“I LOVE When Millionaires Complain About MONEY!!!!” (DTS Podcast – #104)

Sports leagues want to restart.

We want sports back.

Sports leagues are making it seem like they’re actually trying to start playing games again..soon.

And this has caused some players to start complaining about their salaries.


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“The NFL Draft Brought Me Back To Life!!” (DTS Podcast – #100)

Everyone, pretend you haven’t heard this from anyone else yet, and be safe out there.

Be safer than safe….by staying home.

Work and the food store. That’s it.

As for the NFL Draft, all things considered, it wasn’t bad.

Oh, and Aaron Rodgers probably isn’t the happiest man in the United States anymore. Sorry pal. Discount double check that!

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“Are NFL Players READY To Go On STRIKE?!?!” (DTS Podcast – #97)

The NFL owners have agreed upon a new Collective Bargaining Agreement between themselves and the players.
It is wildly unfair, and as always, in favor of the owners.
The problem is, the players have NEVER had leverage in negotiations with the owners….
WHY would they magically wake up with leverage THIS YEAR?!?!



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“The NFL Doesn’t Care About Player’s Safety!!!! (DTS Podcast – #96)

NFL Players don’t want to get hurt.

NFL Players fight for their own safety all the time.

Butttttttt, if you offer them more money, they will gladly put themselves in harm’s way.

Makes Sense!

Enjoy your day!

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A Thursday For The Ages!!

Sports is the gift that keeps on giving.

Just 24 hours ago, headlines remained quiet, still, virtually unchanged. Then Thursday happened.

Who Doesn’t Love A Reboot??

The XFL is making a comeback. Yes, you read that right. Vince McMahon, WWE Founder, says a drama free, gimmick free, criminal free XFL is making a comeback. In 2020, Vince McMahon will re-launch an 8-team league, designed to play a 10-week schedule. McMahon is looking into a combination of large and medium-sized markets.

McMahon is individually funding this project and will have complete control over the league and all 8 teams. Initial funding is estimated at $100 million dollars. Coincidentally, McMahon just sold $100 million in WWE stock….

While McMahon clearly stated there will be no criminals in his league, he’s taking a hard stance on many hot-button issues. No personal or political stances will be tolerated in the XFL. Ratings magnets will no longer get the nod over other players. The best players will be put on the field, and they will be paid more when they win. And McMahon plans to run faster games. A 2-hour limit is McMahon’s plan.

Essentially, he’s trying to capitalize on every shortcoming of the NFL.

I give it 2 years this time….

“I’ll Take KD!!”

Thursday, All-Star Captains, Lebron James and Stephen Curry, “secretly” selected their teams. It doesn’t take a rocket scientist to figure out the order players were picked, so for the love of God, put this thing on TV next year!!!!

lebron and curry

Here’s how it probably went down:

Team Lebron                                             Team Curry

1st pick: Kevin Durant                             2nd pick: James Harden

3rd pick: Anthony Davis                         4th pick: Giannis Antetokounmpo

5th pick: Demarcus Cousins                  6th pick: Joel Embiid

7th pick: Kyrie Irving                  8th pick: Karl Anthony-Towns

9th pick: Russell Westbrook                                10th pick: DeMar DeRozan

11th pick: John Wall                                  12th pick: Jimmy Butler

13th pick: Kristaps Porzingis                 14th pick: Klay Thompson

15th pick: LaMarcus Aldridge               16th pick: Al Horford

17th pick: Kevin Love                                18th pick: Damian Lillard

19th pick: Victor Oladipo                         20th pick: Draymond Green

21st pick: Bradley Beal                              22nd pick: Kyle Lowry

Lebron clearly won the draft. Once you get past the 5th pick, you have to wonder what was going through Stephen Curry’s mind. Picking either Towns, Embiid, Butler, or DeRozan over Cousins, Westbrook, or Irving makes my head spin in a way that feels fairly dangerous. Despite only having 5 Western All-Stars, expect Team Lebron to win 189-179.

Father Time Is Still Waiting

Roger Federer may or may not be human. His accomplishments, at 36, on a tennis court, are nothing short of astonishing. After defeating Hyeon Chung (6-1, 5-2, ret.), Federer has reached his 7th Australian Open Final. Once again, he has NOT dropped a single set en route to the finals. THAT IS INSANE!!

TENNIS-AUS-OPENWhile mere mortals retire due to injury, and potential heat stroke, Federer dabs single beads of sweat from his brow and moves to the next point. His mental game is unparalleled, and his physical talent is 2nd to none. Federer will try to take down #6 ranked, Marin Cilic, in the finals for his 6th Australian Open.

Words simply can not explain the unprecedented nature Federer continues to succeed at the advanced age of 36. It’s like ‘Dog Years’. 36 in ‘Tennis Years’ is 66 in ‘Basketball Years’.

Brewers Are Busy Little Beavers

The Milwaukee Brewers were very busy on Thursday. They made a trade. And they signed the biggest free agent contract of the offseason — so far. Both put the Brewers in the conversation for best outfield in MLB.

The Trade

Brewers Get: OF Christian Yelich

Marlins Get: OF Lewis Brinson, INF Isan Diaz, OF Monte Harrison, and P Jordan Yamamoto

The Signing

They signed OF Lorenzo Cain, to a 5-year, $80 million contract. Until JD Martinez signs on the dotted-line, Cain stands as the highest paid free agent of the offseason.

The Brewers now have a surplus of outfielders, so expect either Domingo Santana, Keon Broxton, or Brett Phillips to be on the move.

Wow Thursday. You didn’t exactly leave room for improvement for Friday….


What was the biggest story from Thursday?? Will you watch the XFL?? Spill it in the comment section below.

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NFL Owners Approve Rule Change

Originally written on Tuesday, May 23rd, 2017roger

I believe him. Don’t you?? YOU DON’T?! Yeah, me neither. Roger Goodell is a pawn for NFL owners. He opens his mouth and their words come out. Sooooo, NFL owners are now hiding behind heaping piles of bulls*** statements like the one pictured above. On Tuesday, May 23rd, 2017, NFL owners unanimously voted to change overtime in the regular season from 15-minutes to 10-minutes. This change will take place in the preseason as well. The claim is this was done out of concern for player’s safety. Yeahhhh..okayyyy..and my birthdate was May 22nd, 2017 (that would be yesterday for those paying attention).

First of all, NFL owners only care for their player’s safety as long as they are healthy enough to produce at a high level on the field. The rest, no matter what they say (or Goodell says), DOES NOT MATTER!! Shortening overtime games from 15 to 10-minutes reduces injury risk about as much as Jaywalking stops people from crossing the street in Midtown Manhattan whenever the hell they want.

Second, how many games will this actually affect? The answer is not a lot. Ties became less likely in 1974 when the NFL introduced an overtime period. Since then, only 22 games have ended in a tie. And in 2012, overtime rules were modified yet again. That change added a twist, ever so slightly breaking away from the sudden-death format. For a refresher of the 2012 rule change, click here. And today, NFL’s overtime period evolves even further.

Oh, you want the real reason for this inane modification?? Fair enough.

Here it is: as petty as this sounds..it’s all about the Benjamin’s baby. Because as they say, money makes the world go ’round. Just because it’s cliché, doesn’t mean it’s not true. Don’t they have enough money you ask?? HA! Yeah, because people with nine zero’s in their bank account don’t want more money. I bet Jim Irsay is still a ‘take a penny’ kind of guy. Even though in reality this rule change won’t actually change anything, NFL owners believe it will enhance their product. And yes, in turn enhance their bottom line. I go on tangents a lot. You must get used to them.

Here are the reasons NFL owners believe they are enhancing their product:

  1. The 1st reason is already working. We are talking about this rule change. As they say, any publicity is good publicity.
  2. They think overtimes will be more exciting because teams will play to win rather than tie.
  3. They think there is less of a chance fans turn the TV off if the game is guaranteed to be shortened.
  4. They actually think this makes their Thursday night product more watchable. You can put lipstick on a pig, but it’s still a pig. But seriously, owners actually think getting players off the field faster on a Sunday will make them play better on a Thursday.


No matter how inconsequential, this rule change is stupid. It will inevitably cause more ties. It won’t improve player’s safety. It won’t enhance the overall NFL product. NFL owners collectively stomped their feet like a spoiled 4-year old, and they got their way.

How do you feel about this change? Do you like it? Do you hate it? Do you not care? Tell me in the comment section below.

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2017 NFL Draft 1st-Round Review


Well that didn’t go as planned. Despite months of draft analysis from experts, and countless mock drafts, the 1st-round of the 2017 NFL Draft was as unpredictable as the weather (Mel Kiper and Todd McShay do look a lot like meteorologists today). In between the plethora of boos hurled at Roger Goodell, the 1st-round provided more twists and turns than the Taconic Parkway (New Yorkers know what I’m talking about). There were multiple trades and many players rose or fell from their projected draft spots.

No surprise at the top, as the Cleveland Browns selected Myles Garrett from Texas A&M with the 1st overall pick. The Browns evening didn’t end there. They traded the 12th pick to the Houston Texans for the 25th pick and the Texans 1st-round pick in 2018. The Texans drafted Deshaun Watson from Clemson at 12 while the Browns drafted Jabrill Peppers from Michigan at 25. I don’t love either pick, as I think Watson, despite his outstanding career at Clemson, is an undersized quarterback who lacks the arm strength to succeed in the NFL . Peppers is a ‘tweener’ (safety/linebacker) who comes with baggage after failing a drug test at the NFL combine. The Browns then traded back into the 1st-round by shipping the 33rd pick and a 4th-round pick to the Green Bay Packers for the 29th pick. The Browns selected David Njoku from Miami. Njoku was the 3rd tight end selected in the 1st-round, and while I like the player, I wonder who will be throwing him the football this year….

Of the many trades from Thursday night, my favorite was the 1st one (for the 49ers that is). New 49ers General Manager, John Lynch, swindled the Chicago Bears. There is no other way to put it. The Bears traded up 1 SPOT, from the 3rd to 2nd pick, giving up 3rd and 4th-round picks from this year as well as a 3rd-round pick in 2018. Only problem is, the Bears LITERALLY didn’t have to do that. How did that conversation go?

Lynch: Listen Chicago, we’re getting multiple offers for the #2 pick here. If you can’t give us 3 valuable draft picks to move up only 1 spot, I’m afraid you’re going to miss out on your guy.

Ryan Pace (Bears GM): That sounds extremely fair. Now we can get Mitch Trubisky! You want me to throw in my 1st-born child too?

Yes, you heard that right. The Bears gave away the farm, to move up 1 spot, to draft a guy that was going to fall to them anyway. Even if Trubisky ends up being good, he simply is not worth such a high draft pick. He has only started 13 games at the collegiate level! The 49ers then drafted Solomon Thomas from Stanford, who yup you guessed it, is the guy they wanted anyway! Nice work Chicago. The 49ers, like the Browns, weren’t done for the evening. They moved back into the 1st-round by sending Seattle their 2nd and 4th-round picks in exchange for the 31st pick. John Lynch continued to impress in his 1st draft as the 49ers selected Reuben Foster of Alabama, who despite off-field issues, is regarded as one of the most talented players in the draft. The other major trade from last night saw the Kansas City Chiefs trade the 27th pick, a 3rd-round pick, and their 1st-round pick in 2018 to the Buffalo Bills to move up to the 10th pick. They selected Alex Smith’s potential successor in Patrick Mahomes II from Texas Tech. Mahomes has an absolute cannon for an arm, which often leads to risky throws. Only time will tell if Andy Reid can mold Mahomes into a successful NFL quarterback.

And last but not least, let’s talk about New York. We’ll quickly brush over that New York team that wears blue or purple or whatever color that is, so we can get to my New York Jets. The Giants gave Eli Manning another safety valve and drafted Evan Engram out of Ole Miss. Engram is an undersized tight end who will bring playmaking ability to an already talented receiving core for the Giants.

And then there were the New York Jets. As I like to call them, My New York Jets. With tank mode in full-effect, it was imperative that the Jets did not draft a quarterback on Thursday night. And thanks to the Chicago Bears, they didn’t even get that chance. The top 5 picks saw 3 offensive players fall off the board, leaving the Jets with the pick of the defensive litter. And even though the suspense was cut short when ESPN camera’s accidentally showed LSU safety Jamal Adams receiving his call of a lifetime, Jets fans have to be ecstatic that he fell into their laps. With the Jets’ secondary in shambles, they just picked up, according to some experts, the best player in the draft. Personally, I love the pick, and I love Adams already. First of all, CHECK OUT THE SUIT!! And talk about passion. His interview immediately following the selection was filled with raw emotion and the promise to “work his butt off”. Jets General Manager Mike Mccagnan has stuck to the motto ‘draft the best player available’ in the 1st-round. As for the 2nd-round, eh………not so much. So, let us collectively hold our breath until we reach the Jets next pick (39).

How do you feel about the Jets 1st-round draft pick? How do you feel about your teams draft pick? Tell me in the comment section below.

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Corruption in the NFL….Never!!

nfl shield

I want to preface this article with a statement on Domestic Violence. Domestic Violence is a horrible crime.  Domestic Violence is a serious issue that should not be taken lightly by any one at any time.  What Ray Rice did is reprehensible. Domestic Violence is not limited to men abusing women, but in this case that is what happened. I believe that any offense, whether it be a first time offense or not, should be prosecuted to the full extent of the law. Any REAL man would NEVER, no matter what, hit a woman!!!  This issue is prevalent not only in the NFL, but in society, and something needs to be done about it immediately.



You know that book that they forced you to read back in high school?  You know, the one you finished reading and then needed a translator to come and explain it to you.  Yeah, that’s what it’s like trying to figure out the world of sports.  For instance, this Ray Rice/Roger Goodell/NFL situation.  This is a tough story to fully comprehend.  This story has been part of the headlines for the better part of 7 months now, and even to this current day, it feels like we’re rats in a maze and we can’t find our way out.  Doesn’t it??  No, just me?  Okay, anyway, you’re in luck, because I am going to ‘translate’ this situation for you in plain English.  Yes!!


For those of you who don’t know by now and live under that proverbial rock, Ray Rice knocked his then fiancé unconscious in an elevator in The Revel Hotel and Casino in Atlantic City in February.  Rice’s fiancé, Janay Palmer, then married Ray Rice so she couldn’t be forced to testify against her husband if this case ever landed in court.  From there, Roger Goodell and the NFL decided to suspend Ray Rice for 2 games without pay for his actions, which were aired publicly for all the world to see, thanks to the video footage from just outside the elevator.  Rice is seen dragging Palmer from the elevator before being confronted by hotel security.  When the NFL brought about this 2 game suspension, the public was outraged.  Not outraged the way they are now, but outraged that he would only receive a 2 game suspension for allegedly punching his fiancé in the face, while NFL players who are caught smoking marijuana are handed stiffer punishments.

In the past few days, TMZ obtained and released the footage of the actual attack from inside the elevator. Again, for those of you who somehow haven’t seen the video, Rice is seen striking Palmer right in the face with his left fist. Palmer then knocks her head against the railing on the side of the elevator and falls to the ground unconscious. The footage is extremely difficult to watch and has sent the public into a frenzy. Rice was then suspended indefinitely, and his contract was terminated by the Baltimore Ravens. And finally, Roger Goodell is sticking with his initial response. He is claiming that he was unable to obtain the video footage from inside the elevator.

Enter translator….


Ray Rice is a bad guy, who did a very bad thing.  Yes, there are good people who lose their cool and do something wrong, but that’s not what this is.  Ray Rice, as seen in the infamous video, shows no remorse for his actions (as if he has done this before) as he knocks his fiancé unconscious and then continues to drag her along the floor.  His actions are despicable, and he belongs in jail.  Rice’s fiancé is obviously a money hungry, idiot, who looks in the mirror and sees a pile of garbage.  No self respecting human being would go crawling back to a low life like Ray Rice just for the money.  As for Roger Goodell and the NFL, they are idiots too.  Now, this situation could have gone down a few different ways.  Either Goodell saw the video from inside the elevator and then decided to give Rice only a 2 game suspension or he actively tried not to see the video hoping that he wouldn’t have to deal with the ugly truth of the situation.  Which is worse?  Now, I know some of you naïve, born yesterday, suckers believe every word that comes out of a person’s mouth, but trust me, Roger Goodell and the NFL could have seen that video the day after it happened.  With the power the NFL possesses, you have to be the dumbest person in the world to believe Goodell’s line about not being able to obtain the video or even knowing that such a tape existed.  HELLOOOOOOOO, this happened in a casino, you know a place where every inch of every room is covered by security cameras.  Roger Goodell lied to you.  Numerous times.  My favorite part of all this is the public’s reaction to this situation.  People act as if Ray Rice is the first person to ever hit a woman.  They act like this hasn’t been a serious problem since the dawn of time.  They also act like they’re surprised that the all mighty NFL shield could be corrupt.  News Flash: The NFL has been corrupt forever, just like the NCAA.  This shouldn’t be breaking news to anyone.  Also, I love how the punishment and the reaction changed once we saw the video.  Did anything change between the release of the 1st video and the 2nd?  Nope.  We all knew that Ray Rice punched his fiancé in the face and dragged her out of that elevator.  Sure, the severity of what we saw on the tape could have varied, but the reaction to the 2nd tape should have been the reaction the entire time.  The Ravens organization and the NFL really showed their incompetence throughout this entire ordeal.  And now, we must wait for more of this story to unfold.  In the coming days I’m sure we’ll find out that Goodell saw the video from day one, and was dumb enough to think that it wouldn’t get out.  But for now, I guess we all have to stay tuned.


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One Liner Friday’s

Welcome back to another Friday edition of One Liners. Here you will find the past week in sports wrapped up in one line and one line only. Enjoy!

I hope the Nets won’t mind that Jason Kidd has to take a leave of absence from coaching to serve jail time for his pending DWI case.

Just because Tim Tebow plays for the New England Patriots doesn’t mean he’s all of a sudden going to be good at football.

Tom Brady doesn’t have any magic dust to sprinkle on Tebow’s arm that’s going to make him accurate.

What I’m trying to say is my mother throws a football better than Tim Tebow.

You might be laughing but that’s no joke; mom dukes has a cannon.

So Serena Williams is decent at tennis huh?

Rafael Nadal should only play tournaments on clay, and any other tournament he is asked to play in he should kindly reply, no gracias.

When one of your finals games goes to triple overtime and it’s not even the lead story on ESPN, you know your sports in trouble (sorry hockey).

Hey Roger Goodell you know what you should do, you should make a public statement that offends an entire race of people, yeah yeah do that, that’s smart.

Breaking News: Mark McGwire eats entire Diamondbacks pitching staff in one bite during benches clearing brawl.

So much for players policing themselves huh?

Yasiel Puig!!

Yes, Jaromir freaking Jagr is still in the NHL, and no he’s not just riding the bench to say he made a comeback, he played 33 minutes Wednesday night.

And yes, Jagr was that player known as that other guy who played on the Penguins with Lemieux back when you were a kid.

Does Thiago Splitter know how tall he is??

In the words of Bill Walton, “Throw it down big man, throw it down!”

Hey Dwyane Wade: are you hurt or are you not hurt, are you finished or are you not finished?

By the way, that kid Sebastian De La Cruz who sings the National Anthem at Spurs games is awesome.

(Read this one in that Spongebob narrator voice) 18 innings later……

The Yankees and Athletics love baseball so much they decided to play 2 games in 1.

Can I get a little golf here?

For those of you who don’t know (and I’m pretty sure that’s most of you), golf’s U.S. Open started on Thursday, sort of.

If it ever stops raining we might get to watch some golf.

I want to take a second to wish a very Happy Father’s Day to all the dads out there.

Sleep in, watch TV on the couch, go play golf, eat and drink whatever you want.

Whatever you do just make sure you enjoy your day.

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