NOTHING Can Stop The NFL!!!! (DRIVES with DAVE Podcast #18)

A lot of crazy s*** has happened since we last spoke.

But nothing crazy enough to stand in the way of the NFL.

The NFL will finish this season, unscathed, atop the sports world, where it belongs.



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Spring Cleaning In February!!

It’s time for some Spring cleaning!!

Yes, I know it’s not Spring yet, but it’s time to organize that mess and take out the garbage. Some NFL teams couldn’t wait until March to throw away their unwanted trash, so they started cleanin’ house yesterday.

New York Jets

You have to know when to move on. We all make mistakes, but not everyone has the courage to put the past behind them. The New York Jets did that on Wednesday. By cutting Muhammad Wilkerson prior to March 16th, the Jets will save $11 million in salary cap space and $16.75 million overall.

After signing Wilkerson to a 5-year, $86 million deal in 2015 ($37 million guaranteed), the Jets thought they’d solidified one of the most important positions on the field. They thought wrong. VERY WRONG!!

It’s funny how some players’ stats rapidly decline the instant they sign on the dotted line. Wilkerson earned his $86 million contract with a career-high 12 sacks in 2015. But over the past 2 years, Wilkerson missed 4 games while only totaling 8 sacks. He showed up late 4 times (that we know about), and he genuinely looked like he lacked interest in playing football. Thanks for absolutely nothing Muhammad!! Don’t let the door hit you on the way out!!

Chicago Bears


Speaking of wasting money, the Chicago Bears know what we’re talking about. After signing Mike Glennon to an unbelievably bad 3-year, $45 million contract, the Bears have released Glennon. He was paid $18.5 million for his “services” this past season while only appearing in 4 games. That’s $4.625 million per game. That’s a lot of moola.

By cutting Glennon, the Bears will save $9 million in salary cap space and $12.5 million overall. This was clearly a smart move, as Glennon is fit to be a 3rd-string quarterback for the rest of his career.

Matt Forte

matt forte

In combined Jets and Bears news, Matt Forte is hangin’ em up. Forte is calling it quits after 10 years in the NFL (8 with the Bears, 2 with the Jets). In his prime, Forte was one of the best dual-threat running backs in the game. In 2014, he rushed for 1,038 yards while also catching 102 passes for 808 yards. Even though, as a Jets’ fan, I didn’t receive his prime, I always liked Matt Forte. He played the game the right way.

Carolina Panthers

jonathan stewart

It’s absolutely amazing Jonathan Stewart lasted this long in the NFL. Who knew you could get paid millions to be bad at something (insert Blake Bortles joke here)?? Stewart has played his entire 10-year career with the Carolina Panthers and is their all-time leading rusher. That’s sad. Stewart’s release will save $3.7 million in salary cap space and $5.2 million overall.

I can’t believe it took this long to cut Stewart. This doesn’t need to turn into a Jonathan Stewart bash session, but WOW. One. Jonathan Stewart had one thousand-yard season in 10 years. I’ll be shocked if he’s working in the NFL next season.

As the “start” of the NFL season approaches (March 14th), stay tuned for ALL of the Spring cleaning moves that are going to be put out to the curb.


 Do you agree with these moves?? If you don’t, I’m not sure I can help you….

Apparently, They’re Just Giving NFL Contracts Away

I’m confused!!

Evidently, so are the Jacksonville Jaguars.

Saturday, the Jaguars extended the contract of Blake Bortles through the 2020 season. The deal is for 3-years, $54 million, including $26.5 million of guaranteed money. I literally fell off my couch when this story broke.

This decision by Tom Coughlin, Vice President of Football Operations, makes no sense, for a multitude of reasons:

1.) Bortles’ contract didn’t need extending. The Jaguars already picked up his option (in May) for 2019 for $19.053 million.

2.) Bortles had wrist surgery this off season, creating doubt that he’ll be healthy for the start of the 2019 season.

3.) Bortles SUCKS at quarterback!!

This decision, guarantees the Jaguars will not win a Super Bowl. After reaching the AFC Championship last season, the Jaguars should have realized what the rest of the world did; they’re just 1 player away from being a Super Bowl contender. With a top-3 defense, a great running game, and a good offensive line, the only missing piece to the puzzle is a competent gunslinger. Blake Bortles is not the answer.


dominic smith

It’s never too early for the hits to start coming for the New York Mets. No, not hits on a baseball field; “hits” as in injuries. Dominic Smith, the pudgy wonder, will undergo an MRI for a strained right quad today. After showing up late to his first Spring Training game, Smith isn’t exactly having the ‘best week ever’.

In other Mets’ injury news, Tim Tebow sprained his ankle running over a sprinkler head. I’m embarrassed to even be writing his name, but this kind of comedy is too good to pass up….


lebron baby 2

LeBron James lost to the San Antonio Spurs on Sunday, 110-94. Despite posting 33 points, 13 rebounds, and 9 assists in 40 minutes, LeBron and “new look” company got outclassed on their own court. Rather than discuss ways his team can improve, LeBron felt it necessary to complain about the referees:

“There’s no reason I should be going to the line four times in a game when I drive 100 times to the paint and I’m getting hit and slapped and grabbed and whatever and whatnot. We protect the shooter. That’s what it’s turned into. ‘Chicks dig the long ball,’ and that’s what it’s about.”

Listen, Little LeBron, while chicks definitely dig the long ball, quit your crying and complaining. It’s not a good look for the “face” of the NBA….


Like, Love, or Hate Blake Bortles’ contract extension?? I’ll give you a hint, there’s only one right answer….

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All Roads Lead To The Super Bowl

Many different paths often lead to the same place. For some, that place is familiar. For others, it’s folklore. That place is the Super Bowl. To understand how the New England Patriots and Philadelphia Eagles’ paths led to Super Bowl LII, we must look to Championship Sunday: 1 part same old story, 1 part shock and awe….

What Else Is New?!

No Gronk, no problem.

The New England Patriots deserve praise. Hell, they deserve their own holiday on the calendar. What the Patriots continue to do, against the toughest of odds, is incredible. The Jets fan inside dies a little bit every time I compliment the Patriots.

Tom Brady received stitches on his throwing hand just days prior to the AFC Championship. It didn’t matter. The Patriots were down 14-3 in the 1st half. It didn’t matter. The Patriots lost Rob Gronkowski (concussion) for the game just before halftime. It didn’t matter. The Patriots were down 10 points, with 9 minutes to play. It didn’t matter. No matter the adversity, they persevere.

In any significant Patriots’ victory, there’s always a play that stands out. A play you can point to, and say, there it is, NOW they’re going to win. Most teams wouldn’t understand. 3rd & 18, down 10, with 10:49 to play, Brady connected with Danny Amendola for a 1st down (21 yards). It sounds simple, but it embodies the Patriots’ spirit. This is why scoring a game-winning touchdown, with 2:10 to play, is not as dramatic as it sounds. A Patriots’ victory was never in doubt.


The Jaguars, however, deserve credit (sort of). They played a near perfect 1st half, carrying a 14-10 lead into the locker room. The offensive play calling was perfect, easy throws for Blake Bortles and plenty of rushing attempts. Bortles impressed, completing 17 of 23 passes (73.9%) in the 1st half. But then, Bortles turned back into a pumpkin, going 6 for 13 (46.1%) in the 2nd half. And that, as they say, was all she wrote.

With their 24-20 victory over the Jacksonville Jaguars, the New England Patriots will play in their 8th Super Bowl in the last 17 years (10th appearance in their history). They’ll look to win back-to-back Super Bowls for the 1st time since 2004, when they defeated the Eagles (24-21). For New England, the cast of characters are practically the same. As for Philadelphia, it’s a lifetime ago.

I Did Not See That Coming!!

The Philadelphia Eagles entered the NFC Championship as underdogs. They left as champions. Despite being underdogs in consecutive games, the Eagles have overcome. Doubt. Injury. Public perception. They overcame it all and find themselves in their 3rd Super Bowl in franchise history.

If you tried to adjust your television set during yesterday’s game, you weren’t the only one. I thought there was a Tom Brady sighting in both games too. Yes, Nick Foles played that good of a game. Foles, who finished with 352 yards passing and 3 touchdowns, tore up a stringent, Vikings defense. This was a Vikings defense who ranked top-5 in nearly every statistical category during the regular season.

After a dramatic win over the Saints in the Divisional Round, it appeared the Vikings were simply happy to be here.

The Vikings marched down the field on the opening drive for a touchdown. Then continued to force a punt on the Eagles’ 1st possession. The city of Philadelphia was probably collectively hurling things at their TVs. But after an interception returned for a touchdown, it was all Eagles. With 14:10 left to play, the Eagles took a 38-7 lead, and I, turned off my TV.


Did you doubt the Patriots yesterday?? Did Nick Foles play the best game of his career?? Tell me the truth in the comment section below.

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Welcome To Tom Brady’s Playground (Aka Championship Sunday)

tom brady 2

And then there were 4.

Wellllll, there’s really only 1, but technically 4 teams can still win the Super Bowl. With just 2 days left until Championship Sunday, final preparations are being made by 3 guys still trying to figure out how they arrived at this moment — and Tom Brady. Blake Bortles, Nick Foles, and Case Keenum are living proof you can ride someone else’s coattails to the promised land.

(3) Jacksonville Jaguars @ (1) New England Patriots – 3:05 P.M. EST (CBS)

All those who were excited to watch the Steelers take on the Patriots, we have an excellent consolation prize for you….

Blake Bortles.

No, you can’t return your prize!

Blake Bortles is getting ready to play in the biggest game of his life. Hopefully he bought his coaching staff, defense, and running game something nice, for without them Bortles wouldn’t be in the NFL anymore, let alone in the AFC Championship. The question this Sunday is:

Can this Jaguars defense follow the “beat Tom Brady blueprint”??

Listen, the Patriots are not losing, at home, to the Jaguars. But, if, and that’s a big IF, they lose, it’ll be under very specific conditions.

Here are the conditions (all of the below must happen):

1.) The Jaguars must sack Tom Brady at least 5 times

2.) The Jaguars must intercept Tom Brady at least once

3.) The Jaguars’ defense must score at least 7 points

4.) Blake Bortles must throw 0 interceptions

If the world finds itself in an alternate universe on Sunday, and ALL of these things occur, Blake Bortles will play in a Super Bowl.

Until then, I’ll confidently pick Tom Brady, Bill Belichick, and the Patriots to play in their 8th Super Bowl in the past 17 years. And for all my gullible fans, Tom Brady IS NOT HURT!! His hand is fine. This is a typical, very simple, Belichick mind game. We’ve been watching this same channel for nearly 2 decades now.

Prediction: Patriots 30, Jaguars 20

(2) Minnesota Vikings @ (1) Philadelphia Eagles – 6:40 P.M. EST (FOX)

The Minnesota Vikings are still riding high after the most dramatic playoff victory in NFL history. The question is:

Will that help or hurt them come Sunday??

The Vikings are looking to become the 1st team in NFL history to host a Super Bowl. But first, they must escape from a hostile Philadelphia environment with a victory. This is a very even matchup. Both teams play very solid defense. Both teams have an above average rushing attack. And both teams are well coached.

While both quarterbacks aren’t being confused with MVP candidates anytime soon, it’s safe to say the Vikings have an advantage under center. The Vikings also have the edge on defense, as this is as good a defense as the NFL has seen since the Seattle Seahawks “Legion of Boom”. The Eagles’ home field advantage offsets all of the above, making this game a “pick ’em” in my mind. Sit back, relax, and enjoy another tight one.

Prediction: Vikings 20, Eagles 19 

Final Thought: Why the hell do these games have to start so late?!?! What, because it’s Championship Weekend, the games need to be played at “special” times?!?! I don’t understand. It’s Sunday. I’ve been watching football games at 1:00 P.M. and 4:00 P.M. EST all year. Why must I stay awake until 11:00 P.M. to watch this game?!?!

On that note, enjoy the games!!


Who do you think will play in the Super Bowl?? Post your prediction in the comment section below.

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Alright NFL, Show Me What You’ve Got


I’m in a forgiving mood.

I’m going to give the NFL another chance. A chance to redeem itself after the least entertaining Wild Card Weekend I can remember. Despite the little voice inside my head screaming, “this is a bad idea!”, I’m going to prepare the couch for Divisional Weekend. Join me….

Atlanta Falcons (6) @ Philadelphia Eagles (1) – Saturday @ 4:35 P.M. EST (NBC)

The Philadelphia Eagles are about to do something that’s never been done before. No, not bring a Super Bowl to Philadelphia. Start the playoffs, as a #1 seed, as an UNDERDOG. The Eagles finished this season with a 13-3 record, in large part to a fantastic sophomore season from Carson Wentz. Thanks to Wentz’ Week 14, torn ACL, Nick Foles calls under center home. That’s why the peaking at the right moment, Atlanta Falcons are 3-point, road favorites.

This is the toughest game to call. Nick Foles is the ‘x-factor’. Will we see 2013 Nick Foles (64%, 27 TDs, 2 INTs), or 2015 Nick Foles (56%, 7 TDs, 10 INTs)?? Secret door #3 is probably the way Foles’ day will go. On the other hand, can the Falcons continue their strong play and get 1 step closer to returning to consecutive Super Bowls?? If they do, Falcons’ faithful will be thanking Matt Ryan’s right shoulder. However, I don’t think the Falcons are destined to follow in the footsteps of the 1990’s Buffalo Bills.

Prediction: Eagles 24, Falcons 21

Tennessee Titans (5) @ New England Patriots (1) – Saturday @ 8:15 P.M. EST (CBS)

There’s not much to talk about here. The Tennessee Titans didn’t deserve to be in the playoffs, and they certainly don’t deserve to be in the Divisional Round. With their annual, playoff bye week behind them, the New England Patriots are well rested and ready to put that scoreboard to work. Expect this game to get out of hand. Oh, and not that the Patriots needed any extra motivation, but Titans’ safety, Kevin Byard, thought it was a good idea to poke the beast. Byard said, “I want to make him (Tom Brady) look like Blake Bortles.”

That’s not the smartest thing I’ve heard this week.

Prediction: Patriots 45, Titans 17

Jacksonville Jaguars (3) @ Pittsburgh Steelers (2) – Sunday @ 1:05 P.M. EST (CBS)

Yes, the Jacksonville Jaguars demolished the Pittsburgh Steelers in Week 5 of the regular season, 30-9. Ben Roethlisberger threw NO touchdowns and 5 interceptions (2 were returned for TDs). But that was a dress rehearsal. This is show time. As good as the Jaguars’ defense is, returning 2 interceptions for TDs, in the same game, is an anomaly. Do you know what isn’t an anomaly?? Blake Bortles throwing for less than 200 yards and committing a turnover.

Bortles threw for less than 200 yards 7 times this season (including 87 yards last week). He also had 19 total turnovers in the 17 games he’s played. That’s not a recipe for success. A well rested Ben + a healthy Brown + Bell in the backfield = success.

Prediction: Steelers 27, Jaguars 19 

New Orleans Saints (4) @ Minnesota Vikings (2) – Sunday @ 4:40 P.M. EST (FOX)

For consecutive weeks, the NFL has saved the best for last. Drew Brees, who turns 39 the day after this game, is looking to make 1 last Super Bowl push. He still has the arm. He has the offensive weapons. And for just the 2nd time in his life, he has a defense worth talking about (last time he had a good defense, he won the Super Bowl). But he must get past a tough, Minnesota Vikings defense, on the road, before he can set his sights on another Lombardi Trophy.

The Vikings’ defense, overshadowed by the Jaguars, may actually be the best defense in the league. They rank 1st in total yards and points allowed per game. And they rank 2nd in passing and rushing yards allowed per game. And just like the Eagles, they have an ‘x-factor’; Case Keenum. While Keenum has had a consistently good season, regression to his previous 4 seasons mean seems likely at any moment.

If the Falcons beat the Eagles, the Saints and Vikings will be playing for the right to host the NFC Championship.

If the Vikings reach the Super Bowl, they’ll become the 1st team in NFL history to play the ‘big game’ on their home field. They’ll have to get past Brees and the 2-headed monster in his backfield first.

Prediction: Saints 23, Vikings 21 


Who do you think will win this weekend?? Post your predictions in the comment section below.

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You Should Be Ashamed Of Yourself!!


It was all bad.

The quarterback play was bad. The coaching was bad. Even the referees were bad. Those who thought the level of play would rise because the word Playoffs was added to this machine were sorely mistaken. Oh no, I’m included in that. No need to throw stones at my glass house.

There are a handful of people that probably had a hard time sleeping this weekend. I figured I’d add fuel to the fire by constructing a list, in order, of those involved in Wild Card Weekend, who should be ashamed of themselves:

5.) Everyone Who Dropped A Pass

Have you ever seen so many dropped passes in your life?!?! I’m not talking about well-defended, tough catches. I’m talking about straight-up drops. What started with a drop by the Tennessee Titans, Eric Decker (possibly the worst drop of the weekend), ended with a dropped touchdown by the Carolina Panthers, Kaelin Clay. Last time I checked, wide receivers have 1 job; CATCH THE BALL!! It ceases to amaze me when professional athletes, making millions of dollars, drop wide open passes. It also makes me hurl things at my television because I can catch 100% of those passes — 8 deep in the parking lot after a game….

4.) The Jaguars And Bills’ Offenses

You know a game was hard to watch when the leading receiver had 48 yards (Dede Westbrook). Yup. That was the Jacksonville Jaguars Vs. Buffalo Bills game in a nutshell. Allow me to preface my next statement with concern for Tyrod Taylor’s health. Taylor has been placed in the concussion protocol after his head smashed into the ground, knocking him unconscious. With that said, the quarterback play in this game was as bad as it gets. Tyrod Taylor, (Nathan Peterman), and Blake Bortles’ combined stats were as follows:

30 for 63, 235 yards, 1 touchdown, and 1 interception. 

Last time I checked, completing 47% of your passes is not good. Maybe that’s why Blake Bortles rushed for more yards (88) then he threw for (87). But hey, who doesn’t enjoy a 10-3 game??

3.) Tony Romo

Tony Romo is REALLY annoying. Despite his insight into the NFL, and the quarterback position, he doesn’t possess the ability to shut up. This was never more evident when Tyrod Taylor was injured with just under 2 minutes left in the game. Tyrod Taylor was driven to the ground, slamming his head into the ground, by Dante Fowler. Taylor, was sprawled out on his back, unconscious, in the middle of the field. For 99% of human beings, this naturally brings a moment of silence. Not for Tony Romo. Instead, Mr. Romo felt that was the appropriate time to carry on, and on, and on, and on about a 10-second run-off.

Yes Tony, in the NFL, when play is stopped in the final 2 minutes due to an injured player, the referees are required to take 10 seconds off the game clock (WHICH THEY DID). However, reminding millions of viewers of this inane rule at the most inopportune time isn’t what I’d call becoming of a man, Mr. Romo.

2.) Jeff Triplette

Jeff Triplette has been an NFL referee since 1999. However, Triplette hasn’t officiated a playoff game since 2013. The world can see why….

Known around the NFL as the worst referee in the league, Triplette officiated his final game Saturday. Well, I guess if you’re gonna go out, you might as well go out on bottom(?). Shame on the NFL for allowing Triplette’s final game to be of this magnitude.

The Kansas City Chiefs were potentially robbed of a playoff victory by Triplette. Of the 5 glaring mistakes made by Triplette and his crew, none was bigger than the final blunder. After taking a 22-21 lead, Marcus Mariota and the Titans attempted a 2-point conversion. Mariota was sacked, and fumbled at the Titans’ 42-yard line. Daniel Sorenson picked up the ball and ran 58 yards for what should have been a 2-point conversion for the Chiefs. However, Triplette inexplicably whistled the play dead, claiming Mariota’s forward progress had been stopped. Trust me, it hadn’t been.

If I’m the Chiefs, I’m playing this game under protest.

1.) Sean Payton

Sean Payton is 1 of the better coaches in the NFL. He’s been the head coach of the New Orleans Saints since 2006, winning Super Bowl XLIV (2009). Despite his success, and reputation, he did something REALLY IDIOTIC on Sunday. The Saints found themselves with possession, with a 31-26 advantage, with just 2 minutes left in the game. With 4th and 2 looming, from the Panther’s 47-yard line, all the Saints had to do was pin the Panthers within their own 20-yard line. This would have required Cam Newton and company to drive 80+ yards, in under 2 minutes, with no timeouts. That’s a tall order for any quarterback. Instead, Payton forewent conventional wisdom, and sanity, and went for it on 4th and 2.

This is the dumbest decision I’ve seen on a football field in a looooooong time.    

Drew Brees’ pass attempt, fortunately, was intercepted. The Saints’ defense stood tall, and the Saints clung to victory. While the majority will remember a Saints’ victory, I will remember Payton’s brain fart.

Not that it can get any worse, but let’s hope next weekend’s games don’t make me want to gauge my eyes out….


Was this the worst weekend in NFL Playoff history?? If not, please enlighten me in the comment section below.

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Favorites Are Favorites For A Reason

mccown fumbles

Week 12 was not a good week for underdogs. Of the 15 games played, so far, only 2 “upsets” have occurred.

Bills Vs. Chiefs

Personally, I didn’t consider this game an upset. The Kansas City Chiefs are playing as poorly as anyone in the league (losers of 5 of their last 6). Inexplicably, they were favored by 8.5 points against the Buffalo Bills. Yes, they were at home (Arrowhead Stadium is a tough place to play). And yes, the Bills weren’t exactly trending in the right direction either. But, that spread assuredly cost Las Vegas a lot of ‘Monopoly Money’. The Bills won the game 16-10.

The Buffalo Bills run defense had turned into Swiss cheese prior to their trip to Kansas City. In the Bills’ previous 3 games, they had allowed an average of 212.6 yards per game and 11 total rushing touchdowns. Guess how many yards the Chiefs rushed for on Sunday….Seriously, guess.


Their leading rusher was quarterback, Alex Smith (35 yards).

What once looked like as uneven a matchup as the NFL could find (in Week 13), is now a battle of mediocrity: Kansas City Chiefs @ New York Jets

Cardinals Vs. Jaguars

Heading into Week 12, the Jacksonville Jaguars were leading the AFC South with a record of 7-3. That doesn’t look, or sound right does it?! The Jaguars’ early season success has been predicated on stellar defense and a strong running game. Rookie sensation, Leonard Fournette has had a tremendous season, however, since he tweaked his ankle in Week 7, hasn’t had the same explosiveness. And Blake Bortles isn’t to be relied on — ever.

In case you haven’t guessed yet, the Jaguars lost 27-24.

Let’s take a look at how Blake Bortles stacks up against the competition:

Passing Yards: 21st (2,244)

Touchdowns: T-22nd (12)

Completion Percentage: 31st (58.3%) 

As you can see, he’s really REALLY bad. He should buy his defense the best Christmas present ever, because they are saving his job, 1 sack at a time.


Ah yes, and then there’s my Jets. They don’t disappoint me — anymore. I am a seasoned veteran as it pertains to New York Jets’ letdowns. At no point during Sunday’s game did I think the Jets would win. No, not even when they were winning 20-18 heading into the 4th quarter.

And right on cue, Josh McCown inexplicably attempted a pass, while in a defenders grasp, and lost the ball. Panthers’ linebacker, Luke Kuechly, promptly scooped up the ball and pranced into the end zone.

Lead blown.

As if that wasn’t enough torture for one afternoon, the Jets surrendered a 60-yard punt return for a touchdown just 2 minutes and 11 seconds later. YAY!!

Only the Jets (yes I know the Browns still have a team), can lose in such horrific fashion.

Final Score: 35-27 (not the Jets)

If there’s a silver lining, Jets’ wide receiver, Robbie Anderson, has scored a touchdown in 5 consecutive games. At least we have that going for us….


Which football game(s) were you watching on Sunday?? Tell me all about it in the comment section below.

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Any Given Sunday….Can Be The Craziest Sunday You’ve Ever Seen….Ever!!


This is why we will ALWAYS watch. Despite the “extracurricular” activites, and the controversy, and the injury risks, NFL fans will always be just that; fans. Week 3 has been a prime example of that.

The best word I can use to describe Week 3 in the NFL is — WOW!!!! Actually, the best way to sum up Sunday’s action would be, “HOLY CRAP!!”, but that wouldn’t maintain the level of sophistication you’ve grown accustomed to here at DaveTalksSports :).

While difficult, I’ve done you the favor of ranking Sunday’s insanity:

7.) Baltimore Ravens vs. Jacksonville Jaguars

The Ravens and Jaguars took their talents across the pond on Sunday. No one, outside of die-hard, Jaguars’ fans, thought they would win. And NO ONE, could have predicted the way in which they won. This game can be summarized in one-line, Joe Flacco’s stat-line: 8 for 18 for 28 yards and 2 interceptions.

Hey Joe, I’ve never seen a QBR of 0.5 before, so thanks for that. Remember when the storyline was, ‘When will Blake Bortles get pulled from the game’?? That quickly turned into, ‘Joe Flacco actually got pulled from the game’. Final Score: Jaguars 44, – Ravens 7.

6.) Pittsburgh Steelers vs. Chicago Bears

In one of the many shocking results on Sunday, the Pittsburgh Steelers fell to the Chicago Bears in overtime, 23-17. Antonio Brown and company had to come charging back to force overtime, as they found themselves down 17-7 at halftime. The halftime score SHOULD have been 21-7, if it weren’t for Marcus Cooper doing his best Leon Lett impersonation. With 6 seconds left in the 1st half, the Steelers had a 35-yard field goal attempt blocked. Cooper picked up the ball and streaked toward the endzone. Rather than sprint his way in for the score, he inexplicably slowed to a tortoise pace at the 2-yard line. Vance Mcdonald of the Steelers tracked him down and swatted the ball from his hands. The ball travelled out of the back of the endzone, and the Bears were afforded 1 untimed down from the 1-yard line. You’ll have to see it to believe it. Click here to see the madness.

5.) Green Bay Packers vs. Cincinnati Bengals

With 10:20 left in the 2nd quarter, Aaron Rodgers dropped back to pass. In atypical Aaron Rodgers’ fashion, he stared down his receiver, throwing a bad interception. This interception was returned 75-yards for a touchdown, giving the Bengals a 21-7 lead (in Green Bay). But, as any Bengals fan will tell you, they never felt less confident in their team in that moment. In typical Benagals’ fashion, they scored a whopping 3 points in the 2nd half, allowing Rodgers and the Packers to creep back into the game.

Throughout the 4th quarter and overtime, Aaron Rodgers did what Aaron Rodgers does. You never thought you’d hear the name Geronimo Allison so many times did you?? Rodgers hit Allison 3 times on the game-tying drive, as well as the all important 72-yard connection in overtime. This set up a chip-shot field goal, leading the Packers to a wild 27-24 victory and keeping my hopes alive in my ‘suicide pool’.

4.) New York Jets vs. Miami Dolphins

SAY WHATTTTTT?!?!?! The New York Jets won a football game?? And it wasn’t against the Browns?? Ohhhh, it was against the Dolphins. That makes sense. As maligned as the Dolphins franchise is, this may be a new low….

The New York Jets are trying to lose on purpose, and they can’t even do that right. As a Jets’ fan, I’m on board with this strategy, so thanks a lot Jay Cutler!! Believe it or not, the 20-6 score doesn’t do it justice. The Dolphins were completely and utterly dominated, and if it not for an ULTIMATE ‘GARBARGE-TIME’ touchdown (as time expired) to DeVante Parker, they would have been shutout. Why 6?? Because the Dolphins missed the extra-point. “HA-ha!” (Nelson’s laugh in the Simpsons). That’s why.

3.) New York Giants vs. Philadelphia Eagles

The New York Giants travelled to Philadelphia to take on the Eagles in as close to a must-win as can be in Week 3. Their offensive line, and offense as a whole, has looked putrid through 2 weeks. And until the 4th quarter, the Giants were laying a golden goose egg again (they were down 14-0). Then, Odell Beckham Jr. showed his worth. Beckham Jr. scored 2 touchdowns in the span of 1 minute and 46 seconds. He also managed to receive a 15-yard unsportsmanlike conduct penalty for his inane TD celebration, as well as lay down in the middle of the field, stopping play, when there was nothing wrong with him.

Hey everybody, LOOK AT ME!!

Despite a valiant effort by the Giants, they coughed up a lead in the 4th quarter — twice. With the game tied at 24, overtime looked like a certainty. But the Eagles took a final shot from their own 38-yard line (thanks to an awful punt by the Giants), and 13 seconds left in regulation. After a 19-yard completion to Alshon Jeffrey, the Eagles sent rookie kicker, Jake Elliot, onto the field to try a 61-yard, miracle field goal. ELLIOT MADE THE KICK!! He skimmed the inside of the right field goal post with about 2 yards to spare. And as time expired, the Eagles put the Giants away 27-24.

2.) New England Patriots vs. Houston Texans

Deshaun Watson nearly did what no rookie quarterback has ever done before, win in Foxborough. But, yet again, if you’ve ever seen the Patriots play, you knew they weren’t losing this football game. When the Houson Texans failed to score a touchdown, settling for a field goal with 2:24 to play, you knew it was over. Tom Brady, down 5, from his own 25, is the surest bet in sports. They even spotted the Texans 10 yards, pushing their drive back to their own 15-yard line (thanks to a holding penalty). And not even when it was 3rd and 18, with 54 seconds left, from his own 48, should anyone have doubted the greatest QB of all-time. 2 plays, 52 yards and 31 seconds later, the game was over. I can’t actually stomach writing this, so while I vomit, watch the final drive by clicking here. The Patriots beat the Houston Texans 36-33 in dramatic fashion, but it’s only dramatic to the unaware. To the rest of us, it’s Tom Brady being Tom Brady.

1.) Atlanta Falcons vs. Detroit Lions

All I have to say is what in the hell was that?? Okay, maybe that’s not all I have to say, but I have never seen a game end like that. Matthew Stafford and the Lions had the ball, down 30-26 with 2:23 left to play. Starting at their own 26-yard line, they drove the ball all the way to the Falcons’ 1-yard line. So let’s set the table: 1st and Goal from the 1 with 19 seconds left. You have to score, don’t you?! Not if you’re the Detroit Lions. After 2 quick incompletions, Stafford found Golden Tate on 3rd down. He dove into the endzone with 8 seconds left, and the Lions had done it!! Until they didn’t. The play was reviewed and ultimately reversed. The official said Tate’s knee hit the ground prior to him crossing the goal line.

Lions huddle: “Alright guys, let’s re-group and score this touchdown on 4th down!!”

Referee: “Game over!”

According to the dumbest NFL rule in existence, there must be a 10-second run off due to the Lions having no timeouts left. Therefore, the game was over. That’s the most RIDICULOUS thing I’ve ever seen on an NFL field.

And that’s saying a lot….


What were you watching on Sunday?? Tell me the craziest thing you saw in the comment section below.

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AFC South Preview

afc south preview

The AFC South is usually stinky. It’s like that co-worker who opts for a cologne bath rather than a shower. Yeah, that kind of stink. However, this season, you’ll be pleasantly surprised with the smell of the AFC South….

Last Season’s Standings:

Houston Texans: 9-7

Tennessee Titans: 9-7

Indianapolis Colts: 8-8

Jacksonville Jaguars: 3-13


From worst-to-first we go….

Jacksonville Jaguars

This division as a whole will be better, but that doesn’t apply to this bottom feeder. The Jacksonville Jaguars will be awful this season — again. Their level of bad will depend on the number of turnovers their quarterback has (and if they beat the Jets or not). New head coach, Doug Marrone, has inexplicably decided to stick with Blake Bortles under center. Bortles, the former #3 overall pick (2014), has been nothing short of a disaster early on in his career. I envision feeling very badly for rookie running back, Leonard Fournette at some point this season.

Key Additions: Leonard Fournette (Draft), Calais Campbell, Barry Church

Key Losses:  Julius Thomas, Luke Joeckel, Kelvin Beachum

Indianapolis Colts

The Indianapolis Colts will go as far as their quarterback will take them. The only problem is their quarterback is injured. And when he’s not injured, he’s being sacked, and in turn, re-injured. The way Colts’ management has treated Andrew Luck is criminal. I can’t recall a quarterback, with hall of fame talent like Luck, ever taking snaps behind a worse offensive line. And I’m sorry Colts’ fans, that streak of missing the playoffs in 2 consecutive years won’t end this year.

Key Additions: Christine Michael, Johnathan Hankins, Kamar Aiken 

Key Losses:  Trent Cole, Dwayne Allen, D’Qwell Jackson

Houston Texans

Being a Houston Texans fan must be frustrating. The Texans have such a talented roster, outside of the MOST IMPORTANT POSITION on the field, quarterback. Yes, they drafted Deshaun Watson in the 2017 Draft (12th pick), but as per head coach, Bill O’Brien, Watson will ride the pine to start the season. O’Brien will turn the reigns over to Mr. Tom Savage. No no, you don’t need glasses. You read that right. The question though, is when, not if, Watson will take over at quarterback?? We know how you feel DeAndre Hopkins, but don’t jump overboard yet. Help is coming….

Key Additions: Deshaun Watson (Draft), Breno Giacomini, Marcus Gilchrist  

Key Losses:  Vince Wilfork, A.J. Bouye, Antonio Smith

Tennessee Titans

Are you sensing a theme in this division?? Every team will go as far as their quarterback will take them. Marcus Mariota is one of the great, young quarterbacks in this league. Despite breaking his leg in December of 2016, Mariota looks poised to lead his Titans to an AFC South Division Title. Mariota will line up behind one of the best offensive lines in the NFL, and when he’s not running the ball, will hand it off to the best running back tandem in the league (Demarco Murray and Derrick Henry).

Jump on the bandwagon while you still can!! It’s getting crowded on here!!

Key Additions: Eric Decker, Logan Ryan, Corey Davis (Draft)

Key Losses:  Jason McCourty, Kendall Wright, Chance Wormack


This Season’s Predictions:

Tennessee Titans: 11-5

Houston Texans: 9-7

Indianapolis Colts: 6-10

Jacksonville Jaguars: 4-12


Who do you think will win the AFC South?? Post your predictions in the comment section below.

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