World 2, LeBron 0

Tuesday night fixed my relationship….with my couch.

See, my couch and I haven’t been spending a lot of time together lately. Oh, I’ve been watching sports, just not from the comfort of my favorite a** groove. Life, as they say, is getting in the way (a beautiful thing). Well Tuesday, thunderstorm and all, brought rest, relaxation, and a historic triple-double to my living room.


LeBron’s teammates suck!!

LeBron gives everything, every night. Unfortunately, with this cast of characters he calls teammates, it’s (too) often not enough. Now, you can blame LeBron for that too (if you hate him), and assume LeBron constructed this roster. But let’s pretend (just until the end of this article) the general manager isn’t a figurehead.

LeBron James recorded his 3rd postseason 40-point triple-double Tuesday night. That’s a record.


42 points, 12 assists, 10 rebounds, and 1 block wasn’t enough to steal home-court advantage from the Boston Celtics. Maybe it’s because LeBron and Kevin Love combined for 64 points, while their nine teammates combined for 30 points. If only there was video evidence of an “expert” crowning the Cavaliers ‘Champs of the East’ at the trade deadline….

(Watch the first two minutes)

If Stephen A. Smith mentioned Rodney Hood’s length, athleticism, and defensive ability one more time I would have puked everywhere.

Tuesday night’s game, in a nutshell:

The LeBrons had three players score in double digits. The Celtics had six.

LeBron taking a Jayson Tatum shoulder to the face didn’t help either….

It’s LeBron against the world. Plain and simple. JR Smith had one of his classic 0-7 games. Larry Nance Jr. didn’t score. And Jordan Clarkson didn’t even play. The result: 107-94, Celtics. 2-0, Celtics.

This series, by no means, is over. As a wise man once told me, “A playoff series doesn’t start until a home team loses a game.”

Mediocrity Is A Way Of Life


The NBA Draft Lottery was selected Tuesday night. My New York Knicks stayed put, in the ninth spot. Good, but not great. Even if they had the #1 pick, which went to the Phoenix Suns, they’d screw it up. The success of the Knicks is dependent on competent leadership, not high draft picks. As long as they’re devoid of the former, they’ll forever dominate the ninth pick in the draft.

Here is the complete list of the NBA Draft Lottery.

While the Suns are happy, they sported the league’s worst record, so they shot even-par Tuesday night. The big winner was the Sacramento Kings. The Kings, who finished tied for the sixth worst record, landed the #2 pick. Now, all they have to do is stay out of their own way.


Will the LeBrons still win this series?? Who should be the #1 pick in the NBA Draft?? Tell me in the comment section below.

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