Knicks Think It’s Opposite Day

Ask, and you shall receive.

Tuesday, New York Knicks’ Center, Willy Hernangomez requested a trade.

Wednesday, his wish was granted.

Hernangomez has been traded to the Charlotte Hornets for Johnny O’Bryant III and two 2nd-round picks. Yeah, because I need a 24-year old who’s about to play on his 4th team. Hernangomez was drafted in the 2nd-round in 2015 by the Philadelphia 76ers but was traded to the Knicks during the draft. Inexplicably, he’s been buried on the Knicks’ bench all season, averaging just 9 minutes per game.

Last season, Hernangomez showed promise, averaging nearly a double-double in under 20 minutes per game. He was named to the All-Rookie Team last season. Following Kristaps Porzingis’ season ending injury, this trade makes no sense whatsoever. Hernangomez has an unbelievably friendly contract, as he’s locked into the league minimum for the next 2 seasons. And at 23 years old, you’d think the powers that be would build around players like Hernangomez, rather than Kyle O’Quinn (27 years old).

The Knicks, as usual, leave me dumbfounded. With the NBA trade deadline approaching (Thursday, February 8th @ 3 P.M. EST), check back to see who else the Knicks ship out of town.


What do you think of this trade?? If you like it, please have your head examined, and then explain yourself in the comment section below.

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2 thoughts on “Knicks Think It’s Opposite Day

  1. You are 100% right big Dave…with KP out, little Willy is needed now more than ever on the floor! What could they possibly get for any second round pick that’s going to be better than Hernangomez is right now? Here we go again, straight to the cellar.

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    1. The answer, Big Ken, is nothing. They essentially donated Hernangomez to the Hornets!! There are no words for the level of ineptitude that exists within the Knicks’ franchise….

      Thanks for reading and commenting!!



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