When A Dream Actually Comes TRUE!!

We all dream.

Dream of what we will one day become. Some dream of being a doctor, a lawyer, or an engineer. While others dream of being a professional athlete (MLB player was my dream). The latter, is nearly impossible. Only the most talented and luckiest of the lucky become professional athletes. Sure, there are the stories of LeBron James and Sidney Crosby. The phenoms who made it. But every so often, a professional athlete takes the road less traveled.

Meet Scott Foster….

Scott Foster is a 36-year old accountant from Oak Park, Illinois. He also dabbles in some hockey from time to time. Foster played for the Petrolia Jets in the Western Ontario Hockey League in 2000-2001 and also played at Western Michigan University from 2002-2006. And his current team:

Johnny’s IceHouse in a Chicago Rec League!! 


You can’t make this stuff up.

Foster has attended 15 Blackhawks’ games this season as their emergency backup goalie. That means that in order to get into a game, both the starting and backup goalie would have to get hurt on the same night….

Enter Scott Foster…. 

On Thursday night, March 29th, Starting goalie, Anton Forsberg, injured himself during pregame warmups, forcing Collin Delia to start the game. This launched Foster into the backup role, meaning he was one more injury away from making his NHL debut. And with 14:01 to play in the 3rd period, Delia left the game as well. This was Foster’s moment. He would be responsible for preserving a 6-2 lead over the Winnipeg Jets. Preserve he would. Foster went 7 for 7 on saves, and the Blackhawks won.

Foster, obviously, was named the 1st Star of the game!!

Check out Foster in action:

Following the game, Foster had this to say:

“A few hours ago I was sitting on my computer typing on the 10-key, and now I’m standing in front of you guys, just finished 14 and a half minutes of NHL hockey. From my perspective, this is a dream regardless. This is something that no one can ever take away from me, it’s something I can go home and tell my kids.”


Share your dreams in the comment section below….

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