It’s Championship Time!!

Then, there were two.

Nearly three weeks ago, 68 teams had their sights set on the ultimate prize; a national championship. Today, only two teams are left standing: Villanova and Michigan.

Monday night, Villanova will look to capture their 2nd national championship in three years. They currently stand as 7-point favorites. That’s a lot of points for a national championship game. And Michigan is playing as well as Villanova right now. No, they can’t light it up from 3-point range like Villanova, but they can still overwhelm opponents on both ends of the floor.

It would be hard for Villanova to repeat their shooting performance from their Final Four victory over Kansas (18-40 on 3-pointers)!! But expect them to come close. This will be a competitive game that comes down to the final two minutes.

Tune into TBS tonight @ the ungodly hour of 9:20 P.M. EST to catch all the action. As much as I want to watch this game, sadly, I will be sound asleep by 10:30 P.M.

Score Prediction: Villanova 74, Michigan 69 



On the women’s side of things, UConn did not win the national championship. That doesn’t sound right. Undefeated heading into Friday’s final four matchup with Notre Dame, Uconn would fall, to the eventual champion, 91-89 F/OT. 

Notre Dame’s championship victory Sunday night involved yet another buzzer beater by Arike Ogunbowale. Notre Dame’s junior guard hit the shot that took down UConn in overtime. And then she hit the shot that hoisted the trophy. While it wasn’t Kris Jenkins from 2016, it was pretty close.

Snow Baseball


It’s April. Oh, you thought you were done with snow for the year?? HA! So silly you are. While the MLB season is trying to get into full swing, New York (and other less important cities) may have an obstacle to hurdle today. With 4-6 inches of snow expected to accumulate in the Tri-State area, the Yankees’ home-opener is in slight jeopardy. Currently set for 1:05 P.M., my guess is it’ll be postponed allowing time for this snow to melt (it will). If not, the Yankees will have a double-header in their future.

Speaking of Yankees’ fans (I’m a die hard one as well), please RELAX!! The Yankees aren’t going to give up grand slams every day. Their bullpen will be a strength, not a weakness. And they’ll win 90+ games, not miss the playoffs. People are SO reactionary it makes me angry. Stop hanging on every moment of every game. IT’S A 162-GAME SEASON!!!!

Enjoy what should be the final snow of the year!! And enjoy your snow baseball!!


Who will win the Men’s National Championship?? Post your prediction in the comment section below.

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Evolve Or Die, College Football’s Dilemma

the u

It was chaos. Mayhem. Cats and dogs living together. It was just what the doctor ordered for any true college football fan. Multiple teams were dropped from the college playoff ranking this week after embarrassing, blowout losses. Monkey wrench, thrown in….

Notre Dame dropped from #3 to #8 following a beat down of epic proportions by Miami. With fate in their own hands, and a 1-point loss to Georgia as the only blemish on their resume, Notre Dame folded like a cheap suit. 41-8 is not the storybook ending the Fighting Irish were hoping for. ‘The U’ happily took Notre Dame’s #3 ranking this week.

Georgia also took a tumble, from #1 to #7, thanks to a crushing 40-17 defeat at the hands of the Auburn Tigers. Auburn is now knocking at the door at #6 despite having 2 losses on their record. With a showdown with now #1 Alabama just 2 weeks away, that monkey wrench may get a lot bigger. Auburn being a crucial part of this year’s college football playoff equation, is irony at its finest. For a refresher of the effects of Auburn’s 2004 undefeated season, click here.

In 2014, the NCAA (finally) changed their postseason format to a 4-team, bracket-style, playoff. This has added intrigue to college football, as more teams remain in contention for the national championship. And just 4 seasons since its inception, the college football playoff must evolve again.

The world needs the college football playoff to expand to 8 teams.

The playoffs, in any sport, are used to narrow the field, in order to determine a champion. The challenge, in every sport, is to draw a line in the sand in determining that field.

Here are the current playoff fields for every sport you care about:

NFL – 12 out of 32

MLB – 10 out of 30    

NBA – 16 out of 30

NHL – 16 out of 31

NCAA Basketball – 68 out of 351

As you can see, college football is behind the times. Rather than be reactive, college football should be proactive. Expanding the field to 8 teams would increase and prolong viewership, without watering down the playoff field. While I understand there will be ‘an odd man out’ in any format, this would alleviate a lot of headaches (and crying).

There are no logistical issues in the way, only approval from the powers that be. While this idea is awesome, and can be implemented next year, don’t hold your breath.

For now, let’s hope Alabama loses to Auburn, Georgia loses to Auburn, Clemson beats Miami, Oklahoma loses to Ohio State, and Wisconsin goes undefeated. Because nothing screams controversy like an undefeated team not making the playoffs.


Do you think the college football playoff should be expanded to 8 teams?? If not, post your format idea in the comment section below.

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Are the Knicks the Worst Franchise in Sports? (aka New York Knicks 2015 Draft Review)


I don’t know where to start.  I spent all of last night trying not to break things in my house.  And this morning, I am still not sure what to do.  Let’s start with the New York Knicks 1st round pick.  His name is Kristaps Porzingis.  Yes you heard that right; PORZINGIS.  He was selected with the #4 overall pick in the 2015 NBA Draft.  He is 19 years old, and he hails from Latvia.  He is listed at 7’1″, and his weight remains a mystery, but he is approximately 210 pounds.  I don’t know him outside of what I’ve heard on television, radio, and the internet, but I have spent some time watching his film.  I am here to tell you that it is not his fault.  It is not his fault that he’s going to be a bust.  Enter brainwashed “optimistic” Knicks fan: “But you don’t know he’ll be a bust!”  Oh yes I do!!  Listen, nothing would make me happier than to say I was wrong about this kid.  If he turns into the next Dirk Nowitzki in 5 years that would be the best thing that ever happened to the Knicks franchise.  However, I am going to stick with the statistics that tell me this kid won’t make it in the NBA.

A very small percentage of international players drafted in the NBA become good players.  The last international player drafted in the lottery to become an all-star is Yao Ming (Ming was drafted 1st overall in the 2002 NBA Draft).  There is only 1 Dirk Nowitzki for a reason.  On the other hand, there are too many busts to list here, but in the past 40 years, less than 10% of international players drafted were still on an NBA roster after only 5 years.  So, the media and knowledgeable basketball personnel can tell me how much potential Porzingis has until they’re blue in the face.  I don’t care.  The odds tell me he will not pan out, especially in today’s instant gratification generation.  Notable NBA General Managers have said Porzingis has tremendous upside, however, he may need 3 or 4 years to develop because he is a project.  Do you honestly believe in this day and age a player will be given 4 years to develop?  2015 is not 1975.  Hell it’s not even 2005.  No one has patience anymore.  I want my championship, and I want it now!!  The other problem with Porzingis is he needs to gain 40 or 50 pounds to even think about banging with the big boys down in the post.  Until he does that, big power forwards and centers will have their way with him around the basket.  The reason Porzingis has been successful playing internationally is because the level of physicality is nowhere near the same as the NBA.  Stretch 4’s grow on trees in international basketball (there is also only 1 Marc Gasol for a reason).  Oh, Porzingis, it is not your fault you’re going to be the next Darko Milicic, but by all means, prove me wrong.

As for the rest of the Knicks draft, I actually like the first trade Phil Jackson made.  Jackson traded Tim Hardaway Jr. to the Hawks for Jerian Grant.  Grant is an athletic point guard who played at Notre Dame, and by all accounts seems NBA ready.  Hardaway Jr. is a decent young player, but he only knows how to do one thing; score.  Last time I checked the Knicks already have someone who does that.  Grant could become the smart, gritty point guard the Knicks have been looking for.  The Knicks apparently made another small splash later in the draft.  They traded 2 future 2nd-round picks to the Philadelphia 76ers for a center out of Spain named Guillermo Hernangomez.  Hernangomez and Porzingis were actually teammates overseas, which can’t hurt.  Swinging on 2 international centers and missing can hurt though.  With all that being said, we should stay positive and hope for a bright future right?  Let’s Go Kni…….ah whatever.

What are your thoughts on the New York Knicks 2015 NBA Draft?  Are you as upset as I am, or do you have faith in Phil Jackson?

Post your thoughts in the comment section below.

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What’s On TV??

It’s Friday night and you had a long week. You don’t feel like dragging your butt out of the house into the cold when you’re tired; so don’t. I’ve got just what you need to keep you company. So sit back, relax, and enjoy these basketball games on the collegiate and pro levels. Today, as most of you know is the 2nd day of the NCAA basketball tournament. Tonight you’ll have some good games starting at 7:20 p.m. EST. The action will start on TNT where North Carolina(8) will take on Villanova(9). North Carolina is the favorite in this one having played well leading up to the tournament. Look for UNC to win this one by 5 points. After that game you can switch over to either TBS or CBS for two interesting 7 vs. 10 match-ups. At 9:20 p.m. you’ll find San Diego State(7) taking on Oklahoma(10), and at 9:45 p.m. you can see Notre Dame(7) take on Iowa State(10). Both should be close games, but I like the lucky number 7 in both of these games. And lastly, in the final game of the 1st round you’ll have UCLA(6) taking on Minnesota(11). You can find that game on TruTv at 9:57 p.m. I see a nice upset in this game, with Minnesota showing the world why the Big Ten is the best conference in college basketball this year. I think they will pull out the victory by 7 points.

If you are the 4 people in the world that are not into college basketball, then let me highlight the best NBA games on TV tonight. Starting with my favorite team, the New York Knicks, they will be in Toronto this evening to take on the Raptors. You can find that game on MSG Network at 7:00 p.m. I foresee the Knicks winning a close game by 6 points. Lord knows they need to keep winning basketball games. If you want to watch the Miami Heat attempt to extend their winning streak to 25 games, then turn on NBATV at 7:30 p.m. They will be taking on the Detroit Pistons at home (I think it’s safe to say they’ll extend their streak). Whatever you tonight, enjoy yourself. Thanks for reading!

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The End Of An Era

Saturday night at Madison Square Garden marked the end of an era in Men’s College Basketball. In case you missed it, Louisville beat Syracuse by a score of 78-61 to capture their 2nd straight Big East Conference Tournament Championship. That final score is not exactly an indication of the way the game went, but I’ll get into that in a minute. This is meant as a tribute to the Big East, in my estimation the best conference in Men’s basketball for the past 15 years. Some can argue for the ACC, but after Duke and North Carolina that Conference isn’t made od much. Year after year we have seen 7 or 8 teams enter the NCAA tournament from the Big East. And as for the Big East tournament, there has been no other place to find more thrilling games (thanks Madison Square Garden). If you think college players don’t get up for a game on Madison Square Garden’s floor, than you are crazy. We have had the privilege of watching Uconn, Syracuse, Georgetown, Louisville, Marquette, West Virginia, Providence, St. John’s, DePaul, Pittsburgh, Cincinnati, South Florida, Rutgers, Villanova, and Seton Hall battle it out on the hardwood for years. And now sadly, thanks to the all mighty dollar, the Big East will be disbanding in the coming months.

The final game for the Big East was not the overtime thriller we’ve grown accustom to, but it certainly had it’s own type of drama. Syracuse looked like they were cruising to a victory and the Big East Conference title. However, Louisville had something else to say about that. With 15:34 left to play in the 2nd half, Syracuse held a 16 point lead (45-29). What happened next was epic. Louisville turned up the volume on every aspect of the game. They proceeded to go on a 49-16 run to close the game, winning by 17 points!! The comeback was truly a team effort, but the Cardinals were led by Montrezl Harrell, who scored 12 of his 20 points in the 2nd half. With their Championship victory, Louisville has most likely planted themselves firmly as the #1 overall seed of the NCAA Tournament. The NCAA Tournament is awesome, but it has definitely lost some of it’s flare. There is a significant amount of parody in Men’s College Basketball these days. Parody is not a good thing for this tournament. People want to watch great teams dominate, just as they want to watch history unfold right before their eyes. Do you honestly feel confident in picking the winner of the tournament this year? I know I don’t. Indiana??? Maybe??? I have no clue, and that’s why I might as well let my cat Precious fill out my bracket by scratching the team she likes on the paper. Ah, I suppose I’ll watch anyway, but this whole one and done stuff is ruining college basketball (thanks David Stern). I digress. I’ll get back to my problems with Men’s College Basketball another time. For now, let’s get back to remembering the big East for the good times they gave us, and wondering what the landscape of Men’s College Basketball will look like for years to come. It is a shame that the Big East will be splitting up, but time goes on I guess. We will just have to man up and get over it, because what other choice do we have, right?

NCAA Men’s College Basketball has many problems that I will cover in a future article. These problems include players being forced to enter College for at least one year before entering the NBA draft. If you can’t force a student-athlete to complete all 4 years in college in order to receive a degree, than they should be left to decide their own future. David Stern shouldn’t be the one to come up with such a foolish rule just to save his reputation. Another problem is money of course. What else is new right? If these schools and organizations can profit so much from the hard work and dedication of these players, who is to say that the players don’t deserve a fair share of the profits? I am in favor of players being on a pay scale while they are in school. I’ll see if I can fully tackle these major issues in the near future. For now, enjoy selection Sunday which is coming up momentarily. Check back to find my predictions for the free for all that is the NCAA Tournament.

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