Can The New York Jets Do Anything Right?

WHAT?? The Jets did WHAT?!?!?! This has become a common response as a Jets fan lately. I will NEVER understand the New York Jets. They literally do the exact opposite of what they should be doing at all times. For those of you who don’t know what I’m talking about, the first round of the 2013 NFL draft took place on Thursday night. The Jets as usual made a debacle out of a pretty simple process. Let’s delve right in shall we? As bad as the Jets were last year, their strength was definitely their defense. Even without Darrelle Revis last season the Jets secondary was ranked 2nd in the NFL (in terms of passing yards given up). Plus, all the Jets do is draft defensive tackles that don’t amount to anything. However, this year I figured with a new general manager and the glaring need for offensive players, the Jets might actually draft with a purpose. They have more holes to fill offensively than any other team in the league, and with the 9th and 13th overall picks you could plug up some of those holes right away. So what did they do with their 2 first round picks??? They drafted 2 defensive players of course. What else did you expect? Usually when it comes to sports, I can put my thinking cap on and figure out why something happened. I, for the life of me can not figure out these draft picks made by the New York Jets. The only thing I can think of is that the Jets are actively trying to be a sideshow to stay in the news and remain profitable, but even that doesn’t make any sense. I honestly can’t comprehend the decisions made by this franchise. They are clearly in rebuilding mode, but I think everyone knows that except for them. Let me tell you what they should have done last night:

You have the 9th and 13th pick in a draft that is not filled with an abundance of superstars, especially offensively. Your only need defensively is either a linebacker or a defensive end that can really get after the quarterback. Offensively you are in need of a quarterback, a running back, at least one wide receiver, a tight end, and at least one offensive linemen. With the 9th pick they should have drafted either of the players who were selected 10th and 11th last night; Chance Warmack or D.J. Fluker. Both played at Alabama on what was the best offensive line in the nation last year. Both are NFL ready and can instantly provide protection for your quarterback and improve your run game. But no, instead the Jets draft a cornerback (who is coming off labrum surgery, oh no I’m sorry he’s coming off FIVE SURGERIES) to immediately replace Darrelle Revis. Good idea!! His name by the way is Dee Milliner. If healthy he can be pretty good, but cornerback is simply not the Jets primary concern. Then what transpired at the 13th pick can only be described as a train wreck in slow motion. Have I mentioned that the Jets need offensive players? No? Okay good. What they should have done is trade the 13th pick for 2 picks at the end of the first round or into the beginning of the second round. There weren’t any offensive skill players that you could have justified taking with the 13th pick. So, if they had traded down, they could have drafted any combination of a running back, a wide receiver, a tight end, or a quarterback. I simply don’t understand taking a defensive tackle for the third consecutive draft. And if you ask me I don’t think Sheldon Richardson is even the best player at his position from this draft. Do these drafts seem eerily familiar to you? Find theory below:

Ah Rex Ryan, how I hate thee. I don’t know if it’s true, but the consensus is that Ryan was the “mastermind” behind these picks. If that’s the case this infuriates me more than I can ever express in words. Rex Ryan isn’t going to be the coach after this coming season. So why in the world would he be allowed to handpick players for the Jets? Something stinks here, but I’m not sure what it is. For the Jets sake and for the sake of Jets fans everywhere, I hope they draft a slew of offensive players with the rest of their picks. If they don’t I might have to jump ship and find a new team to root for. I’m only half kidding because loyalty in sports is literally all you have as a fan. But let me tell you that as each day passes it is becoming exponentially harder to root for the Jets. Like, love, or hate the Jets draft choices so far? Tell me about it in the comment section below….

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