Alabama Is The Chosen One


When the dust settled on Saturday night, there was only 1 decision to make:

A 2-Loss Team Vs. A Team that didn’t even play in its own conference championship.

No matter the direction the college football playoff committee went, 1 would rejoice, the other would use the committee’s name in vain.

Ohio State took on undefeated Wisconsin in the Big Ten Championship. Presumably, if Wisconsin had won, the committee would’ve been hard pressed not to put a 13-0 team, from a Power 5 Conference, in the playoff (strength of schedule be damned). However, Ohio State handled their business, serving Wisconsin their 1st loss, 27-21.

And then there’s Alabama. The Crimson Tide. Nick Saban’s playground. College football’s gold standard. Well, you get the point. Until their final game of the season, they sat atop the college football rankings, sporting an undefeated record. A 26-14 loss @ Auburn would be their 1 and only blemish on the season. Due to their “weak” schedule, doubt crept in as they watched the SEC Championship from home.

Alabama is in the college football playoff because they’re Alabama. Yes, they only lost 1 game, but it’s hard to fall back on their record when their signature win is a 31-24 road win against Mississippi State. On the other hand, while Ohio State has 2 signature wins over top-4 teams, they also lost 2 games. Let’s just say it’s tough to overcome a 55-24 beat down from an extremely mediocre Iowa team.

Speaking of bad losses, the top ranked Clemson Tigers lone loss on the season came at the hands of Syracuse (27-24). This is, by far, the worst loss of the 4 teams in the playoff, yet they remain #1. This speaks to the parody that continues to creep into college football. Which speaks to my proposal of an 8-team playoff. I’ve been screaming it all year. It just makes sense.

More games = more money. Period.

Until that happens, were stuck with a 4-game playoff:

#1 – Clemson                                                                                  #2 – Oklahoma

vs.                                                                                                     vs.

#4 – Alabama                                                                                 #3 – Georgia

(New Year’s Day @ 8:45 P.M)                                                   (New Year’s Day @ 5:00 P.M.) 

*National Championship Will Be Played on January 8th, 2018 @ 8:00 P.M.

At least we don’t have to wait a month for these games….


Did the college football committee get it right?? Please post your opinion in the comment section below.

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