Yes, That Rotting Smell IS The NFL

NFL: New York Giants at San Francisco 49ers

There was a lot of stink radiating from the NFL this past Sunday.

The NFL is not what it used to be. We can blame rule changes, the most recent CBA (Collective Bargaining Agreement), etc. Whatever the main culprit is, the level of play has simply taken a nosedive over the last decade. Here at DaveTalksSports, we enjoy a good list:

Nice Sack, Nice Sack, Nice Sa….Hey, Does Anyone Here Know How To Block?!

8.) I said it the second Ezekiel Elliot was (finally) suspended, “The world is going to recognize Elliot’s worth (on a football field).” One player does not make a football team, but one player can greatly effect a football team. With Elliot’s suspension hanging over the Dallas Cowboys like a black cloud, the rain finally came. And the Cowboys were ill prepared to weather the storm. After taking a 7-0 lead, it was all Falcons the rest of the way. The Falcons would score 27 unanswered points, sacking Dak Prescott 8 times in the process.

So much for having the best offensive line in the NFL.

Does He Know What Color Jersey He’s Wearing????

7.) Tom Savage.


Need I say more?

The Los Angeles Rams continued their winning ways (4 in a row), stomping out the Houston Texans 33-7. Tom Savage showed us, yet again, why he’s not fit to play quarterback at the professional level. Because nothing says victory like a 50% completion percentage and 2 interceptions….

How Is It That You’re Employed?!

6.) Speaking of quarterbacks who don’t belong in the NFL, Brock Osweiler still has a job. To answer your question, I’m not sure. Last time I checked, 18 for 33 with an interception isn’t going to cut it against Tom Brady and the New England Patriots. This one got so out of hand (41-16), Brian Hoyer took 9 snaps under center for the Patriots. The Broncos are now losers of 5 straight.

You Embarrass Yourself!!

5.) When the team you’re facing is 2-6, and is without their 2 best players, you should win. But you wouldn’t be the New York Jets. The Jets, looking to get to .500, travelled to Tampa, to take on the Buccaneers. And in predictable fashion, the Jets ‘pooped the bed’. Against a middling Buccaneers defense, the Jets mustered just 3 points. Yes, Josh McCown threw a garbage-time touchdown with 28 seconds left, but that doesn’t count.

My favorite part of the game was the back-to-back interceptions thrown by the 2 most journeymen quarterbacks in the history of the NFL.

The Jets are who we thought they were, only slightly better. While the #1 pick is out of reach, and Jets’ fans should enjoy the young players’ progress, they’re still the good ol’ Jets.

Beat Downs Like This Should Be Illegal 

4.) Holy Water Buffalo!! The Buffalo Bills have now been blown out in consecutive weeks. Their week 9 loss to the Jets was bad, but they took LOSS to a whole new level in week 10. 47-10. No need to adjust your glasses, that’s the right score. The Buffalo Bills allowed the New Orleans Saints to come into their house, and rush for 298 yards and 6 touchdowns!!!!

If I can sprinkle some good into this article, the Saints are winners of their last 7. Watch out NFC….

It’s Hard Finding New Ways To Lose EVERY Week

3.) Just when you think you’ve seen it all, the Los Angeles Chargers prove you wrong. Intercepting a Blake Bortles’ pass, with 2 minutes left and a 3-point lead, is usually a recipe for success. Not if you’re the Chargers. ONLY the Chargers can fumble the ball trying to run out the clock. ONLY the Chargers can intercept another Blake Bortles’ pass, seemingly icing the game, but then go 3 and out giving the ball back to the Jaguars. ONLY the Chargers can let the Jaguars gain 36-yards in 47 seconds, allowing their former kicker, Josh Lambo, to kick a game-tying field goal to send the game to overtime. ONLY the Chargers can throw an interception in overtime, leading to a game-winning field goal by the Jaguars. 20-17 F/OT. Yikes!!

The Giants Would Be the Worst Team In the NFL If The Browns Didn’t Exist

2.) The New York Giants season has been filled with turmoil, drama, and dissention. Injuries + a poorly constructed roster + anonymous players ripping their own coach = 1-8. Only a dumpster fire of epic proportions could get blown out by the winless San Francisco 49ers. 31-21 doesn’t do it justice. But hey, Giants’ fans, look at the bright side. The Giants will probably draft a franchise quarterback who will end up in the Hall of Fame. If only the Jets could figure that out….

Oh Cleveland, Poor, Sweet Cleveland….How Could You Be So Stupid?!

1.) Allow me to create imagery. There’s 15 seconds left in the 1st half. It’s 2nd down. And the Cleveland Browns have the ball on the Detroit Lions’ 2-yard line. THE BROWNS HAVE NO TIMEOUTS. The score is inconsequential, but it’s 17-17. If you’re the Browns, what do you do?? My 10-year old daughter knows the answer to this question by the way. You throw the ball twice, while avoiding a sack, in hopes of scoring a touchdown. If you don’t score a touchdown, you kick a field goal. UNDER NO CIRCUMSTANCES WHATSOEVER DO YOU RUN THE BALL, BECAUSE IF YOU DON’T SCORE, THERE IS NOT ENOUGH TIME TO RUN ANOTHER PLAY!!!!

So obviously the Browns ran the ball….

The score was still 17-17 at the half. And they lost 38-24.


Which disaster of a football game did you watch on Sunday?? Tell me all about it in the comment section below.

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Porzingis Leads 4th Quarter Comeback At The Garden!!


It’s a miracle!!

The New York Knicks have a winning record (5-4)!!

We can thank 1 man for that. No, not James Dolan. Not Phil Jackson. Not Jesus.


Thanks to the Latvian wonder boy, the Knicks are winners of 5 of their last 6 games. Most notably, a road, blowout win over the Cleveland Cavaliers last Sunday (114-95). While impressive, Porzingis took his early season achievements to new heights last night. Down 12 to the Indiana Pacers entering the 4th quarter, Porzingis put on a show. He scored 17 of his 40 points in the 4th quarter, claiming a 108-101 victory. Yes, you heard that right — 40!!

Porzingis’ Stat-Line: 40 points (15-24), 8 rebounds, 6 blocks, and 1 assist

At the ripe old age of 22, Kristaps Porzingis is carrying the weight of an entire city on his shoulders. And this isn’t any old city. This is the Big Apple. Many have succumb to the pressure of succeeding in New York. Not Porzingis. He’s taken the reigns as the centerpiece of the Post-Melo Knicks, and he’s steering the ship in the right direction. The question is, can the Knicks surround Porzingis with enough talent to compete, and ultimately, stay in New York??

Knowing my Knicks, they’ll figure out how to screw this up. Until then, let’s enjoy Mr. Latvia.


There is little doubt who the best team in the NFL is; The Philadelphia Eagles. As for teams 2 through 12, I have no freakin’ clue. The Eagles now stand at 8-1, after a dominating 51-23 victory over the hapless Denver Broncos. Hey Denver, how did you think starting Brock Osweiler at quarterback was going to go?!

We saw something in the Atlanta Falcons vs. Carolina Panthers game, we may never see again — ever. Julio Jones, one of the most talented, sure-handed wide receivers in the NFL, dropped the easiest touchdown in the history of touchdowns. If you didn’t see it, check it out here.

Dropping a wide open touchdown hurts all the time, but down 10, with 8:23 to play, on 4th & 7 adds salt to the wound. “I’m sure this won’t haunt you forever.”

Apparently yesterday was boxing day. No, not the day after Christmas in places that don’t matter. There were a lot of fights in the NFL….

AJ Green showed the world his best UFC style choke slam on Sunday. Jacksonville Jaguars’ cornerback Jalen Ramsey was his victim. Check out brawl #1 of many here. Both players were promptly ejected.

Mike Evans thought it was a good idea to blindside Marshon Lattimore. Brawl #2 ensued. Click here to watch the stupidity. Inexplicably, no one was ejected.

And last but not least, the Arizona Cardinals and San Francisco 49ers got into a straight up brawl. Following a late hit to 49ers’ quarterback, C.J. Beathard, fisticuffs happened. Click here to watch the melee.


What did you watch on Sunday?? Tell me all about it in the comment section below. Just don’t try to fight me please.


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Bill Belichick Is An Idiot!!

Los Angeles Chargers v New England Patriots

The NFL. The gift that keeps on giving. As if Monday Night Football wasn’t enough, the NFL was blessed with storylines for days. Monday provided us with a mediocre football game, a questionable trade, and the suspension that won’t go away — or happen.


Trevor Siemian is NOT an NFL quarterback. He doesn’t have the arm strength, awareness, or vision to compete at the highest level. The Denver Broncos’ 3-1 start was a mirage. By season’s end, their 42-17 blowout win over the Dallas Cowboys (Week 2) will be an inexplicable anomaly. Siemian threw 3 interceptions against the Kansas City Chiefs Monday night, bringing his grand total to 10 interceptions in 7 games.

There’s a reason Siemian was drafted in the 7th round.    

On the other hand, the Chiefs handled their business, winning 29-19. They didn’t look overly impressive. If you force 5 turnovers, including a fumble return for a touchdown, you should win by more than 10. Alex Smith played like, well, Alex Smith (14 for 31/202 yds/1 td), and Kareem Hunt had a pedestrian 46 yards on 22 carries. The Chiefs move to 6-2 on the season, tied for the best record in the AFC.

Bill Belichick Is Not A Genius

Everyone. Correction. Almost everyone blindly walks the Bill Belichick line. “Bill Belichick made this move, it has to be good.” I’m sorry, but I’m no sheep. Trading Jimmy Garoppolo to the San Francisco 49ers, for a 2nd round pick, is NOT a good trade.

Let’s travel back in time. Remember when the Patriots, just 6 months ago, were offered the #1 overall pick in the draft for Garoppolo???? I do. They declined, putting their future eggs in the Jimmy Garoppolo basket. Does the basket suddenly have a hole in it??

Plus, I know the Patriots are a ‘next man up’ kind of franchise, but what do they do if Tom Brady goes down?? They’ve now traded Jacoby Brissett and Garoppolo, leaving NO ONE as their backup quarterback. I’m not saying this is a dumb move, but this is A DUMB MOVE!!!!

The Suspension That Never Was Or Is Or Will Be….Or Will It?!

Ezekiel Elliot’s most recent preliminary injunction request has been denied — again. Some say he will begin serving his suspension this coming week. Some say he will appeal this decision and receive another temporary restraining order against his 6-game suspension. I can’t take this, or follow this, anymore. I couldn’t draw a timeline of Elliot’s ‘suspension activity’ if I tried. It’s filled with enough zigs, and zags, and stop signs, and yield signs, and flashing yellow lights, to make your head explode. And at the end of the day, we’ve ended up right where we started: Ezekiel Elliot will be suspended 6 games for violation of the NFL’s player conduct policy (domestic violence).

I hope he actually serves his suspension. When you beat up a woman, you deserve a punishment. A HARSH ONE!! Elliot should serve his suspension, hopefully learn from his mistake, and move on with his life.


What was Monday’s biggest story?? Post your opinion in the comment section below.


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Get Used To Me Couch, The NFL Is Back!!!!

jets stink

That was fun!! We should do that every week. What do you say, we get together next Sunday, around 1 o’ clock?? Yeah, you can come over, and we’ll watch football for 11 straight hours while we eat guacamole and drink beer. It’ll be great!!

After being forced to wait 7 months for football, the NFL finally returned, and it did not disappoint. My team, however, is another story:

New York Jets

1 down, 15 to go. As a lifelong Jets’ fan, this is going to be the weirdest season I’ve ever experienced. Today, I am glad they lost. Their performance was encouraging. It showed me they are capable of losing to anyone. Although their defense is decent, they will be on the field too often to impact the game positively. They lost 21-12 to the 1st place Buffalo Bills (man that sounds weird).

New York Giants

Few teams looked worse than the Jets yesterday. The Giants were one of them. They lost to the Dallas Cowboys 19-3. 3. 3 points.

“7. 7 miles per hour. And usually when I pull someone over they pull over to the side of the road!”

Last time I checked it’s hard to win a football game when you only score 3 points. Did I mention the Giants only scored 3 points?? People can talk about Odell Beckham Jr. not playing all they want, but it all boils down to the Giants’ offensive line. They can’t protect Eli Manning. They can’t provide running lanes for their running backs. I’m surprised they don’t get penalized more often. Last night, they made the Cowboys defense look like the ‘Steel Curtain’.

The Giants have the worst offensive line in the NFL. 

Stinky QB Play

Two quarterbacks were pulled from their respective games yesterday, Tom Savage and Scott Tolzien. I’m not sure who was worse….

Scott Tolzien: 9/18 for 128 yards, 2 INT’s, and 1 fumble


Tom Savage: 7/13 for 62 yards and 2 lost fumbles

Tolzien was pulled from the game for newly acquired Jacoby Brissett. Brissett has only been on the Indianapolis Colts for 8 days, so he will be given a longer leash than Tolzien. It’s safe to say the Colts can’t wait for Andrew Luck to return to the field. For my eyeballs’ sake, I can’t either.

Despite having the emotional Houston crowd behind him, Savage was only able to muster 62 yards passing against a mediocre Jacksonville Jaguars defense. Oh, and the Jaguars had 10 sacks. Savage was replaced with rookie Deshaun Watson. Watson looked good, scoring a touchdown on his opening drive, but it was too little, way too late. The damage had been done. Hopefully, the Texans are smart enough to start Watson next week.

Too Smart For Their Own Good

The Philadelphia Eagles looked good yesterday. Carson Wentz looked good yesterday. And most would say head coach, Doug Pederson, looked good yesterday. The Eagles beat the Washington Redskins 30-17. Pederson’s mathematical blunder went unnoticed because they were winning, but bonehead decisions like these will cost you games in the future. The Eagles returned a Kirk Cousins’ fumble for a touchdown, going up 28-17 with 1:29 left in the 4th quarter. Pederson and the Eagles proceeded to go for a 2-point conversion.

I’ll give you a second to let that sink in….

Now, if you know anything about football, or numbers, you’d know going for 2-points in this situation is the wrong decision. There is no difference in being up 12 (kicking the extra point) versus being up 13 (going for 2). The only risk is not converting the 2-point conversion, only being up 11, and allowing the Redskins to climb back into the game. If you didn’t notice this mistake, don’t feel bad. The professional commentators announcing the game didn’t notice either.


There are still 2 Monday Night Football games left to close out Week 1. The New Orleans Saints will visit the Minnesota Vikings @ 7:10 P.M. EST, and the Los Angeles Charges will visit the Denver Broncos @ 10:20 P.M. EST. Both games can be seen on ESPN. I will be sound asleep before the 2nd game starts.


What was your biggest take away from the 1st Sunday of the NFL season?? Tell me all about it in the comment section below.

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AFC West Preview


Every so often I like to travel across the country. Ya know, see what’s so great about that other coast. While I like 72 and sunny, a little variety is better. So, we’re going to visit the West coast, just for the day, but we’ll be back soon New York — I promise.

This brings us to a potentially very good division in the NFL; the AFC West.

Last Season’s Standings:

Kansas City Chiefs: 12-4

Oakland Raiders: 12-4

Denver Broncos: 9-7

Los Angeles Chargers: 5-11


As always, we’ll go from worst to first….

Los Angeles Chargers

New place, mostly the same faces. The Chargers, formerly known as the San Diego Chargers, packed up their fancy cars, drove 120 miles up the coast, and relocated in Los Angeles. Well, not yet technically. Their new stadium won’t be finished until 2020, but you get the point. The Chargers tried to beef up their offensive line and add some offensive weapons in the offseason. While their offensive line should be improved, Philip Rivers’ newest toy, Mike Williams, is still sidelined with a back injury. Williams, the Chargers 1st-round pick this year, is targeting an October return. Hey Chargers’ fans — don’t hold your breath.

Key Additions: Russell Okung, Kenjon Barner, Robert McClain

Key Losses: Brandon Flowers, Manti Te’O, Danny Woodhead

Denver Broncos

Vance Josephs made some noise yesterday. As the new head coach of the Denver Broncos, Joseph’s made his 1st big announcement, naming Trevor Siemian, not Paxton Lynch, his starting quarterback. From the 7th round (2015) to the starting quarterback position, Siemian must be psyched for this opportunity. The question is, how much will Siemian be asked to do in a run-first, conservative offensive scheme?? Time will tell. Until then, we’ll see how far their stellar defense can take them.

Key Additions: Jamaal Charles, Ron Leary, Domata Peko

Key Losses: Russell Okung, Vance Walker, DeMarcus Ware (retirement)

Kansas City Chiefs

The Kansas City Chiefs kicked off their summer by firing their general manager and signing Andy Reid to an extension. That’s really all they did. They lost more talent than they gained, and I think they will regress from their 12-4 record in 2016. I don’t see them falling off a cliff, but when your biggest acquisition in the offseason is an unproven rookie quarterback (who they traded up for), I’m not overly optimistic.

Key Additions: C.J. Spiller, Bennie Logan, Patrick Mahomes II (Draft)

Key Losses: Jamaal Charles, Jeremy Maclin, Dontari Poe

Oakland Raiders

The Oakland Raiders had a busy offseason. Their move to Las Vegas was approved. They signed head coach Jack Del Rio to a 4-year extension. And then they signed their quarterback, Derek Carr, to a monstrous 5-year extension worth 100 Trillion Dollars (Dr. Evil Voice). No, not really, but he’s getting a lot of money. The Raiders are a popular pick this year to challenge the Patriots’ supremacy in the AFC. Man, I really hope so, but that’s doubtful. I do think the Raiders are good enough to lose to the Patriots in the AFC Championship though. They have the talent on the offensive side of the ball. The bottom line: Is their defense good enough to make them a Super Bowl contender??

Key Additions: Marshawn Lynch, Cordarelle Patterson, Jared Cook

Key Losses: Latavius Murray, Menelik Watson, Malcolm Smith


This Season’s Predictions:

Oakland Raiders: 11-5

Kansas City Chiefs: 9-7

Denver Broncos: 8-8

Los Angeles Chargers: 6-10

We’d better hurry up and get back to the East coast before this tan becomes permanent. Next thing you know, we’ll be growing out our hair, surfing, and smokin’ that green stuff. Yeah, let’s stick to overpaying for everything.

Tune in tomorrow for a preview of the AFC North.


Do you think the Raiders can win the Super Bowl this year?? Are your predictions different than mine?? If so, please post them in the comment section below.

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NFL Divisional Playoffs Kick-Off Saturday

nfl divisional playoffs

This is the best weekend of the year.  If you had somewhere to go, cancel your plans, because that groove on the couch misses you.  I know it’s been hard to stay “into it” since your fantasy team was officially eliminated from contention, but it’s time to gear up for playoff football.  The schedule is as follows:

Baltimore Ravens vs. *New England Patriots – Saturday @ 4:35 P.M. (NBC)

Carolina Panthers vs. *Seattle Seahawks – Saturday @ 8:15 P.M. (FOX)

Dallas Cowboys vs. *Green Bay Packers – Sunday @ 1:05 P.M. (FOX)

Indianapolis Colts vs. *Denver Broncos – Sunday @ 4:40 P.M. (CBS)

* – Indicates Home Team

If the Ravens and Patriots matchup is giving you deja vu, you are not the only one.  This is the fourth time in six years that these teams will face each other in the postseason.  And while the Patriots have the best postseason record of any team since the turn of the century (18-8), the Ravens have been Tom Brady’s kryptonite.  Joe Flacco and the Ravens have beaten the Patriots in two of their last three trips to Foxboro.  As much as I would enjoy seeing that trend continue, I believe the Gronkanator and the Pats will be too much for the Ravens to handle.

Prediction: Patriots 27 – Ravens 21        

Cam Newton and the Carolina Panthers will look to keep their momentum going as they venture to CenturyLink Field on Saturday.  The Panthers are looking to become the first team ever to advance to the Conference Championships after having a losing record during the regular season (7-8-1).  The Seahawks were 7-1 at home this season, and will look to continue that trend with their usual formula: ground and pound + violent defense = more points than the other team.  If the Panthers are going to have any chance in this game, they’ll need Cam Newton to do his best Superman impression.  Unfortunately, I don’t see that happening.  Expect a defensive struggle in the first half, and then the Seahawks should pull away late in the game.

Prediction: Seahawks 26 – Panthers 17  

As we transition to Sunday, expect the best game of the Divisional Round to come from the frozen tundra; aka Lambeau Field.  This is a product of matchups.  Demarco Murray, if healthy, should run all over the Packers less than stellar defensive line.  However, Aaron Rodgers, if healthy, should have a field day with the Cowboys secondary.  This matchup marks the first time in NFL Playoff history that an undefeated team at home (Green Bay 8-0) will host an undefeated team on the road (Dallas 8-0).  Murray is the Cowboys only chance at victory, because as good as Tony Romo is, he is not winning a shootout against his counterpart.  The soon to be MVP (Rodgers) should be able to will his team to victory with or without a torn calf.  I see the Packers edging out the Cowboys in a thriller.

Prediction: Packers 28 – Cowboys 27

And to wrap up a great weekend in football, Andrew Luck will march in to Denver to take on Peyton Manning and the Broncos.  Everyone can talk about how ordinary Peyton has looked over the last month, and how bad he is in the playoffs, but I am not ready to give up on the first family of football.  Andrew Luck is a phenomenal talent, and I expect him to be great for 10 more years, but this is not his year.  This Colts team is not strong enough defensively to stop Peyton Manning, and their running game has simply crumbled.  They have left Andrew Luck on an island.  I hope this game is close, but I see Peyton Manning, Demaryius Thomas, Julius Thomas, and Emmanuel Sanders being too much for the Colts to handle.

Prediction: Broncos 34 – Colts 24

What do you think?  Who do you have advancing to the Conference Championships?

Let me know in the comment section below.

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I’d Ask, But I Know You Are Ready For Some Football!!


Your birthday? Nope. Your anniversary? Nah. That day you randomly find a $20 in your jacket that you haven’t worn in 3 months? Almost, but no. So what is the best day of the year? It is today; Opening Day of the NFL Season. It is the day you’ve been waiting for ever since the unbelievably annoying Ray Lewis hoisted The Lombardi Trophy over is head in February. Well, the wait is over. You can have a snickers bar and you can watch some football. You can finally see how your fantasy picks will pan out. And, you all have a reason to sit on the couch and do nothing. Enjoy what should undoubtedly be made a National Holiday.

The 2013 NFL Season kicks off tonight, Thursday September 5th, with the defending champion Baltimore Ravens taking on the Denver Broncos (I think we all remember what happened the last time these teams met). To say The Broncos will be looking for revenge would be an understatement. The Broncos enter the season with extremely high expectations. Some have them in or winning The Super Bowl this year thanks to the additions of Wes Welker and others. Even with their best defender, Von Miller, suspended for the first 4 games of the season they are still looked at as the favorites in the AFC. On the other hand, the defending champion Ravens enter the season with a handful of question marks. How do they replace Ray Lewis and Ed Reed? Will Joe Flacco live up to the astronomically high contract he was given last year? Can you really win with just 1 wide receiver? That last one was a joke, but seriously how are you going to win with Torrey Smith and me at wide receiver? Despite his impressive Super Bowl performance and his wonderful (haha) showing on Dancing With The Stars, Jacoby Jones is actually not very good at football. These are some of the questions that will certainly be answered once the season gets under way. You can catch tonight’s opening game on NBC at 8:30 P.M. Who do you like to win this game? I have Denver (at home) winning a relatively close game 24-17.

The rest of Week 1 will be played on Sunday and Monday. So, clear your schedules for the weekend, find that ass groove in the couch that has missed you so dearly, and lets get ready for some football. I am now ready to give you some of my thoughts and predictions on the upcoming season. Everyone has an opinion on their own favorite team and who they think will win, but football more than any other sport is incredibly unpredictable. Players get injured at a very high rate, and every year we seem to have a completely unknown player climb out of the woodwork and land right in the limelight. Nonetheless, lets make some predictions. I shall start with my favorite “team”, The New York Jets. Their team can be summed up in one word: Joke. They are a complete and utter joke. I see them winning 4 games at most, but most likely will only pull off 3 lucky victories. With that being said, I still believe it is not fair for ESPN to rank the Jets as the worst team in the NFL. That distinction clearly should be held by The Oakland Raiders (Chris Berman voice). Anyway, I see the Raiders, Jets, and Jaguars all being very very bad, and I wouldn’t be surprised if any of these teams wound up as the worst team in the league. And now, I will provide you with the Division winners, Wild Card teams, and Super Bowl Champion that will make up the 2013 playoffs.

In the AFC East, I don’t see how any other team will come out of that division than The New England Patriots. Everyone can talk about how much better The Miami Dolphins will be, but I’m sorry Ryan Tannehill, I’m just not buying it. The AFC West is also a pretty easy division to figure out. The Denver Broncos will handily win this division. Most people are eager to hop on the Kansas City Chiefs bandwagon, but I’m also not prepared to do that either. Will they be in a hunt for the Wild Card with 3 games to go? It’s very possible, but I also wouldn’t be surprised if they were 4-9 by then either. Oh, they have Alex Smith? Well then, that changes everything, they’ll probably win The Super Bowl. What was I thinking? The AFC North and South are a little tougher to figure out, and will probably provide the playoffs with the other 4 teams in the AFC this year. The AFC North will be a tightly contested division, but I feel that The Cincinnati Bengals will prevail. I also believe that The Ravens, not The Steelers will land a Wild Card spot this year. The Steelers have no running game, and Big Ben just isn’t good enough to win without a good supporting cast and top 10 defense. The AFC South is a fun division and should also bring 2 playoff teams to the mix this year. The Indianapolis Colts will win this division behind the strong play of Andrew Luck (he is the real deal and will be the best 2nd year QB in the NFL this season). The Texans will land the other Wild Card spot this year.

    AFC Playoff Picture

1.) Denver Broncos
2.) New England Patriots
3.) Indianapolis Colts
4.) Cincinnati Bengals
5.) Baltimore Ravens
6.) Houston Texans

I envision The Denver Broncos beating The New England Patriots in the AFC Championship (and giving everyone that one last Peyton Vs. Tom showdown everyone was looking for last year).

As for the NFC, I see this as the much harder conference to predict. The NFC East by itself is like flipping a 4-sided coin. But, here goes nothing. In the NFC East, as much as I hate them and love watching them crumble under pressure, I see the Dallas Cowboys narrowly pulling out the division title this year. I think The New York Giants will be in the fight for a Wild Card spot all season but will fall just short of the playoffs yet again this season. The NFC West, which is seen as the strongest division in the NFL should definitely bring 2 teams to the playoffs this year. I have The San Francisco 49ers winning the division, and The Seattle Seahawks winning a Wild Card spot. The NFC North should be a battle between 2 long time rivals; The Packers and Da Bears. I see The Packers edging out the Bears for the Division while Jay Cutler will once again be watching the playoffs from home this season. Last, but certainly not least, there is my favorite division in football, The NFC South. This division should also produce 2 playoff teams this season. The Atlanta Falcons will once again win the division while the New Orleans Saints will land the final playoff spot this season.

    NFC Playoff Picture

1.) San Francisco
2.) Atlanta Falcons
3.) Green Bay Packers
4.) Dallas Cowboys
5.) Seattle Seahawks
6.) New Orleans Saints

Let me repeat how unpredictable the NFC is going to be this season. Don’t be surprised if the Wild Cards consist of The Bears, Redskins, Giants, or Redskins. However, based off my predictions, I see The San Francisco 49ers beating the Atlanta Falcons in the NFC Championship in a rematch of last year. As for the Super Bowl, I see Peyton Manning prevailing to win his 2nd Lombardi Trophy, while Colin Kaepernick suffers his 2nd straight defeat in the Super Bowl. And that my friends, is how I see the NFL season playing out this year. It is a long road, and it all starts tonight. However it plays out, enjoy it!!

Please leave me your predictions for the upcoming NFL Season below in the comment section. Thank you.

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In Case You missed It

While everyone has been gearing up for the most exciting tournament of the year, there have been some other sporting events that you may have missed. I missed them as well, for good reason, but let me fill you in just in case you haven’t heard about them. Let me start with the most insignificant of them all. Did you guys really just storm the court for an NIT victory? I get it, Robert Morris probably isn’t supposed to beat anybody so beating Kentucky is a big deal, but it is the NIT. Who wants to watch the leftover scraps play basketball? This tournament isn’t meaningful, and I don’t know why we even have it. Most teams, like Kentucky, are so disappointed that they didn’t make it into the real tournament that they mail in an effort in the NIT. Congratulations Robert Morris, you beat a team that didn’t even want to be there.

Something else you definitely missed was the finals of the World Baseball Classic. Man is this tournament a bad idea. ALL PLAYERS should be with their respective REAL teams in March. You know, since they are holding this little thing called spring training right now. If you wanted to watch baseball’s watered down version of the ‘World Cup’, then I guess you were 1 of the 14 people who watched the World Baseball Classic. The Dominican Republic dominated the World Baseball Classic going 8-0 in the tournament. They capped off their run though the Classic with a 3-0 victory over Puerto Rico.

Also, over the past week we have seen a handful of free agent signings in the NFL. Steven Jackson signed with the Atlanta Falcons, bringing the size and strength their running game has been missing. Sure you can say, well what about Michael Turner wasn’t he a good strong back? No, no he wasn’t. The guy looked like he was running in quicksand. Jackson entering his 10th NFL season will be a better fit for the Falcons then Turner ever was. Greg Jennings has signed with the enemy; the Minnesota Vikings. There used to be a day when people would cringe when players signed with their rival, but the game has changed. In today’s NFL, there is no such thing is loyalty. It’s all about the Benjamin’s baby! Jennings should be a nice addition for the Vikings who traded Percy Harvin to the Seattle Seahawks prior to free agency. The New York Jets are still holding Darrelle Revis in limbo with his playing career. The Jets obviously aren’t pleased with the offers they are getting for Revis, or else he’d be gone by now. This begs the question, will Darrelle Revis be traded before this season or will the Jets get stuck with him? Ed Reed is a big name that has yet to sign on a dotted line, however Baltimore is showing interest in re-signing him and the Houston Texans have shown some interest as well. Lastly, you had one of the weirdest situations in the history of the NFL happen last week. Elvis Dumervil, the outstanding defender for the Denver Broncos, had until 4 p.m. on March 15th to decide whether he would restructure his contract or be released by the Broncos. He had decided to restructure, however his decision which was sent via fax was received by the Broncos just minutes after the deadline. This snafu could cost either Dumervil millions of dollars or the Broncos one of their best players. Either way it is definitely one of the most interesting situations in NFL history.

In basketball news, the Miami Heat still haven’t lost a basketball game in a little over 23 years. Oh my bad, I meant 23 games, they’ve extended their streak to 23 straight wins and they haven’t lost since January. Also flying under the radar are the Denver Nuggets. They beat the Oklahoma City Thunder Tuesday night to extend their winning streak to 13 games. In other mega-important news Tiger Woods is dating….ah who cares, just win golf tournaments buddy. And that about raps this past week in sports. It has been mostly irrelevant, but it was enough to hold us over until the main course; the NCAA tournament.

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NFL Free Agency Continued (Day 2)

Day 1 of free agency in the NFL was just a warm-up for the real action.  Day 2 is where all the big moves came pouring in.  There were many big moves all across the NFL, but one clearly stood out amongst all the rest.  Wes Welker, the longtime Patriot signed with their AFC rival Denver Broncos.  This is a huge deal for the Denver Broncos.  Let’s take a quick peak at that receiving core and see the weapons Peyton Manning will have to work with this coming season.  He has Demaryius Thomas and Eric Decker on the outside, and now Wes Welker will fill in the slot for Manning’s high powered offense.  Combine that with the Broncos good young defense and solid rushing attack, and you might see Peyton playing in Eli’s house come Super Bowl Sunday.  While I’m sure that Tom Brady is upset to lose such a dependable receiver in Wes Welker, the move they made Wednesday is not a bad replacement for Welker.  The New England Patriots signed Danny Amendola to their roster.  Danny Amendola is a younger version of Wes Welker and should fit nicely into the Patriots offense.  I think Amedola will actually improve with Brady’s help, assuming he can stay healthy.  The only concern with Amendola is that he is injury prone.  However, in New England being one of many options should keep him healthier longer, unlike in St. Louis where he was the only receiving option.  His workload with the Rams could have a lot to do with his prior injuries.  Another huge signing Wednesday was the former Miami Dolphin Reggie Bush signing with the Detroit Lions.  WOW, can’t you just see it now?  Megatron and Reggie Bush on the same field should be something special to watch in the Motor City.  Another running back on the move Wednesday was Rashard Mendenhall.  The former Pittsburgh Steeler was signed by the Arizona Cardinals.  When healthy Mendenhall is a very solid back that could help any team.  The Tampa Bay Buccaneers picked up a solid safety in former San Francisco 49er, Dashon Goldson.  And as if the Seattle Seahawks defense needed to get any better, they signed former defensive end and former Detroit Lion Cliff Avril.  This should strengthen their pass rush and bring more toughness to their defense.  One last defensive signing that took place on Wednesday was former Philadelphia Eagle Dominique Rodgers-Cromartie signed with the Denver Broncos.  Maybe this will keep the Broncos secondary from having any deep balls launched over their heads.  Ouch.  Too Soon?  Na, definitely not soon enough.  Ah yes, I almost forgot, the New York Football Jets.  What a train wreck they are.  The news regarding the Jets is not who they’ve signed.  It is the lack of signings by the Jets and the amount of players they’ve not re-signed and let walk out the door that is the concern.  Strong Safety Laron Landry has signed with the Indianapolis Colts and should give Andrew Luck some help on the other side of the ball.  He is a hard hitting safety that should bring the pain in the middle of the Colts secondary.  The Jets also let Shonne Green slip away, as he signed with the Tennessee Titans.  This move I’m not all that upset about because I never thought Green was good enough to be a featured back anyway, but they need to sign someone.

There are still some big names in limbo in free agency, that should get signed in before the weekend.  Some of those names are: Greg Jennings, James Harrison, Ed Reed, Bernard Pollard, Steven Jackson, and last but certainly not least Brian Urlacher.  All of these names have yet to find their final destinations for the upcoming season.  Hold on to your hats because this ride isn’t over yet.  You can check back tomorrow for the rest of the signings here @

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