If 7 Isn’t Your Favorite Number….It Will Be!!


It can mean so many things:

7 days of the week. Lucky 7. The 7 Dwarfs.


But when 7 and Game collide in the same sentence, the world is a better place.

Eastern Conference Finals (NHL style)


The Washington Capitals and Tampa Bay Lightning spoiled us with a Game 7 Wednesday night. The winner, would face the Las Vegas Golden Knights in the Stanley Cup Finals. The loser, would get reacquainted with their couch.

It’s not often a game-winning goal is scored just 1:02 into a game. But Alex Ovechkin made sure of it. Check out his one-timed slap shot of beauty here:

Capitals’ goaltender, Braden Holtby, stood on his head for the 2nd consecutive game, posting another shutout, 4-0 (29 saves). The Capitals are heading to their 1st Stanley Cup Finals in 20 years, shedding the “choke artists” label one win at a time. The general public is now guaranteed a brand spankin’ new Stanley Cup Champion, as the Golden Knights continue their historical inaugural season.

The puck drops on the Stanley Cup Finals Monday @ 8:00 P.M. EST on NBC.

Eastern Conference Finals (NBA style)


Stop me if I sound like a broken record….

LeBron James’ teammates SUCK!!!!

Oh, okay, I’ll stop.

It’s literally LeBron against the Boston Celtics. Now staring a 3-2 deficit in the face, LeBron MUST reach into his bag of tricks and pull out something amazing — again. If LeBron wants to see a Game 7, he’ll need to add to his list of 40-point playoff games.

Now, it’s hard to feel TOO bad for him, as he requested this band of losers:

J.R. Smith, Tristan Thompson, Kevin Love, Larry Nance Jr., Rodney Hood, Jordan Clarkson, and George Hill.

Outside of the occasional Kevin Love sighting, this is a REALLY BAD TEAM. Without LeBron, this is a 25-win team (at best).

The Celtics held serve (96-83), as both teams have done in this series, sending the series back to Cleveland. Last time I checked, you can’t win a basketball game with 83 points. Anyway, LeBron will do what he does, and will gift us another Game 7. And we all know what LeBron does in Game 7s….


Do you still have faith the Cleveland LeBrons will win this series?? If not, explain yourself!!

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