Sooooo….That Didn’t Go As Planned Did It??

WOW!!!!  Just when everyone thought it couldn’t get any worse, it did.  I am not going to break down last nights game because I don’t want to make anyone sick to their stomach.  In case you missed it the Knicks lost to the Pacers by a score of 125-91, and have now lost four of their last five games.  Let’s just say it was ugly, pathetic, and the Knicks looked like they didn’t want to be out on the court.  After a nice week off for the All Star break, the Knicks looked like they were still on vacation.  With that being said, last night the New York Knicks looked like, well the New York Knicks.  As Knicks fans, we are used to this by now aren’t we?  I know I am.  They toy with your emotions.  They trick you into believing they are a complete team and they’ve put their woes behind them.  And then what happens?  They go through horrid stretches that make you wonder what’s next.  It may sound like I’m jumping ship, but I’m not.  Let me explain to you what’s happening with the New York Knicks.  They are a jump shooting team that has an affinity for three pointers, they play next to no defense, and they have a confused lineup.  Earlier on in the season the Knicks weren’t good, they were great.  This is because the three’s and jumpers were falling.  Jump shooting teams are streaky.  They lose games they have no business losing, and sometimes they win games they have no business winning.  Don’t be surprised if the Knicks turn this ship around and go on a nice little stretch in March.  Let me tell you something, that would leave everyone scratching their heads saying, who are the real Knicks?  This is because the Knicks, in March, play ten of their first fifteen games on the road.  I know you all feel like I did two months ago (as a Jets fan), and you believe Murphy’s Law is in affect.  However, it’s not time to give up, yet.  Like I said, they are a jump shooting team, and they will start falling again real soon (right Jason?).  Jason Kidd can talk about how rejuvenated he is after his week off, but I think he left his jump shot in Cabo along with his sunscreen.  All the Knicks need to do (besides trade for a power forward who can play defense and rebound) is stop playing one on one, get some ball movement, and play team defense.  I know that is easier said then done, but that’s what was happening at the start of the season.  And hey, guess what?  The more you move the ball the more open shots you’ll get.  The more open shots you get the more shots you will probably make.  More made shots = more points (I know that’s a wild concept).  The defense issue is the toughest problem to solve because you only have three guys who actually want to play defense on the roster; Tyson Chandler, Iman Shumpert, and Ronnie Brewer.  Brewer never sees the light of day because he is more useless on the offensive end than George W. Bush in a library.  Shumpert is still not 100% and Woodson doesn’t seem to be his biggest fan.  And Chandler is doing his part, but he can’t defend five guys at once.  Finally, the lineup is as confused as Andy Dick (not that there’s anything wrong with that).  This falls on Coach Woodson.  I understand that Woodson needs to shuffle around the lineup when things aren’t going well, but he needs to find some continuity for the team to thrive.  It’s certainly not looking good right now, but it ain’t over til the fat lady sings, and I don’t see Rosie O’ Donnell anywhere so I think they have some time to figure this out.


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