“China Owns The NBA!!” (DTS Podcast – #63)

The NBA has to choose between MONEY and FREEDOM.

I bet they choose money.

99.9999999999999% of people choose money….every time.


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One thought on ““China Owns The NBA!!” (DTS Podcast – #63)

  1. So crazy….b’ball is a sport with American origins. Again it is a sport!!!! Who cares about China and their communist manifesto, blatant disregard for democratic fundamental principles, and lack of understanding of basic human rights violating the UDHR everyday. I would pull the teams out and say bye bye suckers..pull all manufacturing of NBA products and stand up for our freedom of speech and democratic principles…the NBA makes more $$$$$ per second than a teacher makes in a lifetime…screw China…screw the commisioner!!! So ther e!

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