Adam Silver Drops The Hammer!! (Thor Style)

adam silver

Today, April 29th, 2014, marks a historic day in NBA history.  Adam Silver, the NBA’s new commissioner, held a press conference banning Los Angeles Clippers Owner, Donald Sterling, for LIFE from the NBA.  Silver has also enforced a fine of $2.5 Million; the biggest possible fine allowable by the NBA.  Despite Adam Silver’s obvious nerves and shaky voice in his press conference, I say AMEN to you Adam Silver.  He simply did what HAD to be done.  I honestly did not expect Silver to bring a lifetime ban upon Donald Sterling, but I couldn’t be happier that he did.  There is NO place in the NBA, make that the world, for animals like Donald Sterling.  Now, the other important tidbit of information we received today from this press conference is that the other majority owners in the NBA have the authority to force Sterling to sell The Clippers.  In order to do this there must be a 75% vote amongst the other 29 owners in the NBA (this would translate to 22 out of these 29 owners).  I say that Adam Silver has basically forced the hand of the owners to do just that; force him OUT!!  

              While the result of this press conference is a tremendous step in the right direction, there is more to this situation than meets the eye.  This situation is about equality.  It is about self-respect and human decency.  And now that the NBA has done its part in banning Donald Sterling for life, the players and fans of the great NBA must stand up and do what’s right.  The tough question that you must be asking yourself at this very moment is: What is the right thing to do as a fan or player?  To that I have my opinion that I will express here.  Sports, and basketball more specifically, while just a game, represents much more than that.  Basketball gives people hope and creates unity among many different groups of people.  Every player in the NBA, whether black, white, or any other color, can band together to create change.  The players in the NBA can make a difference if they stick together.  I don’t know individual players opinions in the NBA, but I’d like to think that most human beings feel that Sterling’s point of view is completely irrational and unacceptable in any walk of life.  I believe that the players of the NBA need to stand up together and make an even stronger statement than Adam Silver and the NBA already did.  Every player in the playoffs should take time before every game to lock arms and stand together as one.  They should show bigots like Sterling that they are above the scum of the earth like him.  They should show everyone in the world that blacks, whites, and any other race of people can and should live together in harmony.  Anyone and everyone in the public eye should stand up to people like Sterling and voice their opinions.

             Now, we wait for Sterling’s response (if he has one).  What he should do is sell his team tomorrow, move to the middle of nowhere, and die, out of the public eye.  What he will probably do is sue the ex-girlfriend (no I will not mention her name because she is simply a prostitute with no values) who leaked the tapes, and fight this to the bitter end.  Either way, he will die in the near future as a hated racist.  Today, as I said earlier, is a historic day in NBA history.  I applaud Adam Silver and his team of people for doing the right thing today.  He has forced the hand of the owners to rid the league of Donald Sterling.  Don’t think so?  Trust me.  If any of the 29 other owners in the NBA vote NOT to force Sterling out, they will be in a world of hurt and viewed in a very negative light.  Bye-Bye Donald Sterling.  Enjoy your extra warm seat next to John Rocker and Marge Schott for eternity.           

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5 thoughts on “Adam Silver Drops The Hammer!! (Thor Style)

  1. WOW David. You really packed a punch a K-O to old Donny Boy – No not Danny Boy! You can put the bag pipes away now! I mean Donald the “Tarnished” Sterling.
    I agree with you 100% that there is absolutely no room in any profession or walk of life for racism or bigotry. But…. now hold your horses before you jump down my throat….should a private conversation, regardless of how horrific it may or may not be, that was obtained illegally without the “guilty” party’s knowledge be the basis for losing one’s livelihood? If this happened to anyone else in the private sector ( not a major legal sports team) would they too be forced out of their job? Banned from their profession? Forced to pay a huge monetary sum as restitution?
    I pose these questions not to have others think that I think it is ok to use any form of racist epitaphs but to really get a conversation going about our fundamental rights as human beings: our constitutional right to free speech.
    Don’t hate me because I am asking questions. Just really think there is way more to this story than meets the eye.
    P.S. Just thinking that maybe a Hall of Shame should be started staring the incomparable lunatic Marge the “Shut Your Mouth Schott”, John “Off His Rocker” Rocker, The Georgia Peach ( for those of you who don’t know who that is – Ty “and the Giant Peach” Cobb) and new inductee Donald “The Tarnished” Sterling!!!!


    1. While I would like to agree with you, the NBA has its own set of rules and bylaws. What may seem like a harsh punishment in everyday society or even backwards (when discussing being able to force someone to sell their business), this is the way the NBA works. The players and owners and everyone inside this society knows these things going in. And as for his livelihood, I think Sterling will be alright, sleeping with his $1.9 billion dollars in his coffin. I’m not here to judge this obviously racist individual, just trying to shed some light on the subject and show everyone that this is what the NBA HAD to do. Thanks for the comment as always and keep them coming!!


  2. Utterances mad in a private conversation, and illegally taped, no matter how heinous, should not determine one’s fate. I agree that Sterling is tarnished, and he should be banned from the league for previous racially based comments and actions, but not based on this one. Instead of being forced to sell his team at a profit, he should suffer from poor attendance and reduced endorsements. Then he might learn a lesson.


    1. Unfortunately, that wouldn’t work in the NBA. If allowed to keep the team, his money is already made, and his money continues to make more money than most of us could ever dream of. While money certainly does make the world go round, even losing most of his corporate sponsorships wouldn’t hurt Sterling’s wallet enough to make a difference. What the NBA did, like I mentioned in the article, was force the hand of the owners to vote him out. They have to because you can’t be that owner who sides with him and decides not to kick him out. You’d be tarnished. And while this woman who taped him illegally obviously did something wrong as well, it doesn’t matter. The NBA has its own rules and whether they make sense, such as the laws we abide by everyday, is irrelevant. It’s just like the contracts that these guys make. Are they reasonable and justifiable in reality? Of course not. No one should make $300 million to play the game of baseball or basketball, but this isn’t reality, it’s sports reality.



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