Somebody Help The Young Man Lift The Trophy Please….

justin thomas

I’d say an unknown golfer won the PGA Championship, but every golfer is unknown. While golf’s search for a superstar forges on, it may have found something inadvertently — a youth movement. Your 2017 PGA Champion is 24 years old. He looks like he’s 12, but his driver’s license says 24. World, meet Justin Thomas. Justin Thomas is the latest to join the 20-something, 1st-time Major winners list. Is anyone else noticing a trend here??

Of course, Thomas’ 1st Major victory should not be overshadowed by his age or lack of fame. Thomas put forth a courageous performance on Sunday. While Sunday at a Major is usually reserved for insurmountable pressure and Major blunders, Thomas held it together as if he’d been there before. To see Thomas’ final round scorecard, click here. Thomas’ 5-under play over a stretch of 11 holes (7-17) certainly did not go unnoticed. It ultimately landed him a 2-shot lead he would not relinquish. The runner-ups, all finishing 2 shots back (-6), were Louis Oosthuizen, Patrick Reed, and Francesco Molinari. A smorgasbord of who’s who….

Did you ever hear the one about the South African, the American, and the Italian who walked into a bar??

Thomas’ Sunday afternoon didn’t get off to an ideal start, as his 1st tee-shot found the beach, as did his 2nd shot. After finding the green in 4 shots, Thomas made a crucial 14-foot bogey putt. Just as Jordan Spieth found out en route to his 2017 Open Championship, a bogey can be the best thing that ever happened to you. Thomas bounced back, with a birdie at the 2nd. Thomas attributed his victory to controlling his nerves in times of adversity during his final round.

Of his 6 birdies on Sunday, he produced 2 memorable moments. After hitting a seemingly perfect putt on the par-5 10th hole, Thomas’ ball hung up on the lip of the cup for upwards of 10 seconds before finally dropping (no jumping up and down required). And perhaps the most memorable and important birdie could be found on the 13th hole, as he chipped-in from just off the green. The crowd erupted, and Thomas would carry that momentum to his 1st Major victory. With this victory, Thomas now ranks as the #6 golfer in the world.

That trophy looks too big for Master Thomas doesn’t it??

Thomas’ victory walk included hugs from golf’s most talented youngins, Rickie Fowler and Jordan Spieth. Fowler and Spieth’s support, rather than jealousy, was evident. Spieth was purely happy for Thomas, as they are longtime friends. Fowler’s 1st Major victory as well as Spieth’s quest for the career grand slam will have to wait at least 1 more year. Knowing Spieth’s competitive nature, I’m sure he’d love to battle his friend, Justin Thomas, in the final group of next year’s PGA Championship.


Has golf found a new friendly rivalry between Spieth and Thomas?? Or will Justin Thomas be another flash in the pan?? Let me know your thoughts in the comment section below.

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One Liner Friday’s


Hello and welcome to another edition of One Liner Fridays. Here you can find the past week in sports wrapped up in one line and one line only. Enjoy!!

Hey Jason Dufner, you just won your 1st Major, The PGA Championship, you can smile now.

Have you ever seen a more emotionless man in the entire world??

Man, the most emotion he showed was in the butt slap he gave his wife right after he won the tournament (awesome).

Sound the alarm, call the National Guard, alert the President, Tom Brady stubbed his toe!!

I’ll have whatever Alfonso Soriano is having.

I still don’t understand why the Jets are being talked about, they are going to be the worst team in the NFL this season.

However, everyone is missing the point (as usual) with Rex Ryan’s “brutal” comment about Geno Smith.

Rex obviously knows he’s on the hot seat (his ass might as well be on fire), and the only way to save his job is to stick with ‘his guy’ in Sanchez and go down with the ship.

It’s partly his pride for sticking with Sanchez, but if Sanchez magically figures it out maybe Rex is employed come next August (he figures there’s no way he can win anything with a rookie).

Hey Tiger, the fairway’s that way

Who’s pumped for football??

Hey RG3, do you mind if we create a controversy between you and your coach out of absolutely nothing?

Heyyyy, Major League Baseball finally threw out their black and white TV, took their corn cob pipe out of their mouths, sold their transistor radio, and has decided to join us in the 21st century.

For those of you who don’t know, MLB will be instituting instant replay in the near future.

The format for manager challenges is not even close to the right way to do this, but it is a step in the right direction.

Are there enough of you out there watching baseball to realize how unbelievable of a season Miguel Cabrera is having?

He won the Triple Crown last year, and he is putting that season to shame (enjoy history).

Clayton Kershaw = Beast!

Greg Jennings needs shut his trap, running his mouth about a former teammate who just happens to be the best quarterback in the league is nota good idea.

Remember when Don Mattingly was almost fired and then the Dodgers went 40-8 over their next 48 games??

Say thank you to Yasiel.

And finally, I know some of you were worried but yes, Johnny Manziel is still an idiot.

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One Liner Friday’s


Hello and welcome back to another edition of One Liner Friday’s. Here you can find the past week in sports wrapped up in one line and one line only. Enjoy!!

Hey what do you know, Bill Belichick does have a heart.

I was actually starting to wonder if he was a robot.

Has anyone seen that picture of Tyson Chandler in a pair of shorts?

Forget one line, I have one word for Tyson Chandler : SQUATS!

I know virtually no one has noticed, but we must be in bizarro world because the U.S. Men’s Soccer team has won 9 games in a row!

Dear Derek Rose, I love the confidence, but you must be high as a kite to say that you are the best player in the NBA.

We all know you didn’t play any games last year, but apparently you didn’t watch any games either.

The Hefty Lefty shot a remarkable final round 66 to win the Open Championship, I’m just glad there were no tents in his way this year.

From now on, I think Tiger Woods should wear Pink on Sundays.

Is anyone else tired of hearing about A-Rod?

Here, I will be taking a stand against the meaningless A-Rod drivel that everyone else is pushing.

I will give you one last line: he cheated and lied, but he’s clearly The Yankees best option at 3rd base so play him until he gets suspended.

Isn’t it sad though that The Yankees are going to rely on Alfonso Soriano to be their savior?

Wait a minute, Alfonso Soriano, Derek Jeter, Andy Pettite, and Mariano Rivera, where is Chuck Knoblauch when you need him?

Lebron left his city, now he’s turning his back on his own country, what’s next? (Maybe he’ll move to Canada)

Ryan Braun bet his life and he’s still alive and Aaron Rodgers bet his salary and he’s still living large, let’s bring out the electric chair so we can move on with our day. #welchonabet

Matt Ryan gets paid!!!!!!

Apparently winning 1 career playoff game is the new benchmark for a $100 million dollar contract.

So big hits at the college level are now cause for ejection, I’m glad the NCAA is attempting to completely ruin another aspect of their game, what a shocker.

They might as well put tutu’s on these guys and let them hit each other with pillows.

Football is a violent sport, let’s leave it that way!!

Speaking of football, Jaws must be sharing Derek Rose’s stash if he thinks Joe Flacco and Matt Ryan are both better than Drew Brees.

On a serious note: I feel horrible for Tim Hudson, who over the past 15 years has been one of the most solid and consistent pitchers in all of baseball.

I feel really bad that he got injured the way he did, and I hope he is able to return to form and pitch in the Major League’s again.

The Mets are not just ruining their own players careers, but have now figured out how to ruin their opponents careers too.

Jaromir Jagr was born during World War II, and he is still playing in the NHL; amazing.

With the start of training camp it’s time to get excited about football, but I think it’s cute that Jets fans are actually convinced that they can win 9 games this year.

4 spot, if they’re lucky.

Have a nice weekend everybody!!

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