Giants Pull The Plug On Season….A Month After It Died

reese and mcadoo

It’s about time!!

The New York Giants finally came to their senses, albeit a month late, parting ways with their general manager and head coach. As of Monday, Jerry Reese and Ben McAdoo’s services are no longer needed at MetLife Stadium. Giants’ owners, John Mara and Steve Tisch, confirmed the firings in a news conference Monday afternoon. Defensive coordinator, Steve Spagnuolo, will be named interim head coach, and assistant general manager, Kevin Abrams, will be named interim general manager. While I would have fired Reese and McAdoo 5 weeks ago, the blame for this season’s dumpster fire shouldn’t be placed on their shoulders. The buck stops with the owners.

The Giants organization deserves an Oscar. They’ve fooled everyone for a long time. It’s actually impressive. See, everyone places the Giants organization on this imaginary golden pedestal, and adds the prefix ‘classy’ to their name. Yeah, not so much. You don’t have to dig that deep to see past that pretty little façade. John Mara’s grandfather, Tim Mara, purchased the Giants for $500 in 1925, making it the most sound investment in the history of the world.

However, does anyone know how Tim Mara made a living in 1925??

He was a bookie!! If you think the gambling epidemic and mob ties to the NFL in the 1920’s weren’t intertwined with Mara and the Giants, you were born yesterday.

The Giants also enabled Lawrence Taylor’s behavior for over a decade. Taylor, one of the best players in NFL history, was constantly in trouble off the field. But, as long as he produced on the field, the Giants tolerated his drug abuse and other problems.

And let’s not forget the “mis”handling of the Josh Brown domestic violence issue. The Giants knew exactly what their kicker did (in abusing his wife), but decided to sweep it under the rug to avoid negative publicity. It wasn’t until the truth leaked to the public that the Giants suspended Brown indefinitely.

That pedestal is starting to look rusty….

And then, there’s their present day folly. Because nothing says classy like dragging the face of your franchise through the mud. Then backing up and driving over him. Then putting the car in drive and running him over again.

What John Mara allowed Jerry Reese and Ben McAdoo to do to Eli Manning was practically criminal. To rip Eli’s consecutive games played streak (210 games) from his hands, for just 1 game, was painful to watch (even for a non-Giants fan). Especially for Geno Smith. And now, the Giants, at 2-10, will hand the reigns back to Eli Manning. WOW!! Just — WOW!!

Here’s John Mara’s sorry attempt at pointing the finger at himself:

“You ought to stop blaming Ben and Jerry on that. If you want to blame anyone on that, blame me. I certainly had the power to overrule it if I wanted to. I chose not to do it.”

I already blamed you John!! But thanks for giving me permission….


What do you think of the New York Giants?? Are they a classy organization?? Or just another group of money hungry, selfish, billionaires??

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Patriots Take Their Talents South Of The Border

Mexico Patriots Raiders Football

Hola NFL!

Bienvenidos a Mexico!

On Sunday, the people of Mexico, welcomed the NFL with open arms. For the 2nd consecutive season, a November matchup was slated to be played in Estadio Azteca (a famed soccer stadium in the heart of Mexico City). Last season, the Oakland Raiders beat the Houston Texans 27-20. This season, Los Raiders would return to battle the New England Patriots. Unfortunately, the Raiders left their battle at home. The Patriots jumped out to a slight advantage. Because nothing says competitive like 30 unanswered points!! The Patriots thought it’d be a good idea to make the score look respectable, so they let the Raiders score a touchdown in the 4th quarter.

La gente de Mexico got to see the best the NFL has to offer; the New England Patriots. Although the words hate and Patriots often collide in the same sentence in my household, the word respect is usually mixed in as well.

Tom Brady is the best quarterback of all-time.

And it’s not even that close.

Tom Brady’s afternoon in la Ciudad de Mexico: 30-37, 339 yards, 3 touchdowns, and 0 interceptions

Tom Brady, at 40 years old, is still the best quarterback in the NFL. After a 2-2 start, the Patriots have now won 6 straight games. They’re the best team in the AFC and favorites to represent their conference in the Super Bowl — again. The Patriots will look to follow-up their 33-8 victory over the Raiders with a beat down of the Miami Dolphins next Sunday.

Only one question remains: When will father time catch up to Tom Brady?? 


As for the rest of Week 11, blow out or overtime loss, there was no in between.


I’m still not sure how, but the New York Giants beat the Kansas City Chiefs (12-9). Being the ugliest game of the year didn’t hurt, but the Giants have no business winning football games. The Giants scored the game’s lone touchdown in the 2nd quarter on an Orleans Darkwa run. In typical G-Men fashion, Aldrick Rosas missed the extra point. They actually could have won this game handily if it weren’t for the dumbest trick play known to man. On the Giants 1st offensive possession, they enjoyed a nearly 7 minute drive, down to the Chiefs’ 18-yard line. They inexplicably thought that was the right place, and time, to let their running back attempt a pass. It’s not like there were 50 mph wind gusts at MetLife Stadium or anything….It’s not Shane Vereen’s fault, but his pass was picked off at the 1-yard line.

Luckily for the Giants, they won the turnover battle (3-1), and won their 2nd game of the year. They’ll get back to their losing ways when they take on the Washington Redskins on Thanksgiving.

What A Comeback!!

What looked like the upset of the week, turned into the game of the week. Midway through the 3rd quarter, the Washington Redskins jumped out to a 24-13 lead over the New Orleans Saints (in New Orleans). The Redskins would extend their lead to 31-16 with just 5:58 to play. Obviously, the Redskins went into a super prevent defense, allowing an easy touchdown in just 3 minutes and 5 seconds (on 9 yards per play). This is the moment that drives me nuts!! Don’t start playing a soft defense because you’re holding a 15-point lead. Continue doing what helped build that lead in the first place.

The Redskins predictably went 3 and out, only burning 1 minute off the clock. 87 yards and 48 seconds later, the Saints brought the game within 2 points. Alvin Kamara successfully converted the 2-point conversion, sending the game to overtime. The Redskins started with the ball in overtime, but that didn’t help matters. They went backwards 10 yards before punting. 2 runs by Mark Ingram was all it took (31 and 20 yards). Will Lutz drove home a 28-yard field goal for the 34-31 victory. And with the win, the Saints became the 1st team in NFL history to win 8 consecutive games after starting a season 0-2.

Smart Move Brandon Beane!!

Brandon Beane is the general manager of the Buffalo Bills, and he is not very bright. Beane replaced Doug Whaley who was unceremoniously fired in April. Just 7 months into the job, Beane thought it would be a good idea to bench his starting quarterback, Tyrod Taylor for rookie quarterback, Nathan Peterman.

How’d that work out for ya?!

Peterman tied a dubious NFL record on Sunday: Most interceptions in his 1st career start (5). He tied Keith Null who set the record for the St. Louis Rams in 2009. Peterman almost assuredly would have broken the record, for he was pulled for Tyrod Taylor just after halftime. Taylor, who should have never been benched in the first place, put up decent numbers. But it was too little, too late, as the Chargers stomped out the Bills 54-24!!


What were you watching on Sunday?? Would you like to see an NFL team in Mexico City permanently?? Tell me in the comment section below.

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