Bill Belichick Is An Idiot!!

Los Angeles Chargers v New England Patriots

The NFL. The gift that keeps on giving. As if Monday Night Football wasn’t enough, the NFL was blessed with storylines for days. Monday provided us with a mediocre football game, a questionable trade, and the suspension that won’t go away — or happen.


Trevor Siemian is NOT an NFL quarterback. He doesn’t have the arm strength, awareness, or vision to compete at the highest level. The Denver Broncos’ 3-1 start was a mirage. By season’s end, their 42-17 blowout win over the Dallas Cowboys (Week 2) will be an inexplicable anomaly. Siemian threw 3 interceptions against the Kansas City Chiefs Monday night, bringing his grand total to 10 interceptions in 7 games.

There’s a reason Siemian was drafted in the 7th round.    

On the other hand, the Chiefs handled their business, winning 29-19. They didn’t look overly impressive. If you force 5 turnovers, including a fumble return for a touchdown, you should win by more than 10. Alex Smith played like, well, Alex Smith (14 for 31/202 yds/1 td), and Kareem Hunt had a pedestrian 46 yards on 22 carries. The Chiefs move to 6-2 on the season, tied for the best record in the AFC.

Bill Belichick Is Not A Genius

Everyone. Correction. Almost everyone blindly walks the Bill Belichick line. “Bill Belichick made this move, it has to be good.” I’m sorry, but I’m no sheep. Trading Jimmy Garoppolo to the San Francisco 49ers, for a 2nd round pick, is NOT a good trade.

Let’s travel back in time. Remember when the Patriots, just 6 months ago, were offered the #1 overall pick in the draft for Garoppolo???? I do. They declined, putting their future eggs in the Jimmy Garoppolo basket. Does the basket suddenly have a hole in it??

Plus, I know the Patriots are a ‘next man up’ kind of franchise, but what do they do if Tom Brady goes down?? They’ve now traded Jacoby Brissett and Garoppolo, leaving NO ONE as their backup quarterback. I’m not saying this is a dumb move, but this is A DUMB MOVE!!!!

The Suspension That Never Was Or Is Or Will Be….Or Will It?!

Ezekiel Elliot’s most recent preliminary injunction request has been denied — again. Some say he will begin serving his suspension this coming week. Some say he will appeal this decision and receive another temporary restraining order against his 6-game suspension. I can’t take this, or follow this, anymore. I couldn’t draw a timeline of Elliot’s ‘suspension activity’ if I tried. It’s filled with enough zigs, and zags, and stop signs, and yield signs, and flashing yellow lights, to make your head explode. And at the end of the day, we’ve ended up right where we started: Ezekiel Elliot will be suspended 6 games for violation of the NFL’s player conduct policy (domestic violence).

I hope he actually serves his suspension. When you beat up a woman, you deserve a punishment. A HARSH ONE!! Elliot should serve his suspension, hopefully learn from his mistake, and move on with his life.


What was Monday’s biggest story?? Post your opinion in the comment section below.


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One thought on “Bill Belichick Is An Idiot!!

  1. noone in ny likes belichick at this point .. the big bad cheater .. but we usually have the ” respect ” for him that we think he deserves as smart and knowledgeable .. we havent forgotten is defensive coaching prowess that took the giants to the superbowl once upon a day
    nevertheless i agree with you on the garoppolo point .. not too smart
    on the other hand .. and from a selfish standpoint i like it .. as perhaps pierre garcons value will rise and i own him on my fantasy team ..

    regarding elliot .. from my viewpoint .. rules are rules .. all these shenanigans shouldnt be in play .. the guy shoulda been benched immediately .. and serve out the whatever right then and there … its not like there is question about what he did ?? i hate when the omar cedenos and the jerry garcias and that disabled blade runner from australia .. his name fails me just now .. of the world .. get a special deal
    it stinks and is representative much of much of what is wrong with the legal system

    the rickster

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