The WAIT, Is OVER!!!!

To the streets Washington, it’s time to celebrate!!

The Washington Capitals and their fans can finally breathe a sigh of relief — and rejoice.

After 43 looong years of pain, anguish, heartache, blood, sweat, and tears (oh the tears), the Washington Capitals are Stanley Cup champions (4-3). Capitals’ fans could be heard, seemingly everywhere, chanting, “We got the cup!” and “Ovi! Ovi!”.

Although the Capitals won four consecutive games to close out the Stanley Cup Finals, this series was a battle of attrition. After eleven lead changes, and two one-goal victories, the Capitals proved too much for the Las Vegas Golden Knights. Capitals’ goaltender, Braden Holtby, outplayed his counterpart Marc-Andre Fleury. While Fleury was the primary reason for the Golden Knights’ Stanley Cup Finals appearance in their inaugural season, he would let up the final, decisive goal with 7:37 left to play. A goal that squeaked through Fleury’s legs, only to be slammed home by Lars Eller.

And then, there’s “Ovi”….

2018 NHL Stanley Cup Final - Game Five

Alexander Ovechkin’s impressive career is now a complete career. In his 13th season, and 10th playoff appearance, Alexander Ovechkin can now add Stanley Cup champion to his surname. Ovechkin’s 668th career goal would be a 2nd period, power-play goal. It was his 15th goal and 27th point of the playoffs, earning him the Conn Smythe Award (Playoff MVP).

I think it’s safe to say there’s plenty of vodka being passed around Ovechkin’s home-town; Moscow, Russia.


Washington D.C., Virginia, Maryland, and Capitals’ fans everywhere, it’s time to celebrate (when the hangover subsides). While there is no official date for the Capitals’ parade, owner Ted Leonsis, is already expecting “a parade bigger than people expect”.

Oh boy!

Well, I guess there are worse things roaming the streets of Washington D.C. than hundreds of thousands of drunk, hockey fans….


Are you happy the Washington Capitals broke their 43 year championship drought?? Express your feelings in the comment section below.

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“You Blew IT!!!!”

The NBA is stupid.

How can you win by 41 points on Sunday, and lose by 3 points on Tuesday?! The answer SHOULD be, you can’t.

Warriors Collapse

you blew it

Game four of the Western Conference Finals was played Tuesday night. With a 2-1 lead, the Golden State Warriors, at home, were looking to secure a commanding series lead. After jumping out to a 12-0 lead nearly halfway through the 1st quarter, that looked like a certainty. If only the Warriors knew the NBA gods were about to stuff them into a locker.

Kevin Durant, Stephen Curry, and Klay Thompson collectively went ice cold. They shot a combined 23-for-63 from the field. That’s 36.5%. That’s not good.

warriors lose

Despite their lackluster performance, they returned to Warrior form, if only for 12 minutes. They scored 34 points in the 3rd quarter. Like I told you Monday, the Warriors should ©, ®, or ™ the 3rd quarter. However, when you score 30 points in the 2nd and 4th quarters combined, you don’t often win basketball games. 95-92, not Golden State.

Game five will be played in Houston on Thursday @ 9:00 P.M. EST on TNT. Expect a bounce back performance from Golden State.

Matt Harvey Sucks A Little Bit Less Than He Used To


Matt Harvey landed in the win column Tuesday.

Allow me to repeat myself: Matt Harvey landed in the WIN column Tuesday!!

This is the part when Mets fans throw things at their wall. Now, I know it’s been just three games, but Matt Harvey, all of a sudden, resembles a Major League pitcher….

(Insert Mets’ Fan Screaming Sound Here).

mets fans

In eight appearances with the Mets, Harvey surrendered 21 runs in 27 innings.

In three appearances with the Reds, 4 runs in 14 innings.

Hmmmmm, very interesting.

Don’t get me wrong, Harvey’s not going to turn back into an ace, but his e.r.a. has dropped from 7.00 to 5.49 in just three starts. I’m just sayin’….this is the METS’ WAY.

But hey, at least they signed Jose Bautista….

Christian Hackenberg


From the Mets’ way to the Jets’ way.

Christian Hackenberg was drafted in the 2nd round (51st overall pick) out of Penn State in 2016. The Jets hoped Hackenberg could turn into a future star at the QB position. However, he never saw the field. This draft pick is an epic failure in the long list of epic failures for the New York Jets.

And now, Hackenberg has been shipped off to Oakland to compete for the backup QB job with the Raiders. Only the Jets know how to turn a 2nd round draft pick into a 7th round draft pick in two years.

Don’t make fun. That’s not easy to do.


How many games will it take the Warriors to win this series?? Do the Mets care about winning — at all?! Spill your guts in the comment section below.

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Monday….It’s Not ALL Bad


The start of the week. The root of all evil — for some.


Hey, dummy, instead of hating Mondays, why don’t you embrace the awesomeness it often provides.


Boston Celtics v Cleveland Cavaliers - Game Four

Yes, I write about LeBron James a lot. See, it’s like when Michael Jordan was playing. Even though the Knicks fan in me hated MJ’s guts, I appreciated his greatness. I didn’t want him to retire (three times), but all careers come to an end. While I wish LeBron would don a Knicks’ uniform, and I don’t necessarily love him, I appreciate his greatness.

44 points, 5 rebounds, 3 assists, and 2 steals

He surpassed Kareem Abdul-Jabbar for most field goals in postseason history.

And he’s just two games away from his 8th consecutive NBA Finals appearance.

Just another day at the office.

The Cleveland LeBrons jumped out to an early lead and never looked back. They won the 1st quarter 34-18, and despite losing each following quarter, never relinquished the lead. 111-102 brings the Eastern Conference Finals to 2-2, and the momentum has fully shifted to the LeBrons. The Celtics will be happy to return home, as they’re just 1-6 on the road in the playoffs.

I’ll stick with my original prediction: LeBrons in six.

There’s Nothing Better Than A Game 7

Tampa Bay Lightning v Washington Capitals - Game Six

The Washington Capitals, the perennial disappointment, are looking to change history. Often lauded as Eastern Conference contenders, the Capitals repeatedly fail to live up to expectations. Prior to this season, the Capitals had lost in the 2nd round in three consecutive seasons. But Monday night, they forced a game 7, keeping their chance alive to return to the Stanley Cup Finals for the first time in 20 years. Not since the ’97-’98 season have the Capitals played in the Finals (they were swept 4-0 by the Detroit Red Wings).

Behind the strong play of goaltender, Braden Holtby (24 saves), and right wing, TJ Oshie (2 goals), the Capitals took down the Tampa Bay Lightning 3-0. With the Cinderella story, Las Vegas Golden Knights, waiting on the other side, the Capitals would be seeking their first Stanley Cup. But first, they must handle their business, on the road, in game 7.

Clear your schedule, and watch game 7. There’s nothing better. Trust me.

Wednesday, May 23rd @ 8:00 P.M. EST on NBCSN.

Juan Soto Thinks Age Is Just A Number


I wonder what it’s like to be a Phenom. A 19-year old Phenom who jumped straight from Double-A to the Major Leagues overnight and hit a monster three-run home run in his 2nd ever MLB at-bat (1st pitch in 1st start).

World, Juan Soto. Juan Soto, world.

Naturally, since he plays for the Washington Nationals, Soto is already being compared to Bryce Harper. It’s fair, I guess, considering the list of 19-year olds to hit home runs in MLB history is rather short.

Soto is from Santo Domingo, Dominican Republic. He’s currently the 15th ranked prospect in MLB. And he plays the outfield. Many expect Soto to have a long, fruitful career in the middle of the batting order. If he continues to show-off opposite field power, like this, he may very well do that….


Still hate Mondays?? After all the awesomeness I provided, you must explain yourself in the comment section below.

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You Can’t Fix Stupid!!

There’s a lot of STUPID running around.

It’s a good thing it’s not contagious….

Or is it?!

NBA Playoffs Schedule


This one makes my brain hurt.

The NBA Playoffs are in full swing. The Boston Celtics lead the Cleveland LeBrons 2-0, while the Golden State Warriors and Houston Rockets are tied 1-1. While both series’ required a travel day after game two, Tuesday and Wednesday respectively, I didn’t realize they needed THREE TRAVEL DAYS!!!!

What are they doing, walking from Cleveland and Boston?!?!

That’s right, game two of the Celtics/LeBrons’ series was Tuesday. Game three is Saturday. The Warriors/Rockets’ series will follow suit, turning Wednesday into Sunday. Listen, I get it. The NBA Finals is a pre-determined date, so they want to spread out their off days rather than get stuck with a full week of radio silence. This also begs the question: Why MUST the NBA Finals be a pre-determined date??

If only there were simple solutions to simple problems….

Mets 9th Inning Delay

Blue Jays Mets Baseball

Common sense is rare nowadays.

The New York Mets hosted the Toronto Blue Jays Wednesday afternoon despite steady rainfall — all game. MLB and the Umpire’s crew determined the conditions were playable.

This game shouldn’t have been played.

If player safety was an actual concern, MLB would have postponed this game along with the 1,900 other games that have been affected by weather conditions this season.

Fast forward to the 3rd inning. Zach Wheeler’s bat slipped out of his hands, traveling a healthy distance toward 1st base. The umpires then asked the grounds crew to spread a drying agent on the field, causing a 15-minute delay.

Hit the fast forward button again. We arrive at the bottom of the 9th inning, with two outs, and the Mets trailing 12-0. The umpires decide this was the RIGHT time for the grounds crew to spread more drying agent on the field!!!! ARE YOU KIDDING ME?!?! In a 12-run game, and one out to go, why would anyone in their right mind think a 5-minute delay, to keep the players “safe”, is a good idea?!

You can’t make this stuff up.

Cleveland Browns Being Featured On Hard Knocks


The Cleveland Browns are the epitome of failure. They didn’t win a single game this past season. And only won one game the season before. Free agents don’t want to play for the Browns. Coaches don’t want to coach the Browns. And fans don’t want to watch the Browns. So, who was the genius who thought featuring the Cleveland Browns on HBO’s Hard Knocks would be a good idea?!?! I thought HBO was in the money making business….

I am NOT tuning in to HBO to watch the Cleveland Browns’ training camp. Yeah, maybe 15 people will tune in to watch Baker Mayfield, but the other 327,875,985 people in the United States will opt for a Netflix show, or golf, or watching paint dry. Because anything is better, for entertainment value, and your health, than watching the Cleveland Browns “play” football.

Dez Bryant Saying No To Money


Dez Bryant is an idiot.

After being cut by the Dallas Cowboys for sucking, Dez Bryant is unemployed. Bryant, once one of the most promising young wide receivers in the NFL, has wildly underperformed over the past three seasons. At just 29 years old, a one-year, single-digit contract would seem to be in his near future. However, he’s not smart enough to understand that.

I wonder what it’s like to look in the mirror and see platinum and gold, when reality is showing you sterling silver.

The only team to offer Bryant a contract is the Baltimore Ravens. The details of the offer haven’t been publicized, however, Bryant turned it down. Seeing as Bryant is known for his poor attitude, and his play has greatly diminished, his thought process is baffling.

NFL teams will put up with bad attitudes, and off the field troubles, IF the production on the field is there, but without the latter, Bryant may remain unemployed longer than expected.


Post something stupid in the comment section below.

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Sports Betting Is Coming To A Living Room Near You!!

I’ll make you a bet!

Oh don’t worry, you won’t get in trouble, it’s legal now.

As of Monday, May 14th, all states are free to authorize sports betting. This is a monumental day in United States’ history. NO, I’m not exaggerating. This effects everyone — everywhere.

This result stems from a Supreme Court ruling (6-3) that abolished the Professional and Amateur Sports Protection Act (PASPA). PASPA, aka the Bradley Act was passed in 1992 and outlawed sports betting nationwide (expect Nevada of course).

Years have been spent trying to overturn PASPA, hoping to legalize, regulate, and tax sports betting. And Monday, persistence prevailed. The Supreme Court cited the violation of the 10th Amendment, stating it allowed federal law to commandeer states’ rights as it pertained to sports betting.

While this is a GIANT step in the right direction, many questions still exist:

  • Will sports organizations receive a “cut”??
  • Will EVERY state participate??
  • Will each sports’ integrity remain intact??

Yes, each sports organization is going to attempt to receive their piece of the pie. That’s logical, reasonable, and will happen.


I can’t speak for Hawaii, Alaska, Montana, South Dakota, etc., but every state SHOULD participate. It’s a money making venture, and last I checked, states are in the money making business.

Integrity. It’s a funny word. Does such a thing exist?? If so, does it exist in sports betting?! People are funny. Integrity exists in 95% of people — everywhere. There will ALWAYS be a small percentage, whether in sports betting, banking, religion, politics, etc., that will look for a shortcut. An advantage by cutting corners, that may, in turn, compromise integrity. That my friends, is called human nature.

So, to think the legalization of sports betting is going to compromise the integrity of sports, is laughable. That 5% already exists, you just pretend not to see it.

What WILL happen: Increased accessibility. Casual fans, who never imagined betting on the outcome of a game before, may be enticed to lay some action.

Forgive me, but all I can think about is Dumb & Dumber:


Lloyd: I’ll bet you twenty dollars I can get you gambling before the day is out!
Harry: No!
Lloyd: I’ll give you three to one odds.
Harry: No.
Lloyd: Five to one.
Harry: No.
Lloyd: Ten to one?
Harry: You’re on!
Lloyd: I’m gonna get ya!
Harry: Nu uh!
Lloyd: I don’t know how but I’m gonna get ya.


Sports betting, gambling, lottery, cigarettes, and alcohol. All can be harmful if utilized the wrong way, but where do we draw the line?? THAT is THE question. The answer, however, is an opinion. Mine believes freedom and personal responsibility are the answers. Unfortunately, they don’t collide in the same sentence often enough….


How do you feel about the legalization of sports betting???? Please tell me in the comment section below. 

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Matt Ryan’s Bank Account Is Happy

Matt Ryan is a rich man.

Sorry, wait, what I meant to say is, Matt Ryan is an INSANELY RICH MAN!!

Allow your eyes to read, process, and remember what I’m about to say. The second your child is born, put a football in his/her hand. While positions are limited for NFL QBs, the income potential is off the charts….


As of Thursday, Matt Ryan became the highest paid player in NFL history. He signed a 5-year, $150 million contract extension, including an unprecedented $100 million in guaranteed money. Ryan surpassed Kirk Cousins ($28 million), Jimmy Garoppolo ($27.5 million), and Matthew Stafford ($27 million) for the highest annual payday in the NFL.

Ryan has been a top-10 QB since he entered the NFL in 2008, completing at least 61% of his passes every year except 2009. He also hasn’t missed a start since December of 2009.

“Matt is getting what he has earned, and we all know the marketplace for a great quarterback,” Atlanta Falcons owner, Arthur Blank, said Thursday. “League revenues are up, club revenues, new stadiums and the players are the heart of the game. They’re the ones on the field, and they certainly deserve their fair share.”

NFL: NFC Championship-San Francisco 49ers at Atlanta Falcons

With this extension, Blank made good on his promise from 2016. Blank told ESPN Ryan would be “compensated well” when the time came. Ryan won the 2016 NFL MVP and led the Falcons to their 1st Super Bowl appearance since 1998.

Ryan, who turns 33 on May 17th, will try to return to the promised land while his window of opportunity is still open. QBs have proven they can play at a high level into their ‘late 30s’, so Ryan will attempt to put the 1st Lombardi Trophy in the Falcons’ trophy case.

Oh, you want my opinion????

Obviously NFL QBs are wildly overpaid, but the market is what it is.

Simply: You’re worth what someone is willing to pay you.

In today’s NFL, when you possess a top-10 QB, you hold on for dear life. You use your kung-fu, death grip to keep him under center for as long as possible, for without a QB, well, you’d be the Cleveland Browns….


What do you think of Matt Ryan’s contract extension?? Is it necessary, a mistake, or both?? Post the RIGHT answer in the comment section below.

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Home Runs Galore!!!!

Nowadays, there’s a National Day for everything:

National Bring Your Kid To Work Day. National Siblings Day. National Pizza Day. The list goes on, and on, and on.

Well, no one told me Wednesday was National Hit Multiple Home Runs Day.

I must have missed that memo.

Four gentleman took to the streets with their baseball bats and decided one wasn’t enough. It’s like a slice of pizza. One is NEVER enough!

Mookie Betts

Mookie Betts returned to the starting lineup on Wednesday after a four day hiatus. Betts tweaked his hamstring during Saturday’s game, and the Red Sox, as always, were extra cautious with their star outfielder. Betts wasted no time reinserting himself into the AL MVP conversation. Betts cranked not one, not two, but three home runs against the Kansas City Royals. The Red Sox would need every last home run, as they eked out a 5-4 victory, remaining atop the AL East.

Edwin Encarnacion

Edwin Encarnacion has gotten off to an extremely slow start this season. Prior to Wednesday’s matinee, Encarnacion was hitting a pathetic .171. After Wednesday’s three home run, six rbi performance, Encarnacion is finally heading in the right direction. Encarnacion accounted for half of his teams runs, as the Cleveland Indians routed the Texas Rangers 12-4. Speaking of slumping power hitters, Wednesday’s power surge couldn’t have come at a better time for the newest member of the New York Yankees….

Giancarlo Stanton

Giancarlo Stanton may be under the most pressure of any athlete in New York. While donning pinstripes is the ultimate baseball honor, Yankee Nation can become a player’s worst nightmare in a hurry. Stanton found that out in his FIRST game at Yankee Stadium, carrying ‘boo birds’ back to the dugout. Yankee fans are already tired of watching Stanton swing and miss. With 47 strikeouts in just 121 at bats, Yankee fans have been anxiously awaiting the reigning NL MVP to step up to the plate. Well, ask, and you shall receive. Stanton went 3-for-4, mashing home runs in consecutive at bats Wednesday night. He accounted for all of the Yankees’ runs, en route to another 4-0 victory over the Houston Astros.

Nolan Arenado

Nolan Arenado and slump don’t often collide in the same sentence. And this season is no different. At this point, Arenado should change his middle name to ‘The RBI Man’. Over the past three seasons (combined), Arenado has 48 more rbi than the next closest run producer, Edwin Encarnacion (393-345). That’s impressive! And Wednesday, he did what he does. Two home runs, and five rbi, leading his team to an 11-2 whoopin’ of the Chicago Cubs.


Do you, like chicks, dig the long ball???? If you do, tell me about your home run obsession in the comment section below.

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LeBron James Does His Best Superman Impersonation

One day I’ll be gone.

We always think we have more time, and then, it’s up. Too depressing?

Michael Jordan dunks

We thought Kareem Abdul-Jabbar would play forever. Magic Johnson. Larry Bird. Michael Jordan. But their time came to an end.

LeBron James will not play forever. His game will decline. And he’ll retire. We have no idea when, but that sad day will come.

So, appreciate me while I’m here, for one day I’ll be gone.

LeBron James


Wednesday night, LeBron James did ‘Superman’ things. Hell, he did Batman, Superman, Iron Man, Hulk, Captain America, and Thor things. 13-0. Through 3 minutes and 31 seconds of the game, the score was LeBron James 13, Indiana Pacers 0. LeBron scored his team’s first 16 points, and finished with 20 points in the first quarter.

LeBron’s final stat-line: 46 points, 12 rebounds, 5 assists, and 2 steals

Despite LeBron’s Herculean performance, his Cavaliers won by just 3 points; 100-97. His supporting cast is NOT GOOD. Kevin Love is either hobbled or streaky. The Cavaliers’ trade deadline acquisitions, Jordan Clarkson, Rodney Hood, Larry Nance Jr., and George Hill are utter disappointments. And J.R. Smith, well, you know….

All season, I’ve proclaimed LeBron James and the Cavaliers would represent the Eastern Conference in the NBA Finals. While I still believe that, I’m less confident than I was  three months ago. This supporting cast isn’t 2007 Cavs bad, but it’s close.

There’s virtually no way to overstate LeBron’s greatness. He’s a transcendent talent who should be appreciated every step of the way. While he contributes to nearly 60% of his team’s total offense, uncertainty is natural.

MJ had Pippen. Magic had Kareem. Wilt had Oscar. And Kobe had Shaq.


When LeBron won his titles, he had Wade, Bosh, and Kyrie. But who does he have now?!

LeBron can’t win an NBA Championship by himself. I mean, he’s only human….


How far can LeBron James take this Cavaliers team?? Post your prediction in the comment section below.

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Hybrid College Courses: The Wave of the Future!

The more connected we become, the more disconnected we are.  The fully integrated, accomplish anything online world, puts everything  at our fingertips.  I mean, that’s how we got here; isn’t it?  A few clicks and voilà!  Anything you ever wanted to learn can be yours.  Whether you are on your sofa, at the park, or on an airplane, every corner of the world can be reached via the internet.  Which brings us to the topic of conversation; participating in a collegiate course that is being held solely online.  Is this form of education more or less beneficial than attending a course in person?  Can students truly absorb all they are being ‘taught’?  What are the pros and cons of taking a course completely online opposed to in person, or in a hybrid setting (one where a student can attend half the course in person and the other half is done online)?

The world is changing.  That is a fact.  To think one can live in today’s world while refusing to conform or evolve is ludicrous.  The future is online, and that is evident in many walks of life.  However, to follow every new fad online blindly is not the most productive way to live one’s life.  Participating in online college courses is the new fad.  Everywhere you look, there is a new commercial promoting online college that shows how anyone can graduate from college; no matter how busy they are or where they live.  In my opinion, while these courses are good when taken sporadically, they shouldn’t comprise an entire college career.


Online courses aren’t all bad though.  The positives of an online course are evident: they are convenient, less time consuming, and generally save money.  However, the essentials of a college education are missing when taking a course completely online.  Nothing can replace sitting in a classroom and taking notes during a professors’ lecture.  Nothing can simulate a conversation with a classmate in person.  And there is no professor looking over your shoulder to ensure you are completing your assignments.  However, as I said earlier, if you don’t evolve with the times, it is difficult to get ahead in the world.  With that in mind, I believe ALL college courses around the world should be offered in the hybrid format.

This practice would allow students to experience the ‘best of both worlds’ as it pertains to their education.  In the hybrid format, students attend half of the course in person while submitting half of the course work online.  This allows students to meet their professor in person and have face-to-face interactions with their professor on a weekly basis.  Students are required to take notes in class and take exams in class.  At the same time, regular, weekly online assignments along side interactive, online readings and discussions must be turned in.  In my college career, I have taken courses in all three formats.  I find the hybrid format to be the most rewarding and beneficial.  As of today, I have taken three hybrid courses, one online, and countless in person.  I received the best grades in the hybrid courses and always walked away feeling I had gained as much as possible through this style of teaching.  I was also able to make new friends, network, and make positive connections with the people I had met in person.  There is no way to shake a hand online.  And that is the biggest downside of online courses; the lack of social interaction.

One of the biggest problems in the world today is our children living sedentary lifestyles.  They are becoming increasingly lazy (and potentially obese), isolated, and disconnected.


Online courses exacerbate these problems.  The child who plays Madden on their X-Box rather than play football at school is part of the problem.  The child who rides a hoverboard rather than go for a walk is part of the problem.  And the child who doesn’t know how to hold a pencil or write in cursive because everything is done on a smart board is part of the problem.  In the ever changing, online world, these basic functions are being cast aside and are being replaced.  The result of these trends is society is producing more and more children who are unprepared for the world.  And those who are unprepared for the world have a harder time succeeding, not only in online courses, but in life.  Studies have been done comparing the grades of students taking courses completely online versus traditional courses in person.  According to a 2013 study by Columbia University’s Community College Research Center, nearly twice as many students fail or withdraw from online courses compared to traditional courses.  It seems the majority of students lack the maturity and responsibilty needed to succeed in an online format.  The biggest factor in maintaining good grades is the accountability a professor places on the student in person opposed to online.  Students are also easily distracted when attempting to complete assignments or study online.


With instant access to Social Media and numerous other distractions online, taking courses online has also become increasingly difficult.  The hybrid format allows students to submit work online while also being held accountable in person that same week.  Also, this affords students the opportunity to ‘speak their case’.  I find the biggest disadvantage to taking courses online is students don’t get to explain their answers.  Every answer is cut and dry, and there is no room for explanation.  In person, a professor tends to be more understanding and can resolve any mistakes made on their part.

If all college courses were offered in a hybrid format, I believe college grades would improve siginificantly.  Students who are unfamiliar with online education would remain knowledgeable in the age of the internet.  And students who otherwise would lose the basic skills required in succeeding in a traditional course, would remain knowledgeable in all facets of society.

Brasil Demolished in World Cup Semifinal



Embarrassed?  Demoralized?  Ashamed?  I’m sure Brasil is feeling a little bit of all of the above.  If you don’t know by now, and I’m sure you do seeing as yesterdays World Cup Semifinal thrashing was the most discussed sporting event in social media history, Brasil got beaten up and down by Germany by the score of 7-1.  Germany has advanced to the World Cup finale and will now await the winner of the Argentina vs. Netherlands match which airs today @ 4:00 p.m. on ESPN.  As for yesterdays match, it is difficult to put into words what transpired in Belo Horizonte, Brasil.  Brasil, the World Cup’s host country, went down 1-0 in the first 10 minutes of the match, and then it was ALL downhill from there.  If you are like the rest of us, you probably thought it was safe to get up and go to the bathroom.  Nope.  By the 29th minute of the match, it was already 5-0, and it resembled one of those tune-up matches that NCAA Men’s Basketball powerhouses use to get ready for the upcoming season.  You know the game I’m talking about, where Louisville invites a team like Southern Miss to town and then trounces them by 35.  Yeah it was like that, only this was the Semifinal of THE WORLD CUP!!  

My takeaway from this game is simple.  Brasil should be utterly embarrassed.  That was quite possibly the worst display of defense and more importantly EFFORT I have ever seen with my own 2 eyes.  Where was the fight?!?!  By the numbers, this was the worst loss in World Cup Semifinals history as well as Brasil’s worst loss in team history.  But, just from watching the game, it looked like Germany was going for a stroll in the park, passing the ball back and forth inside Brasil’s box, just waiting for the right time to shoot and score at will.  Prior to the match, I personally thought that Germany would win, with Brasil missing arguably their 2 best players in Neymar and their Captain Thiago Silva, but no one and I mean NO ONE could have expected this result.  It was a sad day for Brasilians everywhere, but I say forget being sad; get angry! 


And hey, there’s always next year…………. 


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