“LEAVE ANDREW LUCK ALONE!!!! (DaveTalksSports Podcast – Ep. #45 Part II)

This is Video 2 of 2 on the shocking Andrew Luck retirement announcement.

Andrew Luck is an adult human being. He is allowed to make whatever decision he pleases regarding his own well being. It may be shocking, but Andrew Luck’s NFL playing career doesn’t belong to you.

That is all.

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The Jets Did Something SMART?!?!

The NFL is simple.


You can’t win without a quarterback.


Rather than waste time we can never get back, just trust this is an indisputable fact. Skeptical?? The list of Super Bowl winning QBs is all the evidence one would ever need. Listen, if you still think the “Trent Dilfers” of the world are a sustainable option at the QB position, you probably still think jean shorts are socially acceptable….

Jean shorts. The perfect segue to the New York Jets.

jets draft

This past Saturday, the New York Jets shook up the NFL Draft. They traded up from the #6 overall pick to the #3 overall pick:

New York Jets Receive:

  • 2018 #3 overall pick

Indianapolis Colts Receive:

  • 2018 #6 overall pick
  • 2018 2nd round pick (37)
  • 2018 2nd round pick (49)
  • 2019 2nd round pick

From the Colts point of view, this trade makes sense. With Andrew Luck set to return, the Colts don’t plan to draft a QB in the 1st round. Also, they’re in the midst of a rebuild, and stockpiling draft picks during a rebuild is never a bad idea.

As for the Jets, this is a SMART TRADE. I’ve listened to countless Jets’ fans criticize this trade, claiming they gave up TOO MUCH. That’s idiotic. The name of the game is find a franchise QB. In this QB rich draft, the Jets have that unique opportunity. Therefore, they had to do whatever possible to land a top-3 pick in the draft.

While you’re crying about three 2nd picks, I’m applauding aggressiveness.

The Jets HAD to jump ahead of the Denver Broncos. While they signed Case Keenum this offseason, they’re still in search of a REAL QB. Also, the Buffalo Bills were trying to acquire the #3 overall pick as well, so beating them to the punch was necessary. The Jets MUST love each of the top-3 QBs (Sam Darnold, Josh Rosen, and Josh Allen) equally, for this trade can’t be made if they feel otherwise.

Dumb dumb fans should applaud general manager, Mike Maccagnan, for getting this deal done without including any future 1st round picks.

The Jets’ QB situation went from an absolute mess to pretty attractive overnight. Jeremy Bates is the Jets’ new offensive coordinator and has been a QB coach for years. Josh McCown may stink, but there are worse QBs to learn from. And Teddy Bridgewater, if healthy, will spark the competitive juices of the Jets’ newest QB.


Well done Mike Maccagnan!! Now, all you have to do is not screw this up. If Maccagnan drafts the Jets’ QB for the next 10-12 years, he’ll find his pot at the end of the rainbow;  job security in New York.


The Results Are In: THE NFL IS INSANE!!

So I sat here for approximately 10 minutes, staring at a blank screen, trying to think of the most creative way to describe the (unofficial) start to the NFL’s free agency. And then, I realized I should just tell it like it is….

The NFL is wild. The NFL is insane. The amount of players that change teams every year is astronomical. Redskins become Vikings, Patriots become Dolphins, Browns become Jets, and Cats and Dogs are living together. It’s madness I tell you. MADNESS!!

Monday, March 12th, marked the unofficial start to free agency. The official start to free agency is Wednesday, March 14th at 4:00 P.M. EST. The league calls this the “legal tampering” period. While Monday created some buzz, the NFL world didn’t tilt on its axis until Tuesday. As usual, we’ve made a list to attempt to organize the insanity (today, let’s go most important to least important):

1.) Kirk Cousins (Vikings)

While this is the biggest story of free agency, it’s not surprising. Not even a little bit. It was rumored the New York Jets and Minnesota Vikings were finalists in the Kirk Cousins’ sweepstakes. That made this equation rather simple; Money Vs. Winning. What will it be?? We know where Carmelo Anthony stands on the matter. Anyone who thought Cousins would choose the Jets doesn’t understand football, or the Jets.

Players don’t actively CHOOSE to play for the Jets. They sign with the Jets when there is no other viable option (or when the contract is twice as much as the next offer). Kirk Cousins went with the team that provides the best opportunity to win (and he’s also getting paid a few bucks). Cousins will reportedly earn $84 million over the next 3 seasons (fully guaranteed). This is the 1st multiple year, fully guaranteed contract for a QB in NFL history.

2.) Jimmy Graham / Jordy Nelson / Muhammed Wilkerson (Packers)


The 2nd happiest man in the NFL right now is….Jimmy Graham. “They’re going to pay me to play with the best QB in the history of the world?! You’re joking!”

No Jimmy, they’re not joking. Just be happy the Packers enjoy making a splash rather than fixing their offensive line. Get used to hearing, “Rodgers to Graham for the touchdown!!”

The end of an era is upon us in Green Bay. Jordy Nelson was released by the Packers Tuesday. This move will save them $10 million, however, it’s rumored they could bring him back on a cheaper deal.

And the Packers will throw their hat in the ‘draw out Muhammed Wilkerson’s potential’ ring. As a Jets’ fan, all I have to say is, good luck!!

3.) New York Jets


The New York Jets were busy on Tuesday. After swinging and missing on Kirk Cousins, they turned their attention to an oft-injured, 39-year old, train wreck in Josh McCown. The Jets will bring back ol’ man river on a 1-year, $10 million deal. Thankfully, that wasn’t the only QB move they made. Teddy Bridgewater will reportedly join the Jets’ band of misfits under center. Bridgewater, who’s still fighting his way back from a gruesome injury in 2016, will compete for the starting job. He’ll also be on a 1-year deal (reportedly for $5 million). At least this will spark QB competition, while simultaneously incentivizing Bridgewater to earn his next contract.

If the Jets don’t draft a QB with the #6 pick, because of these moves, I’ll lose my mind!!

The Jets will also add RB Isaiah Crowell, CB Trumaine Johnson, and LB Avery Williamson.

Crowell is an average running back with good break away speed. While it wasn’t the Jets’ biggest need, there are worse RBs out there (ahem..New York Giants..Jonathan Stewart..ahem). Williamson is a tackling machine, and should plug in very nicely when the Jets don’t retain Demario Davis. And the prize of the Jets’ offseason, SO FAR, is Trumaine Johnson. He’s the best cornerback available, and CB is a position of need for the Jets.

4.) Danny Amendola (Dolphins) / Malcolm Butler (Titans) / Dion Lewis (Titans)


Nothing makes me happier than watching the Patriots lose good football players. The only problem is, it doesn’t matter. As long as Tom Brady and Bill Belichick are upright, they’ll continue to own the AFC East. Butler will go from being benched in the Super Bowl, to being the Titans’ top CB, and Lewis will join Butler on a Titan’s team that’s trending upward. Amendola choosing to stay in division makes me chuckle….

Honorable Mentions

Drew Brees – Brees was reportedly offered a 2-year, $60 million contract to play for the Arizona Cardinals. He took $50 million to stay with the New Orleans Saints. He’s smart. 

Sammy Watkins – How is it that this guy is still getting paid so much?! 3-years, $48 million (Chiefs) for a receiver who will undoubtedly be injured by Week 10 is just stupid.

Sam Bradford – How is it that this guy is still getting paid so much?! Bradford will “play” quarterback for the Arizona Cardinals next year, for $20 million. All I have to say is, HAHA!

With official free agency starting today at 4:00 P.M. EST, stay tuned for the latest news and notes from around the NFL.


Which team has had the best free agency so far?? Tell me in the comment section below.

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Favorites Are Favorites For A Reason

mccown fumbles

Week 12 was not a good week for underdogs. Of the 15 games played, so far, only 2 “upsets” have occurred.

Bills Vs. Chiefs

Personally, I didn’t consider this game an upset. The Kansas City Chiefs are playing as poorly as anyone in the league (losers of 5 of their last 6). Inexplicably, they were favored by 8.5 points against the Buffalo Bills. Yes, they were at home (Arrowhead Stadium is a tough place to play). And yes, the Bills weren’t exactly trending in the right direction either. But, that spread assuredly cost Las Vegas a lot of ‘Monopoly Money’. The Bills won the game 16-10.

The Buffalo Bills run defense had turned into Swiss cheese prior to their trip to Kansas City. In the Bills’ previous 3 games, they had allowed an average of 212.6 yards per game and 11 total rushing touchdowns. Guess how many yards the Chiefs rushed for on Sunday….Seriously, guess.


Their leading rusher was quarterback, Alex Smith (35 yards).

What once looked like as uneven a matchup as the NFL could find (in Week 13), is now a battle of mediocrity: Kansas City Chiefs @ New York Jets

Cardinals Vs. Jaguars

Heading into Week 12, the Jacksonville Jaguars were leading the AFC South with a record of 7-3. That doesn’t look, or sound right does it?! The Jaguars’ early season success has been predicated on stellar defense and a strong running game. Rookie sensation, Leonard Fournette has had a tremendous season, however, since he tweaked his ankle in Week 7, hasn’t had the same explosiveness. And Blake Bortles isn’t to be relied on — ever.

In case you haven’t guessed yet, the Jaguars lost 27-24.

Let’s take a look at how Blake Bortles stacks up against the competition:

Passing Yards: 21st (2,244)

Touchdowns: T-22nd (12)

Completion Percentage: 31st (58.3%) 

As you can see, he’s really REALLY bad. He should buy his defense the best Christmas present ever, because they are saving his job, 1 sack at a time.


Ah yes, and then there’s my Jets. They don’t disappoint me — anymore. I am a seasoned veteran as it pertains to New York Jets’ letdowns. At no point during Sunday’s game did I think the Jets would win. No, not even when they were winning 20-18 heading into the 4th quarter.

And right on cue, Josh McCown inexplicably attempted a pass, while in a defenders grasp, and lost the ball. Panthers’ linebacker, Luke Kuechly, promptly scooped up the ball and pranced into the end zone.

Lead blown.

As if that wasn’t enough torture for one afternoon, the Jets surrendered a 60-yard punt return for a touchdown just 2 minutes and 11 seconds later. YAY!!

Only the Jets (yes I know the Browns still have a team), can lose in such horrific fashion.

Final Score: 35-27 (not the Jets)

If there’s a silver lining, Jets’ wide receiver, Robbie Anderson, has scored a touchdown in 5 consecutive games. At least we have that going for us….


Which football game(s) were you watching on Sunday?? Tell me all about it in the comment section below.

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Watson’s Spectacular Rookie Season Cut Short


Everything, can be gone in seconds.

You can spend your entire life working toward, and sacrificing for your dream. And all that, in the blink of an eye, can be gone. There’s a fine line between the top of the world, and the worst day of your life.

Rookie quarterback sensation, Deshaun Watson, understands. Thursday afternoon, during a routine play in a routine practice, Watson took a tumble. A non-contact tumble. It has since been confirmed the Clemson product tore his right ACL. Watson tore his left ACL while at Clemson, so he probably just wanted to even everything out. In all seriousness, this is an enormous blow to Watson and his Houston Texans. The Texans (3-4) are in the hunt in the AFC South division. And Watson, oh man, was Watson having himself a season.

Deshaun Watson’s QB Rankings:

Touchdowns – 1st (19)

QBR – 1st (81.9)

Rushing Yards – 1st (289)

He was the runaway Offensive Rookie of the Year, as well as an MVP candidate. The Texans are currently the highest scoring team in the NFL at 30.7 points per game. That’s about to change. The Texans will turn the reigns back over to Tom Savage. Yes, the Tom Savage who was named the starting quarterback of this Texans team to start the season, but was pulled after 1 half of 1 game.

I can picture Texans head coach, Bill O’ Brien, now….

“No, seriously Tom, we believe in you! I know we pulled your life support plug even though you were still breathing, but we really, realllyyy believe in you this time!”

I wonder if it’s awkward.

The Texans are going to sign Matt McGloin as their new backup quarterback. Yikes!

I hope Deshaun Watson has a speedy, successful recovery. And I hope he’s able to return to MVP form in the not so distant future.


Speaking of MVP candidates, Josh McCown is playing above his means. He, alongside an underrated defense, shockingly has the New York Jets in playoff contention. This Jets team, underestimated by EVERYONE, is exceeding expectations to the nth degree. They currently stand at 4-5 on the season, after a convincing 34-21 victory over the Buffalo Bills on Thursday Night Football. Considering they’ve blown 3 sizable leads this season, the Jets could easily be 7-2 or 6-3.

Crazy right?!

I was wrong. Let me start there. I thought the Jets would win between 2 and 4 games this season. While the organization hit the reboot button, aka tank mode, players don’t tank. They play to win. And usually, a professional athlete enjoys being overlooked.

Do me a favor. Go out into the world today, and tell someone they can’t do something. See what happens.

The only problem is, I’ve been a Jets’ fan my entire life. Yes, that’s a problem. The second I start praising them, they’ll disappoint me. So hopefully, they continue to wear that chip on their shoulder. Hopefully they continue to outwork the “favorite” across from them. And hopefully, they continue to embrace the underdog role.

The Jets will enjoy some time off, as they don’t play again until Sunday, November 12th. They will travel to Tampa to take on the struggling Buccaneers. Check back for a stellar prediction on that Week 10 showdown.


How many games will the Jets win this season?? Post your prediction in the comment section below.


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The NFL is stupid.

Instant Replay was originally implemented in 1986. It’s use was intended to correct mistakes made on the field by referees. Instant Replay was used for 6 seasons, before NFL owners voted to remove the system. They found too many calls were being wrongly overturned. Following technological advancements, Instant Replay was reinstituted in 1999. Instant Replay has improved and remains in use in the NFL today.

Fast forward to Sunday, October 15th, 2017. Despite the technology that exists today, including zoom lenses, slow-motion replays, and numerous camera angles, the NFL still gets plays wrong…..

With 14:10 left in the game, the New York Jets found themselves trailing the New England Patriots 24-14. The Jets methodically drove the field against the Patriots porous defense, getting to the Patriots’ 4-yard line. Josh McCown dropped back to pass and found his new favorite target, Austin Seferian-Jenkins. All 6’5″, 280 pounds of Seferian-Jenkins dove for the front left corner of the end zone, dragging 2 Patriots defenders with him (Malcolm Butler and Duron Harmon). The initial call on the field was a touchdown by down judge Patrick Turner. Every scoring play, however, is reviewed, so here comes the fun part.

After nearly 5 minutes of deliberation, referee Tony Corrente announced (to the dismay of the home crowd) that Seferian-Jenkins had fumbled the ball into the end zone, resulting in a touchback. WHAT THE WHAT?!?!

Click here to see the play.

We’ll call it the fumble that wasn’t.

Yes, Malcolm Butler jarred the ball loose from Seferian-Jenkins’ hands, but he clearly regained possession of the ball before he hit the ground, out of bounds, or the pylon. The ball never hit the ground. To say I’m confused by this call would be the understatement of the century.


The Jets went on to lose 24-17. Of course they did. They’re the JETS!!

Allow this game to serve as an unfriendly reminder that this is the Jets’ way. Some call it ‘Murphy’s Law’. I call it, ‘Being a Jets fan’.

Al Riveron, NFL senior vice president of officiating, reviewed the play and passed the decision to Corrente. Riveron and Corrente both said Seferian-Jenkins CLEARLY lost possession of the ball, and didn’t regain possession until after he was out of bounds. I know I wear glasses, but my vision isn’t that screwed up. Maybe these officials need an eye exam, or maybe, we should check their pockets for Patriots’ money….


Is this the worst call you’ve ever seen in the NFL?? If not, please enlighten me in the comment section below.


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T-Minus 8 Days and Counting….


The fate of the whole world hangs in the balance. In just 8 shorts days, on April 27th, 2017, the world you’ve come to know and love could change forever. That’s right, the NFL Draft is nearly upon us!! It’s time to warm up those vocal chords and practice those boos, because whether you like it or not your team will undoubtedly draft someone you don’t want. On a personal level, I am anticipating being one of those booing (possibly crying) fans. Since you read my About page, ahem, you know I’ve been a New York Jets fan my entire life.

The Jets underachieved their way to the #6 overall pick in this year’s NFL Draft. That’s a solid pick, so why am I preemptively planning tears?? I’ll tell you why…….enter very long-winded deep breath here ——>                           .

For those who have been Jets fans for more than 10 years, like myself, you already understand everything I’m about to say, but for the rest of you, I am going to give you a peak behind the systematically dysfunctional curtain. The Jets are a circus, which technically makes Jets’ owner Woody Johnson the ringmaster. Johnson, also known as Robert Wood Johnson IV, purchased the Jets at the turn of the century for a whopping $635 million. This purchase was made possible by the hard work of his great-grandfather Robert Wood Johnson I, also known as the co-founder of Johnson and Johnson. Anyway…….

The mess that is the Jets starts and ends with Woody Johnson. He needs to go, but unless billionaires all of a sudden stop loving money, I don’t see that happening. Enter the current state of the Jets. They fumbled and stumbled their way to a 5-11 record last season, earning the #6 pick in this year’s NFL Draft. So far this off-season, the Jets have done ALL the right things. They cut anyone older than me (30), they cut anyone making more than me (….), and they’ve set the wheels in motion for a spectacular tanking. Again, you’re probably wondering why the apprehension, well, here it is.

The Jets give you hope. They set you up with an amazing trailer, they put out the best advertisements and commercials to get you into the movie theater, and then they show you Gigli (no offense Batman, but ‘C’Mon Man!’). In today’s NFL, you can not win without a franchise quarterback. Don’t believe me? Take a look at the last 10 quarterbacks to win a Super Bowl. The worst you’ll find is Joe Flacco or Eli Manning. So while I am hopefully optimistic that the Jets won’t chase the ‘carrot on a stick’, I am realistically pessimistic that they will draft another flawed quarterback at #6. Subsequently, I will lose my freakin’ mind!! None of the quarterbacks in this draft are worth the #6 pick. With such a valuable draft pick, the process is simple: DRAFT THE BEST PLAYER AVAILABLE. With countless holes to fill, the Jets need to build a roster, while tanking, and set themselves up for the 2018 NFL Draft. College and NFL experts have unanimously stated that the 3 quarterbacks coming out next year will likely be the top 3 overall picks. That sounds a lot like music to my ears. The question is: Will they follow this plan?

I certainly hope so. This would set up their 3-5 year plan, which coincidentally is approximately when that schlub Brady up in Foxborough will finally be retiring.  Everything Jets General Manager Mike Maccagnan has done since the end of last season has been perfect, so I will reserve judgment for at least 8 more days. Until then I say tank on Josh McCown, Bryce Petty, and Christian Hackenberg.

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