There’s A Professional Hockey League????????

In case you’ve missed it (and I’m pretty sure you did), The Chicago Blackhawks are doing something we’ve never seen before.  They have scored at least one point in every game so far this season.  They have a total of 41 points through their first 22 games (a record of 19-0-3).  What the Blackhawks are doing is amazing.  The Blackhawks have set a new record for the most consecutive games with a point to start a season.  They surpassed the ’06-’07 Anaheim Ducks by winning their game on February 22nd.  Hockey, in its lockout shortened season, has become mostly an afterthought to most people.  Can the Blackhawks amazing performance singlehandedly revive the sport of hockey?  I think it can.  I find more and more people are tuning in to see how many games they can win in a row.  People love watching history, and that’s exactly what this is.

As for New York hockey, it’s not going quite as well.  The New York Islanders and the New York Rangers are both currently sitting outside of the playoff picture.  The Rangers rank last in goals scored in the Eastern Conference and sit in 9th place (1 point behind the Philadelhpia Flyers for the final playoff spot).  The Islanders on the other hand rank last in goals against, which doesn’t bode well for their playoff chances.  However, they are only 3 points behind those Flyers, so nothing is out of the realm of possibilities.  You can watch both the Rangers and Islanders in action Tuesday night.  The Rangers have a big game against the Flyers at Madison Square Garden (@ 7:30 P.M.), while the Islanders have the 1st place Montreal Canadiens at Nassau Coliseum (@ 7:00 P.M.).  See, I didn’t forget about you hockey fans.  Enjoy!


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8 thoughts on “There’s A Professional Hockey League????????

  1. Rangers are struggling, but with their talent I really think they can turn it around. Islanders need to get some better goaltending from Nabokov and I really think they can be a scary 7-8 seed in the playoffs. I know with young snipers like Tavares, Moulson, and Opkoso (sp?) they’d be a scary team to face in the first round of the playoffs, and could even steal the series (much like the Capitals did last year to the Bruins…*sigh*).


  2. Hey man I’m with you. I like the young talent the Islanders have, they just need Nabokov’s goaltending from NHL the video game (back in the day). He was dirty back then. I think both New York teams have a chance to sneak into the playoffs (at least I hope they do). Thanks for the comment brother. Keep em’ comin.


    1. David, we all know Nabbys goaltending on his best day couldn’t help your NHL video game play….

      In terms of the islanders and rangers of this year, rangers are underachieving big time this year but with that offense the goals will come and backed by the goaltending of “The King” they will get to the dance and will do some damage.
      The isles on the other hand are a year or two away from doing anything substantial. Sporting the worst home record in the league, a coaching change is necessary. As for their young core, they have a superstar in Tavares who is up among the league leaders in points and goals and Okposo is off to his usual slow start but has come into his own the last few games.


      1. Yea I like where the Isles are heading, but yo that was a low blow there with that NHL comment! Not cool bro! Are you happy about the Isles moving to Brooklyn??


  3. Yes, the move to Brooklyn is going to be great for the franchise. There was no future for the isles or any professional sports franchise in Nassau County, It’s a shame but it’s reality. On a positive note, the future is bright for the isles, In terms of the new facility and the team itself.


  4. Do you actually realize how much attention the Blackhawks would be getting if this was any other sport!?!? When they won their 20th strait game it was on Sportscenter at 11:27. 27 minutes into Sportscenter! By the way, I hate to agree with Stephen A. Smith, but this also is not a winning streak. Notcie the 19-0-3. That 3 means 3 losses in overtime/shootout. That means they lost, 3 times. Winning 19 of 22 is awesome, but let’s not go crazy here.

    As far as New York hockey goes, the Rangers will definitely get in. They are a point behind 8th but also 6 points out of 1st in the division. They also have 3 games at hand on the flyers. Too much talent not to get in and make a run. I think Islanders actually get in too.


    1. Agreed all around..leave it to Stephen A to make sense right? Haha..Yea I think the Rangers definitely get in..too bad nobody cares about hockey because it is a great sport



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