April Showers Bring May….Doubleheaders

Don’t let ‘April Showers’ get in your way.

Nearly one month into the season, MLB is having a hard time with that one. Tuesday’s weather caused another setback in an already tumultuous season — and set a MLB record. Despite the rain, wind, ice, freezing temperatures, occasional snow, and holey roofs, MLB’s first month has provided fans with plenty to cheer, or boo.

pirates rain

Rain On My Parade

Despite singing the “Rain, rain, go away” song, the Pirates, Tigers, Orioles and Rays weren’t allowed to play baseball on Tuesday. Inclement weather caused MLB’s 27th and 28th postponement of the season. 28 weather related postponements are the most since the commissioner’s office starting tracking them in 1986 (good year).

The Pirates and Tigers will play a doubleheader Wednesday, starting at 4:05 P.M. EST. The Rays and Orioles will make up their game during a doubleheader on May 12th.

matt harvey bullpen

Matt Harvey Stinks

Matt Harvey’s season isn’t going as planned. After four horrific starts, Harvey was banished (kicking and screaming) to the bullpen. Players usually over perform during a contract year. Harvey, apparently, didn’t receive that memo. Tuesday night, in St. Louis, Harvey made his season debut from the bullpen. He was asked to pitch the 5th and 6th inning in a tie game (4-4).


Paging Mickey Callaway!! Was Matt Harvey’s 1st bullpen appearance during a tie game, on the road?!?! What’s the opposite of smart????

He was, uh, less than stellar (shocking). He coughed up 1 run, on 2 hits, 1 walk, and 2 strikeouts (on a whopping 35 pitches). I’d say it can’t get worse, but I’d be lying….

El Gary

Just click, watch until 1:46, and enjoy:

A monumental blast from Gary Sanchez, his 2nd of the game. Sanchez has been, well, Gary Sanchez over his past three games:

4 for 11 (.364), 2 home runs, and 5 rbi

Sanchez will likely be the designated hitter Wednesday, as Austin Romine is expected to catch Sonny Gray.

Oh, and all those who panicked a week ago, check the AL East standings now. All it takes is a four game winning streak from the Yankees to coincide with a three game losing streak by the Red Sox, and a seven-and-a-half game division lead becomes four in a hurry.

mike trout 3

The Best Player No One Knows

How is it possible the best player in a major sport is virtually unknown?! Mike Trout has been the best player in MLB for at least six years.

90% of the population wouldn’t recognize Mike Trout if they bumped into him on the street.

Through 24 games, Mike Trout has 10 home runs. Reread. Reprocess. Re-understand.

10 home runs through 24 games puts Trout on pace for 67 home runs. Oh, and he’s hitting .308 with 5 stolen bases. Oh, and he’s also the best defensive outfielder in MLB. Oh, and he’s also 26.

The 10% thank you Mike Trout. Please keep up the unbelievable work!!


What is the biggest takeaway from the first month of MLB?? Post your brilliant thoughts in the comment section below.

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