Kobe and Lebron

Originally posted on : 1/18/13 @ 3:10 P.M.

So, I was listening to 98.7 FM this morning on my way to work, and they were talking about Kobe Bryant and Lebron James.  This inspired me to chime in on this debate.  Kobe Vs Lebron.  Who is better?   Now, they were asking two different questions.  Who is better now, and who was better at the time they reached the 20,000 point milestone.  Now the first question is a simple fact.  Lebron is clearly better now.  NO disrespect meant to Kobe, because he is a first ballot hall of famer and top 10 player of all time no questions asked.  However, Lebron James is clearly the best basketball player on the planet right now.  Kobe had his prime and his time, but Lebron is clearly #1.  This is coming from someone who personally doesn’t care all that much for Lebron by the way.  Now, on to question number 2.  Kobe in his prime was something special.  No matter what generation you are from, you can count on 1 hand how many guys could take over a game like Kobe while at the same time lock down the other teams best offensive player.  By now I would think that anyone who knows sports knows that Kobe’s heart, killer instinct, and closing abilities are unquestioned.  Especially in a conversation against Lebron James, a guy who runs away from the ball when the clock is running toward all 0’s.  Lebron, yes, as we all know is a “freak” of nature.  No one compares to him as a physical specimen because let’s face it you’re not supposed to be able to jump that high and run that fast at his size.  Most of us I would think would have a hard time walking and dribbling at the same time at 6’8″, 255 lbs.  But, I don’t live in the world of the knee-jerk reaction to everything.  Lebron’s greatness hasn’t been instantaneous.  Just because he hit 20,000 points it doesn’t mean he magically became better than Kobe overnight or should be put in the same sentence as MJ, yet.  He’s been a special talent since anyone who matters first heard his name, and he’ll be one of the best of all time when it’s all said and done.  But, let’s give Kobe credit where credit’s due.  Lebron can guard 4 positions at any time but isn’t the defender Kobe was, yet.  Lebron is a better passer and rebounder as well, but all of these things don’t change the most important part of the discussion.  WINS.  I’ll take Kobe’s heart and rings over Lebron’s five tools, for now.  Call me in 5 years and you want to compare them at the 30,000 points, and I’m sure my answer will be very different.

4 thoughts on “Kobe and Lebron

  1. Sorry Davey but Kobe is a fine cut of beef! “Those who have tasted Kobe beef have either praised it as the best meat in the world or have questioned the hype surrounding it.”
    I agree with the latter. Way too much hype. I have no repect for him at all. We need to re-evaluate the measure of a man. Is Kobe a great basketball player? Maybe…but as a human being…despicable….so add those two components together and what’s left? This may be harsh but I think all you really get is a ball handling dribbler!


    1. Wow! Talk about harsh words! Kobe Bryant the man is a topic we can discuss at another time. Put emotions to the side and be objective. Whether you want to invite him over for dinner or not doesn’t change the fact that he is top a 7 or 8 player of all time. Period.

      I think we’ll be agreeing to disagree in the bear future. Thank you for the comments and support!!



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