If You Were Looking For Close Games, You Came to The Wrong Place

It was only a matter of time.

Stephen Curry, with his three by his side, would not be held down forever.

LeBron James, and losing streaks, don’t often collide in the same sentence.

The Conference Finals are slowly, but surely, taking form. And soon (but not too soon), LeBrons Vs. Warriors Part IV will hit the big screen.

Well, that was close….


If you’re a Houston Rockets fan, and you turned off game three early, you didn’t miss much. There was no effort. No energy. No EPIC comeback. Instead, a 41-point drubbing.

Steph Curry led the way with 35 points, hitting 5-of-12 three pointers. After combining for 34 points, on 3-of-12 from three in games one and two, Curry found himself. His 18-point, 3rd quarter outburst reminded the world the Warriors have ownership rights over the 3rd quarter. If they were smart, they’d ©,®, or ™ the 3rd quarter. 

Speaking of numbers:

41, 20, 16, 2 

The Warriors, 41-point victory, 126-85, marked the largest playoff victory in Warriors’ franchise history.

Kevin Durant dropped 25 points Sunday, bringing his consecutive 20-point playoff game streak to 20.

Sunday’s victory was the Warriors’ 16th consecutive home, playoff win, breaking the Chicago Bulls (’90-’91) record.

And 2. The Warriors are just 2 victories away from their 4th consecutive NBA Finals.

Remember when you thought the Rockets had a chance in this series?! Silly you….

LeBron Brings Fanatics Down From The Ledge

lebron block

LeBron James doesn’t lose three games in a row very often — especially in the Conference Finals.

Game three of the Eastern Conference Finals was played Saturday, after an inexplicable three consecutive days off. This was one of the more predictable outcomes in NBA Playoffs history. Anyone who thought the Boston Celtics were going to march into LeBron’s house, after three days off, and back LeBron into a corner, were sorely mistaken. Or they were really high on drugs. Either way.

The Cleveland LeBron’s handled their business, putting a 30-point whoopin’ on the Celtics, 116-86. There was a LeBron teammate sighting (extremely rare), as five other LeBrons put up double digits.

If only LeBron’s teammates were consistent. Think of the possibilities.

LeBron’s work isn’t done. Tuesday night he’ll even up the series at two. Somewhere in the 2nd half the momentum will shift, and the young Celtics will realize taking down LeBron isn’t as easy as it seemed.


How many games will it take for LeBron to win this series?? Will the Rockets win another game?? Post your predictions in the comment section below.

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