Joe Girardi Given His Walking Papers


Please pack your things and go. Thank you for your hard work and commitment to our organization.

Now seriously….GET OUT!!

Such is the tale of woe for Joe Girardi. Thursday afternoon, the Yankees confirmed Joe Girardi would not return next season. Girardi’s 4-year, $16 million contract came to an end this year.

Girardi’s Managerial Record:

  • Coached 10 Seasons
  • 910-710 Record (.562 Winning Percentage)
  • 6 Postseason Appearances
  • 1 World Series  

Joe Girardi has been a very good manager for the past decade. He managed 1 All-Star Game (2010), and finished in the top-6 of Manager of the Year voting every year (2009-present). Despite seasons plagued with injury, and enduring a rebuilding year, Girardi extended the Yankees’ streak of consecutive winning seasons to 25.

That’s insane by the way.

He also leaves behind a solid, young team poised to play plenty of October baseball for years to come.

Girardi released a statement via his agent, Steve Mandell:

“With a heavy heart, I come to you because the Yankees have decided not to bring me back. I’d like to thank the Steinbrenner family for believing in me and giving me this wonderful opportunity. I would like to thank Brian Cashman and his staff for hiring me and always trying to improve the team,’’

New York Yankees’ General Manager, Brian Cashman, released a statement of his own:

“I want to thank Joe for his 10 years of hard work and service to this organization. Everything this organization does is done with careful and thorough consideration, and we’ve decided to pursue alternatives for the managerial position.”


Dave’s Take:


There have been conflicting reports and speculation as to why Joe Girardi won’t be returning to the Yankees. Some say Girardi wants to spend more time with his family. Some say they mutually parted ways. Some say Girardi resigned.

All false.

Joe Girardi was fired on Thursday. There’s no need to sugarcoat it. No need to get fancy with our words. No need to say, “no, no, they just didn’t extend his contract….”

I’m so confused as to what that means.

If it were his decision, Girardi would have continued managing the Yankees. I believe, Brian Cashman finally got his way. I don’t think Cashman was ever part of the Girardi fan club. Cashman wants to be in control. He simply wants someone who wants to be controlled. Girardi is not that guy.

Cashman, who is Yankees’ owner Hal Steinbrenner’s right hand man, drew a line in the sand Thursday. There may have even been an ultimatum thrown in there too. And Cashman won. Sorry Joe.

And so, we naturally progress:

Who will be the next manager of the New York Yankees??

I don’t know. Which is another reason why I dislike this decision. If there was a great manager waiting on deck, or you already hand-picked someone to succeed Girardi, I’d feel better than I do right now. Instead, rumblings bring us names like Kevin Long and Tony Pena.


In House

  • Tony Pena (1st Base Coach)
  • Rob Thomson (Bench Coach)
  • Larry Rothschild (Pitching Coach)
  • Al Pedrique (Triple-A Coach)

Outside The Organization

  • Kevin Long
  • Don Mattingly
  • John Farrell
  • Trey Hillman
  • A-Rod

Your guess is as good as mine. In watching Yankees’ games over the past few years, I have a funny feeling about Larry Rothschild. He’s 63 years old, so that may not be the direction the Yankees want to head.

Imagine a world where A-Rod is the manager of the Yankees….


What do you think of Joe Girardi’s departure?? Like it, love it, or hate it?? Who should be the next manager?? Tell me in the comment section below.


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