Hey New York, Get Your S*** Together!!

New York.

It’s literally the greatest place on earth. It’s science. A fact.

Ya know, I suddenly understand why the rest of the world hates us….

Over the past decade, New York’s elite status in the sports world has diminished. The championship drought New York is experiencing is unacceptable:

Jets – 1969

NFL Historical Imagery

Knicks – 1973


Islanders – 1983

islanders stanley cup

Mets – 1986

mets world series

Rangers – 1994


Yankees – 2009

Giants – 2011

Like you, I’m unimpressed. **Photo Album is for nostalgic purposes only. You don’t need photographs of the 2009 Yankees and 2011 Giants!!

(And no, the Bills, Devils, and Nets don’t count!!)

Now I know Cincinnati (28 years), Minnesota (27 years), and Washington D.C. (27 years) will tell us to cry a river, but this is New York. New York shouldn’t go seven years, and counting, without a championship.

With the Knicks, Islanders, Rangers, Jets, and Giants missing the postseason by wild margins this year, all of New York’s eggs rest in the Yankees’ Easter basket.


With World Series or bust expectations for the Yankees, panic started to reverberate throughout the city when they got off to a 5-6 start. I’ve said it before, and I’ll say it again: Panic, in April, is as absurd as thinking the Cleveland Browns will win a Super Bowl in your lifetime. Yes, that goes for newborn babies too.  

Fresh off a series win (three of four) against the Toronto Blue Jays, have the Yankees turned a corner??

They closed out their four-game series with a 5-1 victory over former Yankee, Jaime Garcia and now stand at 11-9. Luis Severino was fantastic — again. And Yankees’ top-prospect, Gleyber Torres, made his Major League debut.

Toronto Blue Jays v New York Yankees

They’ll look to carry this momentum into a four-game series (at home) against the Minnesota Twins. Another series win would be optimal, as their next 13 come against the Los Angeles Angels, Houston Astros, Cleveland Indians, and Boston Red Sox. Yikes.

Speaking of the Red Sox, the only time you’ll find them in the loss column is via a no-hitter.

Warning: Objective Yankee fan moment coming….

The Red Sox got robbed during Sean Manaea’s no-hitter Saturday. Andrew Benintendi avoided a tag while running to first base, but was called out for being out of the base path (despite being originally called safe). Watch the play, courtesy of Baseball Rules Academy, here. Technically, a base runner can’t go three feet or more outside the base path, but technically, you can’t jaywalk….

Anyway, the moral of the story is, baseball is an incredibly long season. The Yankees dug themselves a nice size hole, but they have 142 more games to dig themselves out.

Everyone relax. Except Boston. You people panic. All day. Every day.


Have the Yankees turned a corner?? Or is this fools gold?? Tell me in the comment section below.

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