Observations From The Road (DRIVES with DAVE Podcast #14)

This morning, I saw a sign while I was driving home from work.

This sign taught me SOMETHING NEW!!

It taught me a law, that silly me, I assumed was a law since the dawn of time.

Apparently not….

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2 thoughts on “Observations From The Road (DRIVES with DAVE Podcast #14)

  1. Out of the mouths of babes….you’re killin’ me Smalls…when I was a kid back in the “dark ages” cars were not manufactured with seat belts. It became a law in 1966 after too many people died in senseless tragedies but even then there were those like a certain “Grammy” that refused to wear one for fear of being “trapped” in the car. Crazy, right?! Any way, thanks for your insights oh master of all things sports and NYS law!!! Happy Friday!!!

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