What’s A Little Fight Between Friends??

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It is an exciting time to be alive. The birds are chirping, the sun is shining, and every NFL Training Camp is underway. This first week of Camp is usually designated for Non-Contact Drills. Apparently, not everyone received that memo.

So far, we have seen multiple fights break out in multiple camps. Reportedly, there have been scuffles in Bengals, Vikings, Giants, and Patriots’ Training Camps. These are the fights we know about. Let’s start with everyone’s least favorite team, ahem, I mean the defending Super Bowl Champion New England Patriots. 


Stephon Gilmore is the new kid on the block in New England. He’s trying to make a good first impression and show his new team he won’t back down from a fight. On Tuesday, Julian Edelman was locked up with Gilmore all throughout practice. Edelman became fed up with Gilmore’s physical play, so he took this party to the ground. After Edelman pinned Gilmore down, the fight was broken up by teammates. Images of the scuffle can be seen here. Bill Belichick has a strict “No Fighting” policy, so both Edelman and Gilmore were immediately ejected from practice. Good times.


The New York Giants defense has become one of their greatest strengths. Three days ago, two Giants’ defenders figured it was time to flex their muscles, on each other. At the end of practice on Sunday, Janoris Jenkins (Cornerback) and Eric Pinkins (Safety) went at it. Pushing led to punching which led to teammates jumping in to separate both players. Giants’ Head Coach, Ben McAdoo, said, “You know how it is with families. Sometimes you have some dustups, but some of the best dust-ups you’re ever in is with family. You learn from it and move on.” Certainly the Giants will move on from this, as they have high expectations for the upcoming season.


And then there’s the Cincinnati Bengals. The oh so dysfunctional Bengals. They’ve been known for their physical, almost violent, style of play. While this can be effective, it’s not often the best idea when you’re playing against yourself — in practice. Bengals’ running back, Giovani Bernard, is returning from a torn ACL. You’d think his teammates would be cognizant of that. They all seemed to be, until Vontaze Burfict entered the picture. Yes, that Vontaze Burfict. The cheap-shot machine decided it was a good idea to tackle Bernard during a NON-CONTACT DRILL!! Check out the video of the hit here. Nice move Einstein. Naturally, the Bengals’ Running Backs Coach took exception to this, and got in Burfict’s face. Which led to a full-team scuffle. Hooray comradery!!


What do you think of Training Camp fights?? Does it show an exciting level of passion, or does it show a senseless lack of self-control?? Send me your opinion in the comment section below.

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