How bout ‘dem Knicks!!

Another win for the Knicks, and another solid team effort. The Knicks as everyone knows are working their way through an “easy” stretch of games on their schedule. On a night where Carmelo Anthony struggled from the field, shooting just under 32% from the field(7-22), the Knicks showed why they don’t need their superstar to be spectacular every night to win. Amare is getting better every night and dare I say he’s slowly getting it on the defensive end. He needs to continue being fed in the post because he’s a nightmare matchup for just about every forward in the league; especially the 2nd string forwards. Raymond Felton had a big night, and continued to show just how valuable he is to the Knicks. With that being said, he really needs to stop sticking his hand into places it doesn’t belong. All we need is for him to re-break that finger and watch him get shut down for the season. He’s just as important to this cog as Melo, Chandler, and Stat. Tonight the Knicks continue their home stand against another mediocre opponent, The Sacramento Kings. This should be another easy victory, but you can’t underestimate anybody. I’d like to see Shumpert get more involved and show the defensive intensity he showed in the 2nd half of last nights game. Hopefully we see another solid team effort and of course another win. Miami is off tonight so a victory against the kings would bring us to a tie for first place in the east. Let’s go Knicks! Let’s keep the momentum going!

So much for objectivity huh?? Enjoy the game.


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