain healthy, and under contract, they’ll continue to win championship after championship.

So, now that we’ve established the NBA is broken, DaveTalksSports is going to fix it. With the salary cap increasing every year, and the presence of a “soft” salary cap, ‘Super Teams’ will never cease to exist.

DeMarcus Cousins should not be allowed to join the Warriors for $5.3 million.


While we live in a free-market, capitalist society, the NBA is a private organization. They should regulate themselves as they see fit. Instituting a pay scale, based on performance, would solve this problem. his would actually help better players earn more money.

Sounds ridiculously fair to me.

This pay scale would be based on statistical performances, plus 1st-team, 2nd-team, and 3rd-team accomplishments (offensively and defensively). The league and the player’s association would then need to agree on how many players from each “tier” would be allowed on a single team. This would create parody, fair play, and a fair season, ultimately resulting in a product that DaveTalksSports (and the world) would want to watch.

As presently constructed, I will NOT be watching the NBA this upcoming season.

That is all. Thanks!


LeBron Longs For La La Legacy

LeBron James is going to play for the Los Angeles Lakers.

Re-read that. Let it sink in. Still sounds weird, doesn’t it??

While he could have dragged out his decision, creating another ‘Summer of LeBron’, he wasted little time. NBA’s free agency moratorium period began on July 1st at 12:00 a.m. Just 17 hours later, LeBron informed the world, via Klutch Sports, he would be donning purple and gold next season.

**The moratorium period runs from July 1st through July 6th. This means free agents may discuss, and announce contracts, however can’t officially sign on the dotted line until the end of this period.**

LeBron’s move to one of the most storied franchises in NBA history is not surprising. It’s never a bad idea to join forces with Magic Johnson, while carrying the torch Kareem Abdul-Jabbar and Kobe Bryant have kept lit for over 40 years. His contract, however, is surprising. LeBron James has made the one-year contract cool. This method has allowed LeBron the freedom to skip town the second stuff hits the fan, maximize his earning potential, and keep the ball in his court. How many idioms can I squeeze into one sentence?? The answer, apparently, is three.

LeBron’s contract: 4 years, $154 million (4th year player option)


LeBron is giving Magic the most valuable gift imaginable; time. Having the peace of mind that LeBron won’t be going anywhere for a minimum of three seasons is priceless. Now, Magic can shift, shape, and maneuver accordingly.

Which naturally begs the question: Who ELSE is coming to La La Land??

Everyone and their grandmother assumed Paul George to the Lakers was a done deal. However, he and Russell Westbrook’s party burst that bubble before midnight on Saturday….

paul george

Will the San Antonio Spurs acquiesce to Kawhi Leonard’s demands, and trade him to the Lakers?? I don’t know. They want a King’s ransom, and the Lakers should give it, but just because I say it doesn’t mean it’ll happen.

Will the Lakers sign Demarcus Cousins?? They should. They have a meeting setup with Cousins, so the world will see how far Magic’s smile can carry him.

Final Thought

magic vs bird

The NBA is the big winner here. The league is better, and happier, when the Lakers are good. It’s also beneficial when the Boston Celtics, New York Knicks, and other big markets are competitive too. Two-out-of-three ain’t bad. There was no better era in basketball than the 1980s: Showtime Lakers vs. Bird’s Celtics. There’s no guarantee this will be that, but if the Lakers bring in another top-10 player this year, and Klay Thompson next year, ya never know.


Thoughts. Questions. And concerns. You know where those go….

2018 NBA Draft Recap

Draft night, in any sport, is a special time….

Everyone becomes an expert for a day. Thursday night’s NBA Draft was no different.

Before these prospects ever step foot on an NBA court, “experts” think they know (definitively) who will be a bust,or a superstar.

They don’t know. I don’t either, but I’m going to give you my best (educated) guess.

To see the entire draft results, click here.



Deandre Ayton was selected with the #1 overall pick in the 2018 NBA Draft by the Phoenix Suns. Considering Ayton was an Arizona Wildcat, this should be a seamless transition. Ayton can be summed up in two words; physical specimen.

At 7’0″, 261 pounds, Ayton should contribute at the NBA level immediately. While I like Ayton’s game, I believe the Sacramento Kings were gifted the best player in the draft.



Marvin Bagley III. What experts call unpolished, I call raw talent. Bagley’s game fits the NBA perfectly. He is a skilled scorer and rebounder with a high motor. His energy level, and ability to outwork opposing big men, will lead to a long, successful career in the NBA. The Phoenix Suns may regret passing on Bagley.



The Dallas Mavericks must love them some Luka Doncic. They traded the rights to Trae Young, and their 2019 protected (top-five) 1st round pick, for Doncic. I don’t care who you are, international players are a complete mystery. The track record of players from other countries is less than stellar, and all of the tape in the world can’t paint the whole picture. The NBA and international games differ so greatly, international stars either excel right away, or crash and burn.

There’s no in between. 

By the way, Trae Young will be the biggest BUST in this draft!!

The New York Knickerbockers

kevin knox

Por fin, I am NOT mad about a Knicks’ 1st round pick; Kevin Knox. While I believe Collin Sexton is a star in the making, the Knicks couldn’t pick a player who wasn’t available (Sexton went 8th to the Cleveland Cavaliers). The Knicks’ only other option was to choose Mr. injury-in-waiting, Michael Porter Jr. The Knicks, as well as 12 other teams, felt Porter Jr.’s injury was too risky to gamble on, as he fell to the 14th pick (Denver Nuggets).

The question is: Will Michael Porter Jr. be the next Joel Embiid, or Greg Oden??

You know where the comment section is. USE IT!!!!

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Welcome To New York Big Fella!!

Would anyone care for a Gatorade bath??


I bet Giancarlo Stanton would disagree with you on that one.

Walk-Off In Pinstripes!!

The New York Yankees took their 2nd consecutive game off of the Seattle Mariners in as many days. Tuesday night was an easy 7-2 victory. Wednesday, however, came in the form of an epic comeback:

(Watch the entire video)

Wednesday’s game was a tale of two halves. Heading into the bottom of the 5th inning, the Yankees trailed 5-0. It was all pinstripes from there on in:

An Aaron Judge 2-r.b.i. single in the 5th. A Didi Gregorius sacrifice fly in the 7th. A monstrous Gary Sanchez 2-run home run in the 8th. And an absolute rocket walk-off home run by Giancarlo Stanton in the 9th.


Go watch Stanton’s home run again. Check out the pure elation exuded immediately following the stratospheric blast!! AWESOME. And of course, an otherwise odd occurrence, the infamous Gatorade bath. Because nothing says job well done like getting drenched in an ant farm’s dream vacation.

gatorade bath

Maybe this “Yankee Moment” will finally get spoiled Yankee fans off Stanton’s back. I’m the biggest Yankee fan I know, but sometimes I want to gently place my fist between certain Yankee fans’ eyeballs.

He’s on pace for 41 home runs this season….

Pack Your Bags Sir

NBA: Cleveland Cavaliers at Charlotte Hornets

Dwight Howard is on the move — again.

Wednesday morning, the Charlotte Hornets and Brooklyn Nets agreed to a trade:

Hornets Receive:

Timofey Mozgov and two 2nd round picks in tonight’s NBA Draft (40th and 45th picks)

Nets Receive:

Dwight Howard

On the surface this trade seems wildly lopsided. Despite Howard’s poo-poo attitude, he’s still a walking double-double who adds nearly two blocks every night. However, Howard rubs EVERYONE the wrong way, EVERYWHERE he plays. There’s a reason a potential (relax, I said potential) Hall of Fame talent will soon play on his 6th team in 15 seasons.

On the other hand, the Hornets cleared salary cap space for the upcoming season. Howard was due to make nearly $24 million in 2018 opposed to Mozgov’s $16 million.

I still can’t believe someone (the Lakers) signed Timofey freakin’ Mozgov to a 4-year, $64 million contract.


And the Nets will clear salary cap space beyond this year, as Howard’s astronomical contract comes off the books at the end of this season. Slowly, the Nets are becoming the most attractive place to play — in New York.


Are you dumb enough to think A WALK-OFF HOME RUN MAKES Giancarlo Stanton a “Yankee”?!

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My Father’s Day Was Better Than Yours!!

Best. Father’s Day. Ever!!

I have everything a man could ever want: Amazing wife, beautiful children (including my son on the way and my son with four legs; Jordan), awesome parents, great friends, health, and happiness.

But the sports world….thought I could use more:

Kawhi Wants Out


Kawhi Leonard leaking that he wants out of San Antonio Friday was my early Father’s Day gift. Kawhi, allegedly disgruntled, requested a trade to the Los Angeles Lakers. While Kawhi can request whatever he’d like, he’s under contract for two more seasons, so the Spurs are in no rush to ship their best player out of town. At the same time, a disgruntled employee makes the Christmas Party awkward.

It’s eerily similar to Kyrie Irving asking out of Cleveland. Many were confused why Kyrie would throw annual trips to the NBA Finals alongside the world’s best player in the toilet for his own spotlight. And now, we should remain confused why Kawhi doesn’t want to play under the tutelage of the world’s best coach. Rather than try to understand an NBA star’s mindset, we’ll simply understand the NBA is ruled by its stars.

So, Kawhi will get traded.

Sooner, rather than later.  

Mexico Takes Down Germany


There was no better gift than what Sunday morning brought DaveTalksSports; a Mexico victory over Germany!!!!

While the entire world, besides Mexico (and my house), thought Mexico had no chance in Sunday’s World Cup match against Germany, Mexico overcame. They outplayed the defending World Cup Champions, capturing a 1-0 victory. The lone goal came from Hirving Lozano in the 35th minute:

If you weren’t sure if Mexicans get excited for their futbol team, just ask the earthquake sensors in Mexico City. Just seven seconds after Lozano’s goal, not one, but two earthquake sensors registered tremors. Experts are calling it an “artificial earthquake”.


And Then, There Was Golf

brooks koepka

The U.S. Open was a great tournament. Tommy Fleetwood gave the field all they could handle with his 63 on Sunday. Brooks Koepka became the 1st golfer since Curtis Strange in 1989 to win back-to-back U.S. Opens. But the story here is Phil Mickelson….

Watch first, then we’ll talk:

Uhhh, Phil, what the hell are you doing?!

The answer would be CHEATING!! Last time I checked, you can’t hit the ball while it’s still rolling. I know that. You know that. But most importantly, Phil knows that. Phil made the conscious decision to break this rule, figuring he’d be better off with a two-stroke penalty than playing the ball from wherever it stopped rolling.

Some would call that smart, clever, or practical. Some would be a**holes.

Phil Mickelson should be ashamed of himself.

The USGA should be ashamed of themselves. This inane rule needs to be changed, as Phil should have been disqualified from this tournament immediately.


How was your Father’s Day?? Was it possibly as good as mine?? Use that comment section people.

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Kevin Durant Opens Broom Company

They were winning — until they weren’t.

With their backs headed in the direction of a wall, the Cleveland LeBrons looked to handle their business, at home. They shot out of the gates, grabbing a 12-point lead (16-4) through the first 4 minutes and 40 seconds of the game. However, they, along with the rest of the world, would soon realize it was Kevin Durant’s night. Durant dropped 13 points in the 1st quarter, bringing the Warriors within one (29-28).

A theme would develop, as the LeBrons would find themselves up 13 points (50-37) with 4:06 to play in the 1st half. However (lol), Kevin Durant’s 11-point 2nd quarter brought them within six (58-52) at halftime. It was an unfortunate pattern for the LeBrons, who lacked the foot-on-throat mentality all night.

And now, sit back, relax, and enjoy our halftime show….


Annndddd, we’re back.

The Warriors did what they do in the 3rd quarter. They scored 31 points. Did you know, in this year’s playoffs, the Warriors have scored at least 30 points in the 3rd quarter 13 times?! No, that’s not normal. And the seven times they didn’t reach the 30-point mark, they scored 19, 27, 27, 28, 28, 29, and 29 points. Yup, like I said, not normal.

Despite the Warriors holding a two-point lead heading into the 4th quarter, the LeBrons hung tough. LeBron James, as always, did his thing (despite the commentators stating he played poorly multiple times):

33 points, 11 assists, 10 rebounds, 2 blocks, and 2 steals (in 47 minutes)

The LeBrons reclaimed the lead with 3:11 to play, but again, their foot never got within three feet of the Warriors’ throat. Even with Stephen Curry having one of the worst shooting nights of his career, his lone three-pointer (1-10) came at an extremely opportune time. The Warriors closed the game on a 14-5 run, including a Mortal Kombat Fatality Move by Kevin Durant:

Like, love, or hate the Warriors, you have to appreciate the stone cold look on Durant’s face following this ENORMOUS three-pointer. That look probably stemmed from his unreal performance:

43 points (15-23), 13 rebounds, 7 assists, and 1 steal

110-102, Warriors. 3-0, Warriors. NBA Dynasty (soon to be three-out-of-four championships), Warriors.


Well Cleveland, there’s always next yea—-

Oh, sorry!


Will the Cleveland LeBrons get swept?? If you don’t think so, please explain yourself, then….seek psychiatric help.

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What More Could LeBron Possibly Do????

“Nothing is certain but death and taxes….And the Golden State Warriors winning the 2018 NBA Finals.”

That’s the original quote — I promise.

Poor LeBron

I feel bad for LeBron James.


At this point, it’s nearly impossible to rationally feel any other way. He’s giving everything he’s got (as always), and it’s simply not enough. People who constantly find ways to criticize LeBron James should find a bridge….and jump. **Don’t actually jump off of a bridge, but at the very least, punch yourself in the face….

Sunday night, the Warriors took a 2-0 series lead in the NBA Finals, after a historic 122-103 victory. Stephen Curry hit NINE three-pointers, breaking the record for made three-pointers in an NBA Finals game. Curry broke Ray Allen’s record (8) from the 2010 NBA Finals when he was a member of the Boston Celtics. Curry finished game two with 33 points on 9-of-17 from three-point range.

Usually, a series doesn’t start until a home team loses a game, but this one, is over. The Cleveland LeBrons never stood a chance. They’re overpowered. They’re outmanned. Simply put, they’re outmatched. No, no, there’s no unless LeBron today. He already went superhuman on the world, in game one, and that didn’t work.

So fat lady — start singing.

Ohhh, The Mets

willson contreras

The New York Mets lose (2-0) in ways only the New York Mets can lose:

An opposing player stealing home


A sacrifice-fly to 2nd base

When words can’t possibly do this level of ineptitude justice, we go to the YouTube:

And one more time, for good measure:

I was going to put a video of the sacrifice-fly to 2nd base that scored Willson Contreras (as pictured above), THE CATCHER, but I couldn’t find it!! I guess the world didn’t want something that awful recorded on video. I understand Luis Guillorme is 12 years old, but there’s no reason for that — EVER!!


Are the Mets Cursed?? Do the LeBrons have ANY chance in the NBA Finals?? Post your thoughts in the comment section below.

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JR Smith: “I Thought We Were Ahead.”

With the NBA Awards Show rapidly approaching, they’re going to need to add another category; Dumbest Person In The World.

There’s no need to keep you waiting in suspense. JR Smith is going to win by unanimous vote.

Thursday night, JR Smith took dumb, stupid, idiotic, moronic, mindless, senseless, and dense to a whole new level.

Watch….then we’ll talk:

WOW!! Just, wow.

So, let’s start with the game, which is getting completely overshadowed by JR Smith’s mind numbing I.Q. This game was a lot closer than anyone expected. Kevin Love played like a real guy (21 points and 13 rebounds) after being cleared from the concussion protocol hours before tip-off. And LeBron James was, well, LeBron James:

51 points, 8 rebounds, 8 assists, 1 steal, and 1 block (in 48 minutes)

Even in defeat (124-114 F/OT), he continues to climb the all-time rankings.

The problem is, LeBron scored 51 points, shot 59.3% from the field, and his team still lost. We can hem and haw over “missed” calls and an overturned charge all day long, but the fact is, the Cleveland LeBrons are staring a 1-0 deficit in the face.

**Okay, let’s hem and haw anyway. LeBron James sacrificed his body to draw an offensive charge on Kevin Durant with 36.4 seconds remaining in regulation. The referees, however, determined they couldn’t determine whether LeBron’s feet were outside the restricted area.

lebron restricted area

Looks pretty clear to me….

Evidently, the referees have the prerogative to overturn the call, for any reason, under the guise of “we were checking if he was in the restricted area”. While that whole premise is bogus, they got the call right in the end. So, if the result is correct, does it matter how they got there??

AND NOW, without further ado, let’s dissect JR Smith’s (scary) thought process with 4.7 seconds left in regulation. **Clearly, the game was tied at 107.** Watch the replay again, and you’ll notice Smith, just prior to George Hill’s free-throw, has his hands in the air, looking in the direction of his bench, trying to figure out the score. So when he rips down a great rebound, and makes a bee-line toward half court, it’s because HE THINKS THEY’RE WINNING!!!!


You’ll also notice LeBron James absolutely lose his mind. When LeBron realizes Smith is driving a 6th of the way across the country in the WRONG DIRECTION, he vehemently points at the basket, as to say, “go that way idiot!!!!”

2018 NBA Finals - Game One

Yes, George Hill could have made the free-throw. And no, there’s no guarantee the LeBrons score in the final 4.7 seconds (even if Smith didn’t have that face/ass transplant surgery). And Yes, the LeBrons could have won the game in overtime. But JR Smith didn’t help their cause.

My favorite part was JR Smith’s post-game experience, after having time to collect his “thoughts”:

“No, I knew we were tied,” Smith said. “It’s just, I thought we were going to take a timeout because I got the rebound. And then I looked over at Bron [LeBron James], and he looked like he was trying to call a timeout. So I stopped. And then the game was over.”


While that story is completely fabricated, he did provide the rest of the world, outside of Cleveland, a wildly entertaining moment. Especially for Knicks’ fans. But hey, Knicks’ fans are entitled to a good laugh too….



Is this the biggest blunder in NBA Finals History?? Can the LeBrons possibly bounce back from this??

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The Warriors Vs. The LeBrons: Part IV

It was ALWAYS going to be this way.

For those who jumped on the Celtics/Rockets’ bandwagon (you know who you are)….please hang your heads in shame NOW. Both “favorites” stared down a 3-2 series lead, giving themselves two chances to win one game. But neither, had a chance.



Call it scrappy. Call it ugly. Call it whatever you want, LeBron James willed his scrap heap of teammates to another NBA Finals. His 9th to be exact (8th in a row). Game 7 resembled a different time in the NBA. A time when there was no shot clock. Because nothing screams awesome like an 8-6 victory.

The Cleveland LeBrons beat the Boston Celtics 87-79 in Game 7 of the Eastern Conference Finals.

LeBron did what LeBron does: 35 points, 15 rebounds, 9 assists and 2 blocks 

One of those blocks (as pictured above) was ridiculous!! While Terry Rozier has serious hops for a little guy, he should have thought twice before trying to throw the hammer down on LeBron. When a picture doesn’t do it justice, we go to the video tape:

If we’re being honest, and we always are, that was a foul. The refs clearly didn’t have the balls to blow their whistle there. Either way, all I can picture is Terry Rozier in a dark video room ALL SUMMER. There may be crying. And there may be a half empty bottle of scotch….

While the Celtics will be watching the NBA Finals from home, they’ll be back. Their core is too young, and too talented, to be kept down for too long. Jayson Tatum and Jaylen Brown’s primes are going to coincide with the (eventual) decline of LeBron James. That bodes well for Celtics’ faithful.

The Warriors’ Dynasty

steph curry 2

Again, those who thought the Golden State Warriors were going to be denied their 4th consecutive trip to the NBA Finals, are silly.

I don’t want to hear about Chris Paul’s injury. That’s NOT why the Warriors are representing the Western Conference in the NBA Finals. The Warriors are representing the Western Conference in the NBA Finals because the Rockets shot 7-for-44 from three-point range in Game 7.


That’s impressively bad.

Trevor Ariza won’t soon forget his Game 7. Ariza went 0-for-9 from three (0-for-12 overall). Eric Gordon’s 3-for-12, and James Harden’s 3-for-13 didn’t help either.

harden sucks

The Warriors’ core-four did what they do, combining for 90 points, in a 101-92 victory.

And now, they’ll take on the one-man band people call the Cleveland Cavaliers. This series is not going to be entertaining, or close. Each Warriors’ victory will be by an average of 20 points. LeBron automatically buys his team one victory. If he goes INSANE, he’ll grab a second win on his way out the door. But the LeBrons LITERALLY have NO CHANCE here.


Does LeBron stand a chance?? How many games will he win?? Post your crazy predictions in the comment section below.

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