Chad Johnson Is An Idiot

Today’s big topic of the day is that of Chad “I guess I’m going by my real name now” Johnson’s legal woes. As I’m sure you’ve all seen or heard by now, Johnson was in court on Monday for violating his probation. He landed on probation because of a domestic dispute stemming from an altercation on August 11th, 2012. He was accused of head-butting (YES, HEAD-BUTTING) his then wife, Basketball Wives reality star Evelyn Lozada. So, to make a long ridiculous story short, Johnson did not get sentenced to jail for his actions, instead he was put on probation. Obviously, Mr. Former Football Star didn’t think probation was something a person should take seriously, so he decided to violate it (smart I know). So let’s fast forward to yesterday, where Johnson was seen in court for said violation of his probation. If you haven’t seen the video of his court appearance, thank TMZ for this gem and then click here:

Now, I might have been born in the generation where kids are entitled little snot nosed bastards, but my personal views don’t exactly fit within those guidelines. I believe that when you find yourself in trouble, you stand up like a man and accept your punishment. You act respectful at all times, and you do your best to be contrite and learn something from your mistakes (because we all make them). You certainly should never make light of a serious situation in a serious setting. See, the bottom line is that Chad Johnson should have thanked his lucky stars that he wasn’t going to have to spend a second in jail. He didn’t spend time for the domestic violence charge or for the probation violation. But what does he do? He decides to give his lawyer a nice little congratulatory pat on the rear end for a job well done. Well let me tell you something Mr. Johnson, this is NOT the football field, no matter how much you want it to be, this is a court room. What he should have done was dress appropriately (in a suit and tie), and stand there like a statue and not open his stupid mouth once. He should have kissed the ground that the judge walked on and thanked her for sparing him despite his laundry list of poor judgement. But as I reiterate for the 15th time, he did not do any of those things.

As for the judge, she should have handled Johnson’s entire situation differently as well. First off, let me say that I am 100% against domestic violence, and I believe that offenders should spend required jail time no matter what. With that being said, Johnson should have been imprisoned for the initial incident, however he was not. Secondly, when he violated his probation he should have been shipped right off to jail (do not pass go, do not collect $200), however he was not. So rather than make a proper example of Johnson, she decides to jail him for the butt slap heard round the world. Good work Judge Judy. Now, you are going to be known as the woman who doesn’t see head-butting your wife and violating probation as jail-able offenses, but tapping your lawyer on the behind is, hmmmmmmmmm? At least you’re going to get your 15 minutes (good work).

Now if you’re one of those people that believes in karma, than none of this bothers you because he got what he deserved. But if you are one of these free thinkers (ahem, Robin Lundberg), that thinks what the judge did is criminal, than you have a major problem with this. Either way, Chad Johnson is an idiot! Enjoy your month in the real world Chad.

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One thought on “Chad Johnson Is An Idiot

  1. Excellent reporting Davey! You are so right about everything you said. If anyman dare to hit, slap, punch, kick, head-butt, belittle, embarass, curse at, etc. etc. (I could go on and on here but think you get the point) HE NEEDS TO PAY. However this never seems to be the case. These kind of men NEVER take responsibility for anything they do or say. I know this from first hand experience! The man just gets away with it! No consequences! The damage that is done is irrevocable. SO karma shwarma – this is punishment for embarassing the judge. Again no consequences for hitting his wife!



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