A WIN For The Mets?!?!

Today, I speak to you Mets’ fans.

Today, I’m not going to ridicule, insult, or poke fun.

Today, I simply ask you to rejoice.

I wanted to let the dust settle before I reacted to the sale of the New York Mets because “don’t count your chickens before they hatch” carries a lot of weight these days.

It was announced Friday, October 30th, 2020, that Steve Cohen’s purchase of the Mets would be approved by Major League Baseball’s Ownership committee (26-4). I want to talk to those 4 idiots..I have so many questions.

Cohen, who already held a minority stake in the team, will now purchase a 95% stake, becoming the majority owner of the New York Mets (yes, the other 5% will belong to the Wilpon and Katz families).

So, long disgruntled Mets’ fans, what say you?!?!

Happiest day of your sports’ lives? Waiting for the other shoe to drop? This won’t change anything, the Mets will find a way to screw this up?

No matter the side of the fence you reside, I want to hear from you…

Outside of their World Series championships in 1969 and 1986, I think this is the BEST DAY in franchise history. No, that’s not hyperbole or exaggeration. Just google Steve Cohen’s net worth, add that to the fact that he’s a lifelong Mets’ fan, add that to the fact that he’s already agreed to restore all Mets’ employee’s pre-pandemic salaries, and add THAT to the fact that he’s already committed to donate millions to the New York City Economic Development Corporation to keep the surrounding Citi Field areas from crumbling into nothingness, and tell me where you still see ‘gloom and doom’.


Now, impatient people, clean out your ears and listen. The full fruits of your labor will not be seen right away. Yes, things will get better. Yes, the Mets will probably win another World Series in your lifetime. But, it won’t happen next season. So, sit back (for once), relax (for once), and enjoy (for once).

Mets’ fans, tell me how you really feel in the comment section below…

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“What The Hell Are The Mets Doing?!?!” (DaveTalksSports Podcast – Ep. #28)

What in the name of all things holy are the Mets doing??

Mets’ fans somehow think trading for Marcus Stroman is a good idea, and that confuses me more than anything.

Trevor Bauer needs professional, psychological help. I’m not kidding.

If history has taught us anything, the Yankees are going to be fine.

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