The Warriors Vs. The LeBrons: Part IV

It was ALWAYS going to be this way.

For those who jumped on the Celtics/Rockets’ bandwagon (you know who you are)….please hang your heads in shame NOW. Both “favorites” stared down a 3-2 series lead, giving themselves two chances to win one game. But neither, had a chance.



Call it scrappy. Call it ugly. Call it whatever you want, LeBron James willed his scrap heap of teammates to another NBA Finals. His 9th to be exact (8th in a row). Game 7 resembled a different time in the NBA. A time when there was no shot clock. Because nothing screams awesome like an 8-6 victory.

The Cleveland LeBrons beat the Boston Celtics 87-79 in Game 7 of the Eastern Conference Finals.

LeBron did what LeBron does: 35 points, 15 rebounds, 9 assists and 2 blocks 

One of those blocks (as pictured above) was ridiculous!! While Terry Rozier has serious hops for a little guy, he should have thought twice before trying to throw the hammer down on LeBron. When a picture doesn’t do it justice, we go to the video tape:

If we’re being honest, and we always are, that was a foul. The refs clearly didn’t have the balls to blow their whistle there. Either way, all I can picture is Terry Rozier in a dark video room ALL SUMMER. There may be crying. And there may be a half empty bottle of scotch….

While the Celtics will be watching the NBA Finals from home, they’ll be back. Their core is too young, and too talented, to be kept down for too long. Jayson Tatum and Jaylen Brown’s primes are going to coincide with the (eventual) decline of LeBron James. That bodes well for Celtics’ faithful.

The Warriors’ Dynasty

steph curry 2

Again, those who thought the Golden State Warriors were going to be denied their 4th consecutive trip to the NBA Finals, are silly.

I don’t want to hear about Chris Paul’s injury. That’s NOT why the Warriors are representing the Western Conference in the NBA Finals. The Warriors are representing the Western Conference in the NBA Finals because the Rockets shot 7-for-44 from three-point range in Game 7.


That’s impressively bad.

Trevor Ariza won’t soon forget his Game 7. Ariza went 0-for-9 from three (0-for-12 overall). Eric Gordon’s 3-for-12, and James Harden’s 3-for-13 didn’t help either.

harden sucks

The Warriors’ core-four did what they do, combining for 90 points, in a 101-92 victory.

And now, they’ll take on the one-man band people call the Cleveland Cavaliers. This series is not going to be entertaining, or close. Each Warriors’ victory will be by an average of 20 points. LeBron automatically buys his team one victory. If he goes INSANE, he’ll grab a second win on his way out the door. But the LeBrons LITERALLY have NO CHANCE here.


Does LeBron stand a chance?? How many games will he win?? Post your crazy predictions in the comment section below.

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