There Are Two Sides To Every Coin

Everyone cheats.

But Dave, not everyone is dishone….

Yeah, they are.

See, a “competitive advantage” can mean a million different things. Is it the tug of an opponent’s jersey when the referee isn’t looking?? Is it pumping artificial crowd noise into your stadium when your opponent has the ball?? Or is it a government-run, doping scheme an entire country takes part in??

Now, I’m not saying performance enhancing drugs are being handed out on every street corner like free samples, but it’s like anything illegal….if you want it, you can get it.

Canelo Alvarez got it. News broke Monday evening that Canelo tested positive for two banned substances according to the VADA (Voluntary Anti-Doping Association). These results found the presence of Clenbuterol and Adverse in Canelo’s system from his February 17th drug test. Levels of 0.06-0.08 ng/ml (nanogram per milliliter) were found in each urine sample.

Canelo proclaims these positive tests were a result of consuming contaminated meat. Hey Canelo, you have something hanging off your lip. No, not there. THERE IT IS!! Ahhh, it was bull****.

Here’s the thing….

This story sounds like a big deal. “Boxing fans” will be disappointed. Moral perfectionists will sling judgments around like a football. And the pundits will question every Canelo victory.

In reality, this story is not a big deal. Canelo will still fight Gennady Golovkin, aka GGG, on May 5th. CINCO DE MAYO!! Canelo will still make millions of dollars for 36 minutes, or less, of work. And the “fake outrage” regarding performance enhancing drugs will continue, as no one really cares if athletes use them.




On the lighter side of things, Shaquem Griffin can not go unnoticed. Shaquem Griffin is a linebacker from the University of Central Florida. This past weekend, Griffin stole the show at the NFL Combine. He was born with a congenital condition, and his left hand had to be amputated at the age of four. That has never stopped Griffin from achieving his goals, and his performance at the combine is a testament to that attitude. Griffin posted the fastest 40-yard dash for a linebacker since 2003 (4.38 seconds). And with the use of a prosthetic arm, Griffin was able to post 20-reps on the bench press (225 lbs.).

Check out his 40-yard dash here, and his bench press here.

Following the bench press, Griffin said, “I was aiming for about 6 reps, and my personal best is 11, but I could feel the energy of everybody in the room. My adrenaline went through the roof, and when I heard 16, I said, oh yeah, I’m goin’ for 20.”

Griffin should be an inspiration to us all. People tend to complain, feel sorry for themselves, and make excuses for why they haven’t accomplished certain things. Griffin should serve as a reminder that anything is possible, no matter the circumstances. Griffin is projected to be drafted in the 4th round of this year’s NFL Draft.


Do you care about Canelo Alvarez’s positive drug test?? Also, post an inspirational story in the comment section below.

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2 thoughts on “There Are Two Sides To Every Coin

  1. great column

    and yeah i care that he is taking performance enhancing drugs ..
    do it the right way or get of the stage .. that s the way i feel

    probably less wind resistance without the arm

    the rickster

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