The Times They Are A-Changin’

It’s time to make some changes around here.

Everything evolves. People evolve (I’m not trying to start the debate to end all debates). The world evolves. And most importantly; sports evolve. Major organizations, such as the NFL and NCAA must evolve alongside their respective sport, or they’ll be left in the dust.


With the 2018 NFL Combine under way, the NFL competition committee figured it was an appropriate time to discuss potential rule changes. The most highly debated, controversial topic in the NFL has been the ‘catch rule’. No one watching, playing, coaching, or refereeing can define a catch. That has to change. And it looks like it will.

New York Giants’ owner, John Mara, who’s a committee member, had this to say, “It’s easy to say the rule has got to be changed, but coming up with the right language is a challenge.” Mara went on to say the committee unanimously agreed controversial incompletions like Dez Bryant’s in the 2014 playoffs and Calvin Johnson’s from the 2010 season would both be ruled completions moving forward. Finally, all those Dez Caught It! fantasy football team names will be accurate!!


The committee is also discussing modifying the defensive pass interference rule. Rather than being a spot foul, it would be a 15-yard penalty. In theory this makes sense, because the current rule assumes a completion, however, the proposed rule doesn’t account for a defender intentionally tackling a receiver by his feet, who’s wide open 50 yards down field. I don’t envy the committee, but at least they’re trying to evolve alongside the game of football.


The NCAA, apparently, didn’t want to get left out of the rule changing fun. They’ll temporarily implement four rule changes during this year’s NIT (National Invitation Tournament):

  • The 3-point line will be moved back 20 inches. It’ll now be the same distance as used by FIBA in international play.
  • The free throw lane, aka “the key”, will be extended from 12 to 16 feet (the same size as the NBA).
  • Two 20-minute halves will be broken down to four 10-minute quarters.
  • Following an offensive rebound, the shot clock will reset to 20 seconds rather than 30.

While I’m not a fan of rule changes mid-season, 3 out of 4 of these are long overdue. The only one I disagree with is resetting the shot clock to 20 seconds. What’s the purpose of this rule?? Why shouldn’t the team, who earned another possession, receive another 30 seconds to attempt to score??

Even though most people are afraid of change, it’s a good thing. Embrace it, or the (sports) world may pass you by.


What do you think of these proposed rule changes?? If you have a rule change idea, post it in the comment section below.

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