Conference Championships Part 1

Originally Posted on : 1/19/13 @ 9:52 A.M.

Are you ready for some football?  Personally, I can’t wait for kickoff on Sunday!  I expect these games to be just as exciting as the games we had the privilege to watch last weekend.  I think both of these games are going to come down to the final drives and could be decided by a field goal or last second touchdown.  Everyone out there as you know pretty much has the same 2 picks: New England and San Francisco.  At the same time, I know some are trying to kinda sorda jump on the Ravens/Ray Lewis/Destiny bandwagon and say they have a shot, but I think the other game is going to be the nailbiter.  On the heels of this Michael Crabtree distraction I think that there is just going to be just too much pressure on Mr. Kaepernick.  Crabtree has turned into a nice little receiver and clearly is the 49ers best option no matter where he is on the field.  I have always been a Randy Moss fan, but let’s be real, he’s 35 going on 75, and he looks like he’s jogging through his routes and breaks.  But with Crabtree’s mind preoccupied with his newly found investigation, I think Kaepernick will have to keep this game on the ground.  Yes, I know everyone who is reading this is saying hey buddy Kaepernick only broke a rushing record last week for a qb, why can’t he do it again?  And yes, the 49ers do have a great running game even without Kaepernick running wild, but I just like the home team to at least carry a lead into the 4th quarter.  The combination of Julio Jones and Roddy White is going to be too much even for this stellar 49ers’ defense.  My only reservation is that their defense might fade down the strech like last week.  I foresee Kaepernick finally looking like a quarterback in his first year and throwing not 1 but 2 untimely picks.  I think the Falcons will employ a well designed game plan and bend but not break when it comes to Kaepernick running.  Now, I don’t mean any disrespect to Colin Kaepernick because he does have mountains of potential and clearly has the arm strength to be a pocket passer in the NFL.  I mean heck he could have been making millions in the MLB years ago.  I digress.  I just see him looking like a “rookie” this weekend at inoppurtune times.  Final score in Atlanta: 31-28 (Atlanta).  Check back later on today for my New England vs. Baltimore prediction.  Enjoy the games on Sunday!


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