DaveTalksSports Podcast – Episode 4: “When In Doubt, Yell At The Mets!!”

I am your host, Dave Ettinger, of CBS Sports Radio Network, and in today’s episode I yell at the New York Mets and break down the latest moves by LeBron James and the Los Angeles Lakers.

One thought on “DaveTalksSports Podcast – Episode 4: “When In Doubt, Yell At The Mets!!”

  1. Loved today’s Podcast Dave! I agree, The Mets have been pathetic for way too long. It’s a shame that Tom Seaver aka Tom Terrific has been diagnosed with dementia. I know from personal experience the devastation one feels when dealing with this horrible debilitating disease. Agreed that the honor of naming the street is long overdue and it is especially upsetting to know that they revealed Seaver Way when the Mets were not playing at home! Let’s all YELL at the Mets!

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