Giants Pull The Plug On Season….A Month After It Died

reese and mcadoo

It’s about time!!

The New York Giants finally came to their senses, albeit a month late, parting ways with their general manager and head coach. As of Monday, Jerry Reese and Ben McAdoo’s services are no longer needed at MetLife Stadium. Giants’ owners, John Mara and Steve Tisch, confirmed the firings in a news conference Monday afternoon. Defensive coordinator, Steve Spagnuolo, will be named interim head coach, and assistant general manager, Kevin Abrams, will be named interim general manager. While I would have fired Reese and McAdoo 5 weeks ago, the blame for this season’s dumpster fire shouldn’t be placed on their shoulders. The buck stops with the owners.

The Giants organization deserves an Oscar. They’ve fooled everyone for a long time. It’s actually impressive. See, everyone places the Giants organization on this imaginary golden pedestal, and adds the prefix ‘classy’ to their name. Yeah, not so much. You don’t have to dig that deep to see past that pretty little façade. John Mara’s grandfather, Tim Mara, purchased the Giants for $500 in 1925, making it the most sound investment in the history of the world.

However, does anyone know how Tim Mara made a living in 1925??

He was a bookie!! If you think the gambling epidemic and mob ties to the NFL in the 1920’s weren’t intertwined with Mara and the Giants, you were born yesterday.

The Giants also enabled Lawrence Taylor’s behavior for over a decade. Taylor, one of the best players in NFL history, was constantly in trouble off the field. But, as long as he produced on the field, the Giants tolerated his drug abuse and other problems.

And let’s not forget the “mis”handling of the Josh Brown domestic violence issue. The Giants knew exactly what their kicker did (in abusing his wife), but decided to sweep it under the rug to avoid negative publicity. It wasn’t until the truth leaked to the public that the Giants suspended Brown indefinitely.

That pedestal is starting to look rusty….

And then, there’s their present day folly. Because nothing says classy like dragging the face of your franchise through the mud. Then backing up and driving over him. Then putting the car in drive and running him over again.

What John Mara allowed Jerry Reese and Ben McAdoo to do to Eli Manning was practically criminal. To rip Eli’s consecutive games played streak (210 games) from his hands, for just 1 game, was painful to watch (even for a non-Giants fan). Especially for Geno Smith. And now, the Giants, at 2-10, will hand the reigns back to Eli Manning. WOW!! Just — WOW!!

Here’s John Mara’s sorry attempt at pointing the finger at himself:

“You ought to stop blaming Ben and Jerry on that. If you want to blame anyone on that, blame me. I certainly had the power to overrule it if I wanted to. I chose not to do it.”

I already blamed you John!! But thanks for giving me permission….


What do you think of the New York Giants?? Are they a classy organization?? Or just another group of money hungry, selfish, billionaires??

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2 thoughts on “Giants Pull The Plug On Season….A Month After It Died

  1. We are all greedy in one way or another .. its human nature .. this world would be a different place if the power of greed could be channeled by man into something else like generosity … but alas business is primarily driven by greed so its intrinsically against its nature to “do the right thing” in favor of the almighty dollar. As you point out its only a matter of time for that ugly greedy head to pop out past this mask of “classy”. In this case i think is was more stupidity than anything else.

    the rickster

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