Dare I Call The U.S. Champions??


USA!! USA!! USA!! This will echo throughout the country today. The U.S. Men’s Soccer Team did something they hadn’t done in 4 years. They won the Gold Cup!! Yes, you heard that right. The U.S. actually won something that has to do with soccer. The Gold Cup is a North American tournament held every 2 years. A tournament usually dominated by Mexico or the United States, saw Mexico fall one match short of the finals. They were upset by Jamaica in the semi-finals after a stunning 1-0 defeat.

The last time a team not named USA or Mexico won the Gold Cup was back in 2000, when Canada won.

The U.S. took on Jamaica in the Finals Wednesday night in a thrilling match. The drama revved up in the 23rd minute, when Jamaican goalkeeper, Andre Blake, suffered a gruesome finger injury and was forced to leave the match. No update has been given on the status of his finger. Backup goalkeeper, Dwayne Miller, played the rest of the match in place of Blake. Despite losing, Miller played pretty well.

The United States would strike first, as U.S. forward, Jozy Altidore, drove home a wonderful free kick just prior to halftime (in the 45th minute). I like Altidore man. This guy is big, strong, and he always erupts with raw emotion after a goal. He is a very solid, physical player, and I believe he is an x-factor for this U.S. team. It is also nice to see him bounce back after multiple injuries over the past few years. Right after halftime, Jamaica UNFORTUNATELY evened the score, when Je-Vaughn Watson drove home a beautiful one-timer off a corner kick in the 50th minute. The U.S., however, showed their true colors.

We fast forward to the 88th minute. This was the moment the U.S. team would seal their fate. U.S. forward, Jordan Morris, was standing at the right place at the right time. He put a right-footed shot past Miller from just inside the box. And let the celebration begin!!

This is the U.S.’s 6th Gold Cup Championship. Under coach, Bruce Arena, they are playing very well. Hopefully they can carry this momentum all the way through the World Cup. The World Cup is coming our way in less than a year. It will be hosted by Russia (yes that Russia), and it commences on June 14th, 2018. Oh the world — will be watching.

For now, we get to call the U.S. Champions!!


I know you don’t care about soccer, but tell me if you watched this match in the comment section below….

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