Watson’s Spectacular Rookie Season Cut Short


Everything, can be gone in seconds.

You can spend your entire life working toward, and sacrificing for your dream. And all that, in the blink of an eye, can be gone. There’s a fine line between the top of the world, and the worst day of your life.

Rookie quarterback sensation, Deshaun Watson, understands. Thursday afternoon, during a routine play in a routine practice, Watson took a tumble. A non-contact tumble. It has since been confirmed the Clemson product tore his right ACL. Watson tore his left ACL while at Clemson, so he probably just wanted to even everything out. In all seriousness, this is an enormous blow to Watson and his Houston Texans. The Texans (3-4) are in the hunt in the AFC South division. And Watson, oh man, was Watson having himself a season.

Deshaun Watson’s QB Rankings:

Touchdowns – 1st (19)

QBR – 1st (81.9)

Rushing Yards – 1st (289)

He was the runaway Offensive Rookie of the Year, as well as an MVP candidate. The Texans are currently the highest scoring team in the NFL at 30.7 points per game. That’s about to change. The Texans will turn the reigns back over to Tom Savage. Yes, the Tom Savage who was named the starting quarterback of this Texans team to start the season, but was pulled after 1 half of 1 game.

I can picture Texans head coach, Bill O’ Brien, now….

“No, seriously Tom, we believe in you! I know we pulled your life support plug even though you were still breathing, but we really, realllyyy believe in you this time!”

I wonder if it’s awkward.

The Texans are going to sign Matt McGloin as their new backup quarterback. Yikes!

I hope Deshaun Watson has a speedy, successful recovery. And I hope he’s able to return to MVP form in the not so distant future.


Speaking of MVP candidates, Josh McCown is playing above his means. He, alongside an underrated defense, shockingly has the New York Jets in playoff contention. This Jets team, underestimated by EVERYONE, is exceeding expectations to the nth degree. They currently stand at 4-5 on the season, after a convincing 34-21 victory over the Buffalo Bills on Thursday Night Football. Considering they’ve blown 3 sizable leads this season, the Jets could easily be 7-2 or 6-3.

Crazy right?!

I was wrong. Let me start there. I thought the Jets would win between 2 and 4 games this season. While the organization hit the reboot button, aka tank mode, players don’t tank. They play to win. And usually, a professional athlete enjoys being overlooked.

Do me a favor. Go out into the world today, and tell someone they can’t do something. See what happens.

The only problem is, I’ve been a Jets’ fan my entire life. Yes, that’s a problem. The second I start praising them, they’ll disappoint me. So hopefully, they continue to wear that chip on their shoulder. Hopefully they continue to outwork the “favorite” across from them. And hopefully, they continue to embrace the underdog role.

The Jets will enjoy some time off, as they don’t play again until Sunday, November 12th. They will travel to Tampa to take on the struggling Buccaneers. Check back for a stellar prediction on that Week 10 showdown.


How many games will the Jets win this season?? Post your prediction in the comment section below.


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