Knicks Roll

Just as I suspected, the Knicks rolled through the Sacramento Kings en route to a 120-81 blowout victory. Also just as I thought it was a very solid team effort. Amare was a perfect 10-10 from the field, JR and Novak combined for 12 3-pointers, and Chandler ripped down 20 boards. After the Knicks started out as cold as Lance Armstrong’s heart(1 for their first 13 from the field), I don’t think they missed a shot the rest of the way. Now I don’t want to blow this win out of proportion because the Kings are pretty much the worst team in the league, but as a fan it was fun to watch. If you had told me the Knicks would score 120 points with Carmelo only scoring 9 of them, I would have told you you were crazy. That is exactly what happened. They didn’t need Melo do much tonight, which is something I can get used to. Obviously we will need Melo to be at his best come playoff time, but to know that we can rely on our bench to not only hold a lead but extend it is a luxury. As long as Coach Woodson can manage the minutes of this squad, they should be in good shape. Welcome to first place New York Knicks!! Lets see how long we can stay there.


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