At Least We Know Who Won….


It’s a shame. It’s a shame the world is discussing a scorecard rather than a great fight. After all, that is what Canelo vs. Golovkin delivered; a great fight. Unfortunately, there is (apparently) a great deal of subjectivity involved in the result of boxing matches.

On Saturday night, Canelo Alvarez challenged Gennady Golovkin for the middleweight championship of the world. After 3 entertaining, but lopsided fights on the undercard, the world was ready. Despite his undefeated record, Golovkin was arriving on the BIG stage for the 1st time in his career. Canelo, always taking on his toughest opponent (not dodging opponents..ahem..Mayweather..ahem), was ready for another battle.

The fight started slowly, as Golovkin’s nerves were visible. It wasn’t until the 4th round (Canelo stole the 1st 3 rounds) that Golovkin settled in. Golovkin began to impose his will, walking Canelo down with his stiff jab. However, rather than keep Canelo on the ropes or in a corner, Canelo counterpunched his way out of trouble numerous times. This is something none of Golovkin’s opponents had done before. Has Golovkin, at age 35, lost a step, or was he simply facing the stiffest competition of his career??

Can it be both??

Canelo is by far the toughest opponent Golovkin has ever faced, but father time waits for no man. In Golovkin’s previous fight, he went the distance with Danny Jacobs. While Jacobs is an accomplished fighter (32-2), Golovkin would have been better served beating Jacobs in dominating fashion (or knocking him out). Now, boxing experts question how much Golovkin has left in the tank.

Once Golovkin found his groove, he won 6 consecutive rounds (4-9). His active, effective jab kept Canelo on the move. While Canelo remained active, his ring movement was surprising. I thought Canelo would pressure Golovkin into trading power shots in the center of the ring. While this sounds like a style that would benefit Golovkin, this fight proved the contrary.

Which leads us to the championship rounds (10-12)….

Prior to round 10, Canelo’s trainer, Jose Reynoso, implored his fighter to execute 3 ‘perfect’ rounds. While Canelo wasn’t perfect, he emerged from his corner with a flurry of power shots. Canelo was overwhelming when he pressured Golovkin. Despite Golovkin’s amazing chin, he showed a tremendous amount of respect for Canelo’s punching power (as he should). Canelo won the final 3 rounds convincingly.

For those paying attention, I scored this fight a draw (114-114). A draw. That’s what happened. So, why the controversy?!?! It’s not the result I’m displeased with, it’s the way it got there….

Adalaide Byrd: 118-110 (Canelo)

Dave Moretti: 115-113 (Golovkin)

Don Trella: 114-114 (Draw)

Click here to see the official scorecards.

1 of these things is not like the other. Umm, Mrs. Byrd, what fight were you watching?!?! 118-110 translates to 10 rounds to 2. Now, I like Canelo Alvarez, so if I was a biased fan, or his mother, I could see how I’d come up with 118-110. But Adalaide Byrd is supposed to be an objective, professional boxing judge. What in the actual wHaT?!?! How is it possible she is employed as a boxing judge for the most important fight of the year??

Oh wait. You mean to tell me promoters have requested she be removed from fights before?? Due to her shoddy performance?? Ahh, it all makes perfect sense now. Someone should have told her 115-113 (Canelo) would have served the same purpose, and could have kept the conspiracy theorists in their mother’s basement. Now, all anyone can talk about is the incompetence of Adalaide Byrd, the corruption of boxing, and whether or not to buy the rematch. Yes, there will be a rematch. Not just because Canelo had a rematch clause written into his contract, but because there will always be 1 winner that rises to the top; $$$$!! 


Did you watch the fight?? Who won?? Tell me in the comment section below.

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